Part 29

After the call, Geet felt much better. She knew that she could go through all these, even if it means earning more of his hatred or relieving all those painful memories. She moved back to the hall when Annie and Naintara took her to decide on the dresses. It was decided that next day they would go for shopping. She could see the genuine happiness in Naintara and Annie’s face. If it was seven years back then she could have been overjoyed. Now everything seems to have no effect on her. However, seeing the happiness in their faces, Geet decided to indulge herself in the preparations, unknown to the fact that someone was watching her every movement.

Maan couldn’t sit in peace especially after the confrontation. He wanted to know what she wanted. She didn’t protest to anything he said, this was definitely not the Geet he knew. She could have definitely retorted to his harsh words. He sat holding his head in his hands. He remembered her words, “Mein di aur unki shaadi kisi bhi haal mein hone nahi dega. My di deserves someone better.” “I Love Karan, not that rude arrogant jerk..” That was enough for him to snap out of the reverie. He thought, “Why she stopped pestering Karan? Karan could have never given a positive response as he considered her only as his best friend.” He never doubted Karan. Still that night’s events were still fresh in his memory. Why she didn’t try to move on? He didn’t have an answer. He went down and noticed her happily selecting the dresses with Annie and Naintara. He felt that Naintara was far more better than her, she never tried to portray herself differently.

He went and sat in the living area but she was obvious to his presence. He observed her and found that she was trying hard to put the calm face. He was confused seeing her like that. Something is definitely there that she is trying to hide but what, that he couldn’t understand. He had every news of her from the past seven years, where she went, what she did, everything. He made himself believe that he can’t let someone who hurt him live peacefully. Was it really that or something else? He may not accept it but still his heart beats only for her. Was the marriage a compromise or his desire to possess her? He may not approve but he never wanted any name to be associated with her expect his. She was his; beyond the anger, beyond the hate, it was always his love. However, he will never accept it as the past wounds were still afresh in his mind.

The  days went fast with the preparations. There was so much happiness in all the families after such a long time. Geet tried to keep herself occupied to avoid any kind of thoughts but behind the closed doors of her room, she couldn’t hide the pain. It was tormenting her, the past seven years she never cried even once. The pain and hurt that she was holding inside was slowly making her senses numb. Physical pain also seemed nothing for her. Meera and Vicky lost the count of the physical wounds she had due to her dazed state. They both had always tried to keep her active with their talks. Meera missed the bubbly and talkative Geet. She knew that even after meeting the family, she couldn’t really be happy. Now she was sure that after getting married to Maan everything would be alright. Little did she know that her friend was dying thousand deaths daily, that the pain in her heart is unimaginable.

Finally, it was the day of their engagement. As per the request of Mohinder, it was to be held in Handa Mansion. There was something that he had planned along with the engagement, something that he has to do. Singhanias along with Meera had arrived early in the morning to Handa Mansion. Karan was all the while teasing Meera and Geet along with Annie and Naintara. Dev and Arjun were looking after all the arrangements. Geet knew that from the previous day Mohinder seemed to be in thoughts. She wanted to know what is bothering him. She went to meet him when she saw him looking into the portrait of Rano, her maa.

She was about to go forward when his words stopped her, “Rano, I know you will never forgive me for what I did to our daughter. You always wanted to see her, you knew that she will be like you. You were right Rano; our daughter is like you. She loves everyone unconditionally but what she got in return? She never got the love she craved for; she never got the love of her papa, her sisters. At least our son was there to support her but somehow there also she got hurt. See how she forgave everyone without any reluctance. I wonder whether I deserve to be called her father when I was never there for her. Now I have to do something Rano, I want the world to know the worst father I am, I want to get the punishment in the form of hatred from all.”

Before he could tell more, he felt a hand on his shoulder. He saw Geet looking at him. He turned and hugged her. Geet hugged him back knowing the state he is going through. She told after pulling back herself from the hug, “Papa, aap itne udaas kyun he? Meine aapki saari baatein sunli. Aap kyun aisa karna chahthe hain papa? You know I can never be angry at you, nor di aur bhai. Then why have you thought of doing something like that? Mein kabhi akeli nahi thi. Karan, Meera aur Arjun bhai humesha mere saath the. Yeh sach he ki koi bhi mujhe ek pitha ka pyaar nahi de saktha tha, par un logon ne mujhe bahut saari khusiyan di he. Aur Maan, unhone mujhe apne zindagi mein ek aisa jagah diya jo kabhi kisko usne nahi diya tha. Mein jo chahthi thi woh ab mujhe mil gayi he, aap sab ka pyaar. Ab mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye. Aur mein kaise khush raho jab mera papa khush nahi he? Aapko kyun laga ki aapko takleef mein dekhkar mein khush reh payegi. Aap aisa kuch bhi nahi karenge jiski wajhe se koyi aapko dosh de. Agar aap mujhe sach mein pyaar kartha he tho aapko meri baat manna padega.

Mohinder cupped her face and kissed her forehead. Tears were trailing down his cheeks hearing his daughter. How could he think of keeping her away from them. When she was the pride of their family, they thought her to be a curse. How could they do that? When Rano left them, she gave her to spread the love that she couldn’t give, but he was too blind over the ill faiths to see through it. Now also she doesn’t want him to pay for his deeds. He closed his eyes hugging her. He told, “Beta, tum itni achi ho ki sabko jaldi maaf kar dethi hoon. Par mein kaise bhool jao woh dard jo tumhe itne saal sehna pada. No amount of remorse is capable of undoing my deeds. At least let me hold my daughter in front of the world.” Geet sighed and told, “Tik he papa. Par aap aisa kuch nahi karenge jisse koi aapko galat samje.” Mohinder nodded knowing her nature. He didn’t want anyone to come on the way of her happiness, but what he didn’t knew was that the happiness he was trying to bring in her life was something impossible, may be possible only if the person whom she loved with all her heart never lost her trust on her.

Finally, it was time for the engagement. Mohinder and Anurag had managed to call almost everyone to the engagement, after all it was Maan Singh Khurana’s engagement, the most eligible bachelor of Delhi, now no more a bachelor. KC was in for a shock listening to the engagement news but when they heard whom he was getting engaged, everything came clear to them and all of them understood the reason behind his rudeness from the past few years. It was always Geet, who managed to bring out the softness inside him. Everyone was happy for both of them, except one who was enraged hearing the news, Sasha.

With much insistence and pestering from Annie and Vicky, Maan agreed to wear a sherwani. He was looking dashing and handsome in that violet sherwani while Vicky wore a white one. They reached Handa Mansion and was greeted by Mohinder, Arjun and Mr. Singhania. After a while the ladies brought down Geet and Meera, Geet dressed in a sleeveless violet lehenga and Meera in a white complementing their partners. Maan stood mesmerized seeing Geet like that; she never used to wear sleeveless dresses and she was looking out of the world in that lehenga. Vicky too was busy ogling at Meera. Both were brought back from the reverie when dadima nudged both with a giggle. Vicky was embarrassed but covered up with some silly jokes. But Maan was enraged for getting lost in her like that again. He left his thoughts and concentrated on the ceremony. Geet was made to stand beside Maan by dadima and Meera beside Vicky.

Mohinder took the mike and told, “Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for taking time from your busy schedules for being a part of our happiness. Everyone will be knowing the beautiful ceremony that is about to take place. Before that I want to tell something to all of you. You all might be knowing that Mohinder Handa has a son and two daughters, but that is not correct. I have three daughters, meet my youngest daughter, Geet Handa.” That was a shock to everyone except the family. KC staff were dumbfounded especially Sasha. Mohinder continued, “Everyone will be wondering why I kept this a secret till now.”

Geet knew that Mohinder will tell everything out of his remorse, so she took the mike from his hand and told, “I will tell you the reason. Our ma always wanted us to be part of our family in Hoshiyarpur. However, fate took away her from us after I was born. Papa couldn’t have stayed in the same roof where ma’s memories were there. It will always remind him of the loss. But he couldn’t still forget her wish. She always thought that I will be like her. So my papa decided to let me live in Hoshiyarpur where I could get the love of a mother from my chachi. As I grew-up I never wanted to live there and was reluctant to come to Delhi. It was as per my wish that he never disclosed my identity. I hated attention always. But now since I am getting engaged, I don’t want my family to be away from me. It is the wish of every father to be beside his daughter when she takes a step ahead in her life. So I am here with my father fulfilling his wish.

Everyone clapped as she finished. But the three families who knew the reality had tears in their eyes seeing her selfless love. Geet looked at Mohinder’s face and shook her head seeing the tears. Maan didn’t know what to do, what to believe; he was fighting with his emotions. He always thought that he is the one who knew her more than anyone else, who has seen her good side as well as bad side, but this was something he never expected. He had an urge hold her tight in his embrace. He turned his face away not wanting to do anything that he will regret later. Everyone in the family came forward and hugged her. She consoled everyone with her sweet words. After that, the ceremony followed. The two couples exchanged the rings promising their togetherness, one couple out of love and other out of need. Little did they know about what was in store for them.