Part 30

Geet stood gazing outside the window of her room in Handa Mansion. The day was eventful, everyone was happy. He was engaged to Maan and her papa accepted her as his daughter in front of the whole world. It could have been the best moment in her life but alas she didn’t feel anything. Her loss was something that can never be compensated by anything else. She leaned towards the wall closing her eyes. Her phone rang while she was lost in thoughts. The number flashing in the screen brought a ghost of a smile in her face. She took the call and heard a shriek at the other end. It was Pinky. She was away with Manchanda to attend a relative’s marriage. She couldn’t attend the engagement but was clearly disappointed for hiding their love from her. She told about the circumstances that forced her from hiding their love. Pinky was convinced and was happy for her. She was coming tomorrow and told to meet her in KC. Geet was wondering why she told so after cutting the call.

She kept the phone aside and went down when Annie called her. Arjun, Mohinder, Dev and Anurag were sitting in the living area along with Naintara and Simran. She was surprised to see Anurag and Simran there at this time. Everyone had left by eight at night after the function. She joined them with Annie. Anurag told, “Geet beti, hum aapse kuch poochna chahthi hoon.” Geet smiled and told, “Dad, aap mujse kuch mat poocho, bas batao ki mujhe kya karna he.” Everyone smiled hearing her response. Anurag told, “Hum sabko patha he ki tum humare baat bina kisi shikayat ke maan lethi he. Par iss baar tumhe sochke decide karna he.” Geet nodded while he continued, “Kya tum shaadi ke baad London wapas jaana chahthi ho?” She was silent for a while because she had never thought of it. She knew that Maan would never want to be with her. However, if she returns back, it will definitely plant doubts in their minds. So she decided otherwise. She told, “Dad, meine ab tak kuch decide nahi kiya tha. Par I may not want to return. If everyone is willing then I will want to look for a job here and work further.” Anurag and Simran were proud to have her as their daughter-in-law. Not even once, she talked about working in KC. She was planning to search for a job instead.

Anurag smiled and told, “Geet beti, hum iss baare mein baat karna chahthe the. Hum sab chahthe he ki tum KC join karde.” Geet knew it coming and she didn’t want to do that. It will bring back all those memories including the most painful ones. Besides, she knew Maan would not like it. She told, “Dad, I’m sorry, but I don’t want to join KC because I am getting married to Maan. I don’t want any kind of privileges in KC. If you want me to join then I will go through the whole interview process and join there.” Everyone expected this from her and so the response from Anurag was quick. He told, “Beti, humne Maan se iss baare mein baat kiya tha. Unhe koi aitraaz nahi he. He also knew that you won’t accept any offers without going through the selection process. They have a vacancy for architect and you can follow the interview process. She smiled and told, “Thanks dad, for understanding me.” Anurag told, “Dad bulathi ho aur Thanks bhi kehthi ho. Yeh kya baat he Geet beti?” Geet smiled while Anurag hugged her expressing his happiness. Everyone was happy about the decision and after having some discussions Anurag and Simran left for KM.

Maan was restlessly pacing around his room. The happenings are getting on his nerves, first engagement with Geet, then her employment in KC. He couldn’t have denied his dad when he talked about Geet’s working in KC. He knew that she won’t join there without going through the selection process but having her around him the whole day was something unbearable for him. She is going to be part of his life again, that brought back the past memories, the memories when he couldn’t spend a day without her. But he shrugged back soon remembering the pain and betrayal he faced. He will show her the cost of playing with his feelings, until now he kept quite thinking of Arjun, the hurt she might have gone through in that phase, but not anymore. Now she is going to be his wife and he will make sure that she felt every inch of the pain he endured. However, least did he know that no pain can be more than what she endured all alone, that no pain can hurt her more.

Geet left for KC to take up the interview on Monday morning. Knowing about Sasha and her dislike towards Geet, Anurag had intentionally kept her away from the interview panel instead he asked Varun Agarwal, who joined few years back in KC as senior architect to take Geet’s interview. However, the final round was to be taken by Maan and Anurag had no worries regarding it. Sasha was enraged after knowing that Geet was Mohinder Handa’s daughter. She knew now she stands no chance to enter Maan’s life. After Geet left KC, she had tried a lot to gain Maan’s attention but he had become outright rude and she never got a chance to get close to him. She couldn’t have told no to her father when he came up with the proposal of Vikas Sehgal. However, she was happy after knowing the fact that Vikas was after someone whom he was obsessed with, same as her obsession to Maan. They complemented each other in every aspect trying to make the life of everyone around them miserable. She never stopped trying to get into the good books of Maan and Vikas never cared for anything associated with her. Sasha had found the opportunity very much in her favor after Sameera left, but couldn’t gain a place anywhere in Maan’s life.

So here, she sat in her cabin sulking at the fact that Geet is going to be in KC. She was angry as well as jealous of Varun, as after he joined KC, Maan always gave him priority. Her opinion was always given second preference. However, something that she couldn’t comprehend was why Maan agreed to marry Geet. He can never forgive her for what she did or to be precise they made him believe. She thought about her meeting with Sameera when Maan and Geet were in Manali.


Sasha had returned from their conference little early, as the clients they were dealing with abroad had to come to India on some purpose. So the meetings were scheduled to be held in KC and they too left along with the clients. She had informed Aadi about their early return hoping that Maan will be there back from Manali. However, the information she got after they reached KC was quite disturbing for her and it definitely hit her evil mind to think of the possibilities of his extended stay in Manali with Geet.

She was very much engrossed in her thoughts when she bumped into someone who was entering KC. Much to her annoyance, it was Sameera who came to meet Maan unknown to the fact that he is in Manali with Geet. The dislike was common for both but still to maintain a talk, Sasha asked, “Hello ma’am, how come you are here when MK is on a business trip?” Even though Sasha’s talk was unintentional, it hit the right nerve. Sameera asked surprised, “Maan is on a trip. Where he went and when is he returning?” In normal circumstances, Sasha could have never replied but as Geet was involved, she wanted her to know. Sasha told, “Oh you didn’t know. MK and Geet went to Manali last week to sign a deal and they will be returning this Sunday.” Sameera asked as if electrified, “What?? With Geet?? And that too for one week??”  Sasha could see the anger building up in Sameera. She told to fuel up, “Yes ma’am. She was supposed to be there with me in the London conference as she is assisting me, but unfortunately she didn’t get the visa as her students’ visa is in process. So MK insisted that Tasha should accompany me instead and Geet will go with him. However, I don’t understand why they are taking a week and a half to sign a deal. They should have come back by now.”

Sameera was red in anger and told, “How dare she accompany him for a business trip? Now she will know my true colors.” She turned to Sasha and told, “Can we talk for few minutes?” Sasha knew it coming and nodded. They left to her cabin. Once they were seated Sameera told, “Look Sasha, I am telling everything straight. I know you are not very much fond of Geet due to the attention she is getting from Maan. Even I don’t like her even though she belongs to Handa family. So I suggest that we should be together in any plans against her as you can plot things inside where as I can do outside.” Sasha told, “Look ma’am. I don’t think that Geet has some interest on MK. As far as I know she and Karan Singhania are very much in love and I have even heard them talking. So why should you worry about her?” Sameera gave a throaty laugh and told, “Karan and Geet, Oh Sasha I must say you have lost your detective mind set. They are best friends, nothing more or less. They might have kept quite as they never bother to give others explanation about their relation. And you fell for their trap. Oh my God, I can’t simply believe it.” Sasha jumped from her seat, “What??” Sameera saw her shocked face and confirmed, “Yes Sasha, she and Karan are just best friends.” Emotions played in Sasha’s face from Shock to realization. She told, “So it was all the while MK. That means they both are in love.” Now it was Sameera’s turn to be shocked. Sasha explained her how he behaved before Geet’s hospitalization and how he managed to cover up their closeness. That is how their plan started, plan to separate Geet and Maan forever.

End of flashback

Her thoughts were halted when she saw Geet in a complete professional attire with confidence oozing out of her face. She was shocked seeing her and the way she carried out herself. However what she didn’t know was that it was just a trailer of what was to follow.