Part 31

While entering KC, the memories of the last time she was here flashed on her mind. Unknowingly she clenched her fist to control her emotions. Pinky came and hugged her tight. She reciprocated the hug and told, “Pinks, Mujhe patha he ki tumne mujhe bahut miss kiya he par mujhe saas tho lene do na.” Pinky pulled back, whacked her arms and told pouting, “Ek tho tum mujse itni badi baat chupayi aur ab mujhe ched rahi he. Chalo mein tumse baat nahi karthi.” Geet smiled and pulled her cheeks. She told, “Pinks, woh sab chodna.. Mein bhi tumhe bahut miss kiya.. Par tumne mere aane tak kahi aur jaane ka plan banaya. Tho mein tumse kaise milthi?” Pinky smiled and hugged her again. After conversing for a while, she called Aadi. He was happy to have her back in KC as well as in Maan’s life. He always had a doubt about their relation but could never ask either of them. He was genuinely happy for her. They both talked for a while and Aadi showed her the way to interview room, as there were a lot changes in KC after she left. He informed that her interview would be taken by Varun, who joined in KC as Senior Architect after she left. She went towards the room obvious to the angry stares she received from Sasha.

Geet entered the conference room expecting a loggerhead like Sasha but was pleasantly surprised seeing the person. The surprise was there in his face as well but as both were in a professional environment, they started formally with the introductions. Varun was little tough as an interviewer but for Geet any question related to architecture was a cake walk. Varun was getting impressed by each of her answers, he was always a person who respected talent. After the interview was over, Varun told that she is technically incomparable and none deserves this post more than her. Geet gave a genuine smile as she knew that she was not hearing a mere compliment but a praise from a mastermind. Varun closed her file smiling and told, “So now Ms. Chulbuli Handa is going to be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. Not bad, perfect combination.” Geet smiled hearing her pet name after a long time. She told, “But I’m shocked to see Mr. Perfect here in KC as an architect than as some famous scientist.” Varun shook his head and told, “Kya kare, apnon keliye kuch tho kurbaan karna hi padtha he. Utna nahi jitna tum karthi thi, phir bhi thoda sa..” She sighed knowing his implication and suddenly getting the hidden meaning asked, “Where is Neha?” He knew that will be the next question and smiled, “In the cubicle 30 metres right to this conference room.” Geet’s reaction was instant, “What, you both were here? How long? And even Pinky didn’t bother to tell me about it.

Varun laughed seeing a glimpse of the old Geet as he was finding her very different till now. His laughter was stopped when someone barged in the conference room and hugged Geet tight. He smiled seeing Geet struggling to breathe as Neha had held her in a tight hug. Neha freed Geet only to start a row of questions. Varun smiled seeing both of them. They both were alike in most of their ways, which is the reason why he started liking Neha. However, his true love was always Geet but as he knew that she never considered him more than a friend, he buried his love within his heart. Since the time he had started giving sessions in the school for juniors due to his extra brilliant performance, he liked the bubbly girl who matched his level of understanding in studies among the juniors  even in that age. Neha was her classmate and they both used to go to him for clearing doubts. Neha loved him and the day he was supposed to leave the school, she confessed her love to him before Geet. He could see the happiness in Geet’s face and the longing in Neha’s face. He didn’t have the heart to crush her hopes. So he accepted, but told her to concentrate on her studies and he will ask for her hand once he gets a job. He still remembered how Geet was teasing them both the whole day. She was genuinely happy for both of them and it reflected in everything she did.

He started loving Neha slowly and eventually both of them got married after he got a job. He always wanted to become a scientist but as he knew that Neha’s parents won’t wait for long, he decided to pursue architecture and get into a job. However, that too had a hidden hope that someday he may get to meet Geet. He eventually met Geet, not just as Geet but as soon to be Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana. He was happy for her, as he knew she deserved the best and he has to go far more before he could actually be what she used to call him, Mr. Perfect. He smiled and noticed that the ladies have stopped talking. Neha told him, “Meine kaha tha na Varun, hume MK ke engagement mein jaana chahiye. Par aapko tho bade bade parties boring lagthe ho. Dekha, meine apne Geet ka engagement miss kiya. Ab tho shaadi mein jaane se koi aitraaz nahi hena? Agar aitraaz he tho bhi mein Geet ke shaadi mein zaroor javoongi.” Varun smiled again and seeing that Geet told, “Ab tho tum dono ko sirf shaadi mein nahi balki saari rasmon mein aana chahiye.” Neha and Varun smiled, they both couldn’t miss the important moment in Geet’s life. Unknown to them two persons were watching them from two different directions. One due to jealousy & anger, and the other in confusion.

Sasha had come to spy on how the interview was going but was taken aback by the way Geet was answering. She knew how brilliant Varun was as she never got a chance to match his standards but now Geet too.. That was the last straw, she will be doomed if they both start to work together. However, what followed gave another shock to Sasha. Varun and Geet studied together and the way they addressed the other made her clear that they knew each other very well. She had always disliked Neha due to her constant presence around Varun and the love and understanding they shared. Something she could never get or she denied to feel. Seeing them together with Geet, she couldn’t help but burn herself in jealousy. She quickly moved to her cabin setting her mind to start plotting against them. But little did she knew that nothing was going to work out, that Geet was no more the person she used to boss around.

Maan had come to KC and was informed by Aadi that Geet had arrived and is giving her interview to Varun. Even though his mind asked him to ignore, his feet automatically moved to the conference room. He went inside the room where he used to have confidential meetings with clients next to the conference room. The room was fully protected and none could actually make out what is going inside. He used it to analyze the presentations from far not making it obvious to the presenter from here. Today however the reason was entirely different. The first reaction seeing Geet was shock. She was in a perfect professional attire, no one could actually tell that she is the same old Geet and confidence was oozing out of her face. He could hear every question Varun asked and was amazed by the depth of their knowledge. He was happy that he has someone best for the company. He couldn’t compromise anything for his selfish personal satisfaction. Geet was definitely the best architect he could get. When the interview was getting over, Maan called Pinky and told to send Geet to the room he was in. Pinky was confused as he never takes any interview there. Then something hit her and she blushed at her thoughts, “Maan sir may need a very personal interview with Geet.” She shook her head to let go off her weird thoughts about her best friend and MK.

Maan was about to make a call to Anurag when he heard their rest of talks from the conference room. He was confused and slowly his doubts were cleared. Somehow, he didn’t like the way Varun was seeing Geet. It is not that he was looking at her with wrong intentions, but he could see immense love and respect for her in his eyes, which he used to have once. He couldn’t bear someone else loving her more than him. His thoughts were broken when his phone beeped with a message. He was angry again at his thoughts. “Love her? He hated her.. More than anyone else did.” He tried to make himself believe that, but it was something he could never do. Inspite of everything, his heart always loved her and still he couldn’t help being possessive about her. His mind drifted off to the past memories.



They had reached the cottage, which they were supposed to stay in Manali, and Geet was awed seeing the place. She turned to Maan and asked narrowing her eyes, “Maan, hum yaha meeting keliye aaya hoon. Tho yeh cottage mein kyun rahenge? Hume tho hotel jaana chahiye. Mein tho hotel ka hi booking ki thi.” Maan shook his head knowing that his Geet won’t stop questioning until she get to know the reason. He asked the chauffeur to keep their luggage inside and leave. Once he left, Maan lifted her in his arms and took inside while she protested hitting him softly with her hands. One glare from Maan stopped her struggle and she quietly clung to him wrapping her arms around his neck. The moment she looked into his eyes, she lost the track of everything going around and got lost in the love reflected in his eyes. He smiled seeing her lost in him and slowly placed her in the couch and kneeled down beside her.

He took her hand and kissed it. She blushed profusely pulling back her hand. He told smiling, “Geet, I don’t want anyone to disturb our stay here. I want you all for myself during our stay here except for the meetings, as we don’t know when we will get time together after you go abroad. I will be busy with KC as we are supposed to get more clients and work will be more. And as your studies start it will be hard for you as well. The chances for us to meet will be very less. So I want to spend this one whole week with you away from others.” Geet smiled through her tears. The thought of going away from him was painful for her. She told, “Aap kahe tho mein nahi javoongi.” Maan immediately closed her mouth, “Nahi Geet, I want you to be successful. You have lot of potential in you and I want you to utilize it to the best. I know this will give you the chance, to prove everyone who hurt you on how wrong they were. I want you to be strong and confident that no one could ever get a chance to taunt you.” She hugged him tight before he could tell further.

End of flashback

How ironic, now she was everything what he wanted her to be and she has everything that she wished for except him who had given her the will to fight for herself.