Part 32

Geet went to reception along with Varun and Neha. Before the old friends could spend some time there, Pinky informed that Maan asked Geet to come to the confidential meeting room next to the conference room.  They teased her about having the interview there. Geet smiled hearing them, but Varun noticed that the smile never reached her face. She looked so lifeless; he couldn’t believe that the girl who was once very bubbly and cheerful, inspite of the hardships she suffered, has changed to such an extent. He couldn’t understand the reason when she was the one who used to find happiness in everything. Then why she is not happy when she has everyone now and more over the one she loved is going to be only hers. He decided to keep a watch on her. He can’t see her suffer; he wanted her to be happy. Her happiness meant a lot for him. However, will he realize the pain and hurt deep within her?

Geet went towards the meeting room expecting the worst. She knew that he never wanted her to be here, to be precise anywhere near him, but now he is supposed to spend almost the whole day and night with her. He definitely will be angry, but he should also know that she is no more the same innocent Geet when it comes to her profession. She knocked and on getting consent entered the room. He was sitting there engrossed in his laptop. Hearing her enter, he gestured her to sit, not looking up even once. She took her seat and waited for him to start the interview. Maan was intentionally keeping himself busy to test her patience, but what he didn’t knew is the change in her that made her strong enough to handle any situation that life threw on her, then this is just a start for her. She waited patiently and seeing her not responding Maan finally gave up and looked at her. There were no lines of impatience or anger in her face. She looked calm and composed. This was definitely not the Geet he knew before. She couldn’t calmly sit for a while without getting distracted.

He told, “Ms. Handa“, giving stress to the word Ms., “Without much preface we will move ahead with the discussion.” She told without even a slight emotion in her face, “Yes, Mr. Khurana, you can proceed.” Her addressing him as Mr. Khurana was a shock to him and it was somewhat visible in his face. Reading this Geet told, “Mr. Khurana, in a professional environment we normally address people by their surname and not as sir. Hope you don’t mind.” Maan was surprised hearing her, as there was not even a slight hesitation in her voice. She was confident and was looking straight into his eyes. He felt intimidated for the first time in his life. He continued keeping everything aside. As usual, his questions were tough but Geet confidently answered all. Maan kept on asking hoping to get a wrong answer from her, but he was disappointed hearing her replies. She was the best; he admitted it mentally but didn’t show it in his face. When the interview was finished he told, “Ms. Handa, you can collect the appointment letter from Aadi tomorrow. And I expect the best professional behavior here.”

Geet told after thinking for a while, “Yes Mr. Khurana, but I have some conditions if you want me to join here.” Maan was angry by now. He told, “Ms. Handa, you are professionally good, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to put conditions before me. I am the MD here and I only have the right to decide on everything here.” Geet smiled and told, “Calm down Mr. Khurana. I am here because dad asked me to and I don’t mind leaving KC if you are not ready for my conditions.” Maan was perplexed seeing her so calm and composed. He thought for a while. He knew that dad would be angry if he rejected her. He kept his calm and told, “What are your conditions?” Geet relaxed a bit in the chair and told, “First condition, I will not work under Sasha.” Maan was about to tell something when Geet’s one look silenced him. She continued, “Second, I will do only the projects assigned to me and not any other stuffs, but you can ensure timely deliver for all my projects. Third, I will only report to the person whom I am supposed to report, I won’t be answerable to anyone else. Fourth, Even if our relation changes in a personal front I would like to keep it aside in office.  Fifth and last condition, I won’t tolerate any verbal or physical abuses. If anything like that happens then that will be my last day here in KC.” Maan was stunned hearing her. He felt like he is listening to some stranger. He couldn’t relate her with the Geet he knew once. He knew she meant every word she told and she won’t mind leaving the job if he denies her conditions.

He told after composing himself, “Ms. Handa, I am ok with your conditions, but I won’t tolerate any mistake. And you will be reporting only to me and will be answerable only to me.” When he finished Maan had a triumphant look in his face. Geet expected him to put her under Varun/Sasha as they were the head architects who directly reported to him. She also knew that he would not leave a chance to boss over her again, to make her life miserable. Little did he know that this Geet is not someone who will bow her head before anything in her profession. She stood up and was about to leave when he called her, “Geet..“. Hearing her name from him after a long time stirred many emotions in her but her face didn’t give away even the slightest of those raging emotions. He stood up and went near her. He told, “I need to talk to you before we move ahead in our personal and professional lives. I will see you after office by 6.” Geet was surprised to see him so calm, but knew the rage he have inside for her. She told, “Ok, I will see you then” and left before he could tell anything further.

When Geet was about to leave, Maan wanted to stop her. She couldn’t just walkout of him after showing her attitude. But he know it is not wise to tell anything now. They are going to be tied up together forever and he should talk to her once before to let her know that he hate her more than she could ever imagine and that she don’t stand a chance in his life. He stood up calling her and went to her trying to calm himself. Her blank face made him angrier, it was as if she doesn’t care what he need to tell. He was sure that she never felt anything for him. If not she could have reacted differently for everything he said. Her walkout without giving him a chance to speak added fuel to his anger. He slammed his fist on the wall after she left. He hated how she affected him still. No she can’t rule him or his thoughts, he will show her that.

It took a while for Geet to compose herself after coming out, so she didn’t miss the sound of his hand hitting the wall. Somewhere in her heart, she wanted to go inside and sooth his pain but she knew she can’t fall weak again before him or anyone else. It will break her completely. She wanted to join her friends to get rid of this feeling but was again stopped by someone whom she never wished to confront now. Sasha was waiting for a chance to speak to Geet, the jealousy, hatred everything was taking a toll on her. When she found Geet exiting the room, she blocked her way. She asked, “Oh, tho thu wapas aa hi gayi. Pehle MK ko phasane ki koshish ki, nahi mila tho Karan ke peeche bhaag gayi. Sharam nahi aathi tumhe yeh sab karne ke baad MK se shaadi karne mein?” Geet looked at her and tried to leave as if her words didn’t affect her. But Sasha held her arm tightly before she could move. She told angrily, “How dare you walk out of me like that? Kya tumhe sunayi nahi de rahi hoon ki mein kya  keh rahi hoon?”

Geet looked at Sasha and her hold in her arm. She removed her hand sharply and told, “I never waste time on useless talks. And who are you to question me? I am not answerable to you for anything.” That answered Sasha more. She told, “Kya kaha tumne? You are definitely answerable to me. As an architect you will be working under me, so don’t forget your place.” Geet smirked seeing her attempts to fight, she told sarcastically, “O really, I didn’t know that. But Ms. Sasha, I am supposed to work under the MD of Khurana Constructions. The last time I know, which was five minutes back, Maan Singh Khurana was the MD. I never knew that you will become an MD in just 5 minutes.”  Geet continued seeing the shock in her face, “Ms. Sasha. I hope you have now understood the implication. And it will be good for you, if you don’t mess with me.” The last few words had a seriousness and warning that made Sasha to step back from her way. This is definitely not Geet, she thought.

Geet left Sasha and moved towards the reception. She was never a person who will get angry on someone, but Sasha deserved it. Geet never held hatred for someone but Sasha as she can never forgive her for what she did. She went to reception and saw Pinky, Adi, Varun and Neha waiting for her. They haven’t asked her about the interview as they were sure that she is selected. Geet smiled seeing her friends but was a little surprised seeing Adi join them; she didn’t miss the silent communication between Pinky and Adi though. So another love story progressing, she was happy for her friends. Meera and Vicky also joined them for lunch and they had a great time together.

She thought about the day sitting in her room, her friends got their love, even she has but the difference is her love was not enough for building the trust that was the base of every relation. She failed to gain his trust. Her thought went back to the past..



It was two days since they reached Manali, but both couldn’t get enough time for each other as the meetings and sight visits took most of the time and they will be hell tired to even talk by the time they reached the cottage. Both will sleep in their respective rooms after somehow managing to have the dinner.

Maan woke up in the morning and stretched himself. Today they were free after two hectic days. He smiled thinking of the surprise he planned for her. He freshened up and went to Gym. After an hour when he returned, he noticed that Geet was still sleeping. He shook his head and went to her room. She was sleeping hugging her pillow close. For once, he wished it was him who she hugged; he shook his head at his thoughts and went near her. He slowly shook her calling her, “Geet, uto..” Geet buried her face more into the pillow and told, “Shoo Maan go away. Do din itna kaam karvaya. Ab tho mujhe sone do.” Maan smiled knowing that she won’t wake up so soon. He smirked and slowly moved the pillow from her hold and lay down next to her. Geet who was still asleep, moved and hugged him keeping her head in his chest. Maan felt ticklish with her breath falling on his chest and her soft body pressing against him was making him lose his control. What he thought will be fun was now teasing him back. Geet rubbed her face in his chest in sleep increasing his plight.

Geet could hear Maan calling her but she was too lazy to wake up. The last days work was tiring, so she just wanted to relax. She rubbed her face on the pillow when she felt it slightly wet. Why it felt hard? And why is she hearing thumping sounds? She slowly opened her eyes to meet a well-built chiseled body. The fragrance told her whom it belongs to but she felt as if in a dream feeling him so close like she dreamt of, waking up hearing his heartbeats. However, the hand snaking her waist broke her trance indicating it was no dream of hers, but reality. She looked up immediately to see Maan smirking. She immediately tried to pull out, but was pinned below Maan in the fraction of a second. Her breathe hitched when her gaze fell on his eyes. It held a passion that made her heart skip few beats. She closed her eyes unable to meet them when she heard his husky voice, “Aankhen kholo, Geet.” She slowly opened her eyes and found him smirking. She pouted and looked away knowing he is smiling at her plight. She slightly pushed him on his chest but her soft hands could move only the hairs in his chest. Maan smiled and got off from her lending a hand for her. She looked away and stood on her own. Maan knew that his sherni is back. He went near her and held her from her waist. She melted in his one simple touch. He placed his chin on her shoulder and told, “Geet, there is a packet in the upper shelf of your cupboard. Get ready wearing the dress. We will have breakfast and leave. There is a surprise for you..” Geet turned around to see the genuine smile in his face. She nodded feeling excited to know his surprise.