The Pain of Love

Pain of Love

The Pain of Love

Geet looked up hearing the door opening. He has come home after the dinner with client. She looked at him to see any glimpse of her Maan who stood by her in thick and thin. But alas, couldn’t find any. He was someone whom she couldn’t comprehend. She still remembered their marriage night when she lost her hope, her love, her Maan. When she expected him to take off her veil, he stood there watching her. She lost her patience after a while and looked up only to get scared seeing the expression in his face, something that she never saw until then. He moved forward and sat next to her and told, “So you finally managed to become Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana.” She was surprised, “Maan, aap yeh kya keh rahe ho?” He gave a sarcastic smile and told, “Hmm.. I should have known the fake innocence earlier. Chee.. I can’t believe that you stooped so low telling that my brother tried to …, just for getting in my good books.

she looked at him shocked, she couldn’t believe that her Maan was accusing her. No he can’t. She told, “Maan, please stop this mazak.. Yeh kuch zyaada hi horaha he.” He told, “Exactly.. Kuch zyaada hi khela tumne Geet. So get ready to face its consequences. The consequences of
daring to play with Maan Singh Khurana.” Before she could tell anything he opened the study and closed it with force. Tears stopped right the moment she realized the extend of his accusations. She was numb, broken beyond words. The pain when Dev tried to force her was lesser compared to what she felt then.

Being from a conservative family, the fact of being the victim of such a situation was a disgrace to her family. Instead of being with her they had disowned her. Dev tried all the ways to put the blame on her and he could do well due to his money and power. She had lost the will to live her life amidst of all accusations when Maan came as her saviour. He made Dev confess his deed before the whole college and removed him from the college. Geet had
lost the will to fight and she refused to complain anything against Dev. Maan stood by her along with her friends Meera and Pinky, even though all in his home other than his dadima were against him supporting her. The relation nurtured into love and after the continuous denials, everyone agreed for the marriage. Dev had returned from Canada where he was sent after the incident. He had apologized to her for his deeds and she forgave him.ย Everything was going good, Maan had even made her parents come back to her and apologize. She forgave them as well as all that mattered for her was Maan. But alas, her happiness died even before it could flourish.

After that night, she became aloof of everything. Even though she smiled, talked and did everything, her soul was shattered. She never wanted anyone to know about them, as she couldn’t let anyone blame him. Also his parents still held a dislike towards her that added to her miseries. She had lost the will to live but may be she should live the life being the victim of his revenge. He made sure to hurt her with his words or doings, but little did he
know that she was broken beyond all those.

She closed her eyes letting herself fall into the pit of hurt where no return is there. It had been a year since their marriage. Dev was married to Meera, her best friend. She knew Meera loved him, but his deeds had kept her away from confessing her love. She understood Dev’s liking to Meera. Even though Meera’s parents still held the old incident in mind, Geet was the one who persuaded dadima for their marriage. Pinky was married to Adi, Maan’s right
hand. She was happy to see that her friends were getting the deserved happiness.

Lately she heard about Pari, Maan’s secretary from Pinky. It was a slip of tongue but she was quick to catch it. She had met her once. She knew that she was Mr. Singhania’s daughter and selected this job because she wanted to be on her own. She was a nice and beautiful girl and Geet knew that she loved Maan. And may be Maan also started to like her. She knew that there is nothing left in their relation, may be she should free him so that he can live his rest of the life happily. She remembered the divorce papers he signed and threw on her six months back. She knew that it was required for his happiness. So she had signed it and filed in the court. The period that has to be served is coming to an end.

She checked the calendar. Yes , tomorrow is the day when they finish 6 months after filing the divorce. She could hear him talking over phone from the other room. She knew overhearing is not good, but she could hear his talks..”Pari, please try to understand. It will take at least six months after filing divorce.” She closed her eyes tight unable to hear more. She knew what she has to do. She took her phone and made a call. After finishing the call she went and searched for her white churidar, his favorite one. Tomorrow she will wear it, for one last time.

She woke up early and took a long bath. She wore the dress and put the vermelion and mangalsutra. She did pooja and sent Nakul with black coffee for Maan. She waited for the person to get the papers and went upstairs. As expected Maan was ready to go to office. After six months for the first time she talked to him, “Maan, I need few minutes from you.” He looked up surprised hearing her. She knew that he was surprised seeing her dress but hid it behind his usual cold demenour. He told, “Make it fast. I don’t have the whole day.” She told forwarding the papers, “It is now six months since our divorce is filed in the court. You are now free from any relation with me.

He looked up shocked. But her blank expressionless face brought a chillness in his face while she continued, “As it all started with me, let me handle presenting it before others.” She turned and went down leaving him stunned. She reached down to meet three smiling faces and others filled with dislike. She know everything is going to end today. She reached near the table, he too came behind her joining others. She looked up and told, “I want to tell you all something.

Everyone looked up surprised as it is the first time she is talking to them like that. She continued, “I know the decision of our marriage created a rift in this family. I think you all were right about it. I never deserved to be here.” Meera, Dev and dadi wanted to tell something but she didn’t give them a chance, “It was wrong on my part to take Maan for granted. I couldn’t have done that. Our relation was not based on love, may be it was just friendship. But we both realized it only after marriage. So we decided to part our ways long back and had filed the divorce petition. I am sorry for keeping you in dark. But we never wanted to hurt you.

When she finished and looked up, she could see the disappointment in three faces while others seemed pretty happy with the decision. She told, “I am leaving to Chandigarh today. My train is at 9. Thank you for everything you did to me. I think I should get going.” She moved ahead to her room while dadima, Dev and Meera followed her soon. She took her small bag which she knew is of no use. But still she needed something with her. She couldn’t face the questions of dadi and Meera but she somehow convinced them even though Dev seemed less convinced.

Soon after they left Maan came inside. Like always his expressions were gauged. He told, “So you decided to look for another shelter as you understood that this is not going to work.” she didn’t tell anything. She slowly moved her hands around her neck and removed her mangalsutra. Her hands shivered but she managed to remove it. She took a wet tissue placed
near the dressing table and wiped her sindoor. She felt as though she was deprived of her soul. She turned and moved near him. She took the mangalsutra and placed it in his hand and told, “Hope it finds the right person soon.

She took her bag and went outside but was shocked seeing Dev there. She was sure that he heard everything. He wanted to tell something, but she moved ahead without letting him speak. She hugged dadi and Meera and bid bye to others who seemed less bothered or may be happy. The cab was waiting outside the mansion. She turned to look at the mansion which was
supposed to be her home, but never could be. As the cab moved ahead, she looked outside memorizing her life.

Inside mansion, Dev went inside the room and asked Maan, “Bro, what is all these? Aap bhabhi see aise baat kyun kar rahe the?” Maan told, “Good that you know it Dev. I can’t believe that I made you apologize once for something that you never did. I never know the real face behind her innocence.” “What??” Dev asked shocked. “What are you telling bro?” He told, “Dev, I know everything now. It was just her plan to get into my good books and you by mistake fell in her plan.” Dev shouted, “Are you out of your mind bro? Are you talking about your Geet?”

Maan told, “My Geet, no Dev, I never considered her as mine. It was a mistake that I fell for her innocent looks and married her. But I realized it the same day itself and prevented myself in falling to the pit.” Dev continued shakingly, “And manage to break her forever.” Maan turned around and told, “Dev, you don’t have to show sympathy to her. She doesn’t deserve any.” Dev fell down on his knees and told, “Then I don’t deserve anything bro. It was because of her that I am leading a happy life, it was because of her that I got my love back, her whom I once tried to force myself once.”

Maan shook him, “Dev, dare to blame yourself for her. It was her trap and we all fell on it.” Dev pushed his hands away and told, “Bro, what you think about me? I am not a child to fall on someone’s trap. I was matured enough to know everything. It was my desire for her that led to the incident, desire since I saw her first. She was innocent, pure like a dew. I tried to tarnish it. No one, just no one forced me. I forced myself on her. I thought, she got you inspite of all her sufferings. I was feeling lighter with my guilt when you married her. But you, how could you bro? How could you think your Geet like that? Haven’t you seen her innocence? Did she purposefully tried to get close to you anytime? I can’t believe it bro. I simply can’t.” Dev turned to leave when Maan told in a shaky voice, “But Rahul gave me the proofs that you are innocent and Geet is trying to frame you to get me.” Dev turned back and asked, “And you believed??? You believed him whom you knew just as my friend? I never expected this from you bro. I guess it is in Khurana’s blood.”

Dev left leaving Maan to drown in his guilt. But then he remembered her words once, “Maan, if you also leave me then I won’t survive.” He had silenced her with his lips then but he failed to protect her. He stood up and rushed down taking his car keys. He drove fast as he knew he doesn’t have time. Every turn he took was increasing his heartbeats. He saw a cab a
returning and he knew she is there. When he reached the top he stopped the car and rushed outside. As expected there she was at the end looking ahead as if taking in the sight of the whole city.

Geet” he called. She turned, there was no surprise, no shock, just nothing. Those eyes were blank which once used to speak volumes. She asked, “Maan, aapko Pari ke paas hona chahiye tha. Aap yaha kya kar rahe ho?” Maan closed his eyes in despair, again she did it for him, his happiness. How cruel he was? He told mustering courage, “Geet, I am sorry.” He looked up
and saw no emotions in her face. She told, “Maan, please aapko chalna chahiye.” He told, “Geet please..” She took one step backward. She was at the brim. Maan shouted, “Geet sambhalke.. ” She looked at him with a ghost of a smile and told, “Maan, you don’t need to be sorry. In the past one year I understood that what you had for me was sympathy and care that anyone can have towards a victim, but we misunderstood it. I don’t want to bind you in such a relation, so I moved ahead with the divorce. But I don’t have it in me to move ahead in my life, I am tired. I want to have a peaceful sleep where I won’t wake up with nightmares. Please let me go, even from your memories. Good bye.” Before he could tell a word her body floated in the air taking her deep down in the woods. He remembered her saying once when they were here, “Maan, if someone fell from here, then people can’t even trace their body. hey babaji, don’t let anything happen like that please..” But now she was the one who broke her prayer with her life, leaving him in a life long remorse.

There may be forgiveness for mistakes made unknowingly. But when you hurt someone for whom you are the sole reason to live, then you may not get a second chance, a chance for redemption.