Part 3

Maan was in a really foul mood the whole day. He lashed out the anger on poor Pinky who was his assistant in Bangalore office and fired two employees for some silly mistakes. Everyone was afraid to be in his near vicinity. He called his private detective wing and asked to get the information of the girl he met in the park, taking help from his guards. By evening, the file with her details was there in his table. He smirked seeing her name even though her surname sounded familiar to him. He thought, “Geet Handa, from today you will not have a single day of peace. You messed with Maan Singh Khurana. You humiliated me in the public. Now get ready to face the worst.” There was no much information regarding her family other than she is from Hoshiyarpur settled in Delhi, now in Bangalore searching a job, staying with her friends. Maan smirked and told, “So Ms. Geet is in search of a job, I will make sure that you are not getting placed anywhere. This is just a beginning Ms. Geet, you will see the worst later on.” He never bothered much about the family background of his enemies. He just wants to make their present and future horrible that they will never mess up with him. Pinky reached home and told about the ruckus MSK made in office and Pari was more than interested in listening to all MSK’s stories. Geet and Meera shook their heads going back to studies.

Next day started on a light note for both of them. For Geet, expecting to get through today’s interview while for Maan, with a satisfaction of what he is going to do with her. Geet took blessings from Mr. Manchanda and left along with Pari who was more bothered about her dressing rather than on the interview. They reached the Campus and were smitten by the beauty, infact **** was one of the best IT companies in India. People were less, as it was a scheduled walkin. Both of them did well and everything went fine until the final round. Pari came out happy to get selected and waited for Geet to come and they can share the good news together with others. She didn’t have a slightest of the doubts about Geet’s selection. However, when Geet came out with a sober expression which turned to a calm one seeing her, she was definitely worried. Before she could ask something, Geet told, “Congrats Pari, you finally made it. So let’s party today.” Pari was really confused. She held Geet and asked, “Geet, kya hua? Tumhara offer letter kaha he?” Geet told smiling, “Are buddhu, mujhe nahi mila tho offer letter kaha se aayega?” Pari shouted, “What??” That caught the attention of the people around. Geet muttered a sorry to them and left taking Pari along. Once they were out of the campus, Pari held Geet and asked, “Geet, tell me why they haven’t selected you?” Geet sighed and told, “Chod na Pari.. Nahi hua tho nahi hua. Usse kya farak padtha he?” Seeing Geet denying again she decided to talk after reaching home. But she couldn’t understand why they rejected Geet who was academically brilliant and was exceptionally intelligent. Anyone who interviewed Geet will never reject her. None of her friends doubted that. They left for home while Geet trying to cheer up Pari for her job. Unknown to them, someone had been noticing them from far.

One phone call was enough for Maan to make sure that Geet won’t join ****.  He wanted to see the disappointment in her face. He had a meeting nearby and decided to wait for a while to see her. When she came out he saw Pari along with her, it was a surprise for him to find Pari Singhania with her. He knew her as she used to tag along with her father or brother in the business parties. From the way they talked he knew that Pari is close to her. He saw that Pari is upset about something and he for once doubted if it was Pari who couldn’t get through the interview. But the words that reached his ears when they moved past his car cleared his doubts. What he couldn’t understand was why she was not disappointed as he expected her to be? She was rather calm and composed and was trying to cheer up her friend who was worried about her. This was not what he expected. He left deciding that he won’t sit back until he sees her defeated face. If he could read her eyes, he could have seen the disappointment.

After reaching home, Geet made all Pari’s favorites along with Manchanda to celebrate the Pari’s employment. She called all their friends to celebrate. Everyone was sad and apprehensive about why Geet was rejected, but Geet simply shrugged it off telling in her style that, “It is their loss. Geet Handa will get the best always.” They all kept aside their apprehensions and enjoyed along with everyone else except one who could always read her eyes. Rahul knew that she was hiding her emotions just for her friends. He looked intently at her while she caught his eyes. She knew that he understood her better than others, so just blinked telling that she will be fine. Rahul smiled and she went back to enjoy with others somewhat forgetting about the first outright rejection she faced. After the party, everyone left and Meera, Pinky and Pari hit bed sooner. When everyone was asleep, Geet slowly went near the window and sat looking outside. She couldn’t comprehend why the interviewer, the lady was so rude to her that she found it so difficult to answer her. She hasn’t even waited for her answers and told an outright no, that too on her HR round, she felt extremely bad about it. This was the first time in her life that she felt bad about a rejection. However, least did she know that it was just a beginning.

Maan was in his gym meanwhile furiously working out. He wanted to see her defeated look, and then only he will be in peace. He had in his desk the list of interviews scheduled for her in the next one month and had taken care of it wisely and made sure she won’t get anywhere. Somewhere a little amount of guilt was there for making such an excellent candidate struggle so much for a job, but not enough to overcome his hatred for her. Everyday Geet will start with a new zeal to get the job but her misfortune followed her in every interview she attended. She was getting disheartened but kept it for herself as her friends were getting sadder with each rejection she faced. She didn’t want them to be sad and did everything she could for cheering them up. Yash and Vivek were ready to argue with the interview board after she was rejected for the second time, but she made them understand that it is common. However, the constant rejection made everyone worried for her. Mohinder and Tej had even decided to bring her back to Delhi, but Geet was adamant to find a job.

She decided that if not big companies, she should try on smaller firms. She saw one posting in a job portal and applied for it. She got a call the very next day from a person named Mr. Mehra. She was asked to meet him on some place. She was little confused as the address seemed to be a residential area. However, she decided to give it a chance. She knew that her friends won’t allow, so she just informed Rahul on where she was actually going. When she reached the address, as she thought it was a huge mansion and there was some construction going on next to it. She rang the bell and a lady of late thirties opened it. She asked for Mr. Mehra and she asked her to wait. After sometime a man of mid forties came down. She instantly had a liking towards the man. She greeted him, “Hello Mr. Mehra, I am Geet Handa. We had a talk yesterday regarding the job opening you have.” He smiled and told, “Geet Handa, yes I was expecting you only. Make yourself comfortable.” Once she was seated, he told, “As you expected I haven’t called you for an interview, rather I want to have a discussion with you. Your profile looks so outstanding that you could get selected in any top companies. Then what made you to apply for this?” Geet liked his straight forwardness. She told, “Mr. Mehra, I applied to all top companies. But I got rejected in the interviews for reasons I am still unaware of. So I thought why it is really required to work in big companies. Anywhere I work, I will give my best. Only difference will be in salary and in the process models. It doesn’t matter for me at this early stage as I am just a fresh graduate. If my skills could help you then you can appoint me.

Mr. Mehra smiled again and told, “Geet, I hope you won’t mind me calling you like that. I like your straight answers. And as you told your skills will definitely help me if you are willing to work on a start-up firm and you will be the first person I am recruiting. I have few clients and couple of projects. If we could make a good start, this firm will grow. But it will depend on your decision.” Geet asked, “Mr. Mehra..” Before she could proceed he told, “Geet, you can call me uncle as your father will be only few years elder to me.” Geet smiled and told, “Ok Mehra Uncle, but why you don’t want to interview me?” He told, “Geet, I don’t need to take interview of a person to assess him/her. I am sure that you can do it. So are you willing?” She thought for a while and told, “Yes Uncle, I am ready. So when will we start?” He smiled and told, “We can start from next Monday. I will email you the offer letter and few documents. Go through those before you come on Monday. And one more thing, you have to give me a commitment of minimum one year. Read the offer letter carefully and sign it. If any clause is not agreeable you can tell me.” Geet agreed and after having a tea she left. She was feeling light at heart after the discussion. It was like all the tensions that she had during the past few weeks just vaporized.

She reached home and told the news to all. The first reaction from all was no, but Geet made it ‘Yes’ with much persuasion. She called home and told them about the job. Everyone disagreed at first but they had to agree finally. She had received the offer letter from Mr. Mehra next day and it seemed pretty good offer for a startup firm even though it won’t match upto what was given by big firms. She signed it and kept taking a copy for herself. Meanwhile Maan got the information from his detective that she joined a start-up firm. He had already made sure that she gets in no good companies, not even medium sized companies. He felt calm listening to him even though was feeling a little guilty somewhere to have done something like that to her. He decided to leave her matter here as he had so many things to take care. The higher management in Bangalore had made some blunders before client that he had to come to handle it personally. He fired around ten people in higher management due to their irresponsible behavior and everyone was afraid in every single step they made. The only people whom he trusted were Adithya Malik, CFO of Khurana Corporation and Sasha Shergil, Regional Manager for India. Both were currently in Bangalore to assist him in the current situation. Pinky was really efficient in managing his schedule except for her craze to eat. Even though Sasha recommended changing her from the post, he kept her knowing that she can handle it better and she won’t drool over him much. One more reason to keep her was Manchanda, her father whom he respected.

Days started to move forward in a good direction for both of them. Geet joined the firm and she gave her hundred percent to the work. Mehras were treating her like a daughter and she used to have her lunch and sometimes dinner along with them. If she is late either her friends will pick her up or Mr. Mehra will drop her home. He was very much pleased with her work as he could understand her real capability. They started getting more clients and work as Geet finished everything given to her efficiently and her creative ideas were very much appreciated by the clients that they recommended their firm to many others. Slowly Mr. Mehra rented out a small office building and recruited ten to fifteen fresh graduates to assist Geet giving her an upper hand to manage them. Geet’s nature helped others to learn fast and they became more like a family increasing Geet’s friend circle. Meanwhile Maan settled most of the issues with KC, recruiting efficient managers and having discussions with clients. He decided to keep a watch for five more months as he wanted to make sure that nothing goes wrong.

Geet’s life was going extremely good. She was satisfied with her work and the environment. She learned a lot from Mr. Mehra as he had worked on a lot of good companies and had a very strong background. She got accustomed to everything that has to be considered while running a firm. She considered their firm as her own and worked so hard for its growth and Mr. Mehra made sure that every time there is a good profit a share goes to Geet also even though she refused to take. Meanwhile Meera and Rehan who were in very good companies were truly disappointed with the kind of work they received as they were not seeing much growth there. They were studious and always wanted to do something innovative which they were not getting to do. Others were happy with their job as they had time to work and enjoy. Everyone was happy for Geet as she was the one who suffered a lot. Vivek and Rahul always managed to take time from their business and joined others. Their weekly outings and short trips gave them the much needed relaxation inspite of their jobs and business. Pari was still mad after MSK but whenever she went to KH along with Manchanda he will be outside for some meetings and finally gave up the wish to meet him and concentrated further on her job. That is the only way by which she could get to KC.

Maan had not forgotten about Geet. She came to his mind once in a while still somewhere making him feel guilty. One such day he was going to office cursing the traffic for making him late when he heard a screeching sound at the other end of the road. A biker had lost control while overtaking a bus and had fallen down. The other side of the road had less vehicles compared and when he thought that he will get hit by some other vehicle, an young lady from an auto which was coming behind his bike came out and stood almost by the middle of the road stopping the vehicles following. When she was sure that no vehicles will come forward she rushed to the biker. No one had yet come to help him except the auto driver and his head was bleeding. He seemed to be a teenager and may not even have license. All were just watching sitting in their vehicles. She checked his wounds and told the driver that he needs to be taken to hospital. The driver alone couldn’t hold him and she looked around for help. Seeing everyone just watching she told, “Arey, why no one is coming forward to lend a hand to him?” Everyone was looking at her silently when someone told, “We don’t want to get into any accident cases. It is a headache. He seems fine, he can walk.” Her face turned red due to anger and asked him, “If someday you had an accident like this and no one is caring what you will do? Wait for some supernatural force to come and take you to hospital?” She didn’t wait for the answer and moved ahead to help the person to get up. She kept on asking him questions occasionally scolding him for over speeding. She took his friends number making a call to them informing them to come directly to the hospital. When the auto moved ahead, Maan was sitting there shocked. He had seen many accident cases and his drivers had helped many but it is the first time he was seeing a lady helping someone like this and he never expected this from Geet. He was really shocked. She didn’t bother while standing in the middle of the road, she didn’t bother about getting late to office, she didn’t bother about anyone watching her, she didn’t bother about the stains in her dress, the only thing that bothered her was the biker’s well-being. He couldn’t just forget that incident. His thoughts were disturbed when he reached office.