Maaan…” Geet moaned as he began to move inside her. Soon she forgot everything hugging him tight. When he collapsed on her panting after both of them hit their peak, she slowly opened her eyes. Once her eyes caught the time, she pushed him away and screamed, “I hate you.. Aaj bhi woh dono devils mujhe nahi chodegi.. Yeh sab aapki wajhe se.. For crying out loud, Maan we are the parents of three children and the elder being a 10 year old..” Maan smiled seeing her shouting. It has become his habit to hear her screaming every day. He pulled her to him and silenced her with a kiss which turned passionate soon, but Geet pulled away before it could turn to another round of love making and ran to bathroom covering herself with the quilt. She closed the bathroom and stood their panting. She slide down the quilt and noticed his love bites covering her body. She sighed and then blushed remembering his passion. It seemed to increase every day since they were back together.

He had taken care of her like a fragile baby throughout her second pregnancy. It took a hell lot of time for her to bring him out of the guilt. Piya and Prem helped her a lot in it. But with Dhun’s arrival in their life everything changed. He was back to his old self. But of course she was in trouble; he will never leave her when they were alone. Earlier it was fine but as time passed by and after the arrival of Dhruv, his passion for her ended up in embarrassing her before others. Vicky was now married to Neha. The devils they are, they will never end their day without teasing Geet. Whenever she is late to get up, she will be tensed to go down and face everyone. Dadima, Mamma and Dad will just smile, but the looks that she receives from her devars and devaranis will make her so much embarrassed. Above all Maan will be just cool about anything and ignores their comments. The worst part is family dinners when her friends also join and will always be with them in teasing. But they knew the bond she and Maan shared very well. She smiled again thinking of how lucky she was to get Maan, there was a bad phase in their life but it gave her lifelong happiness.

She freshened up and took a nice bath. She wrapped the bath towel around herself and went outside. As soon as she opened the door, two strong arms hugged her from back with his lips caressing her neck. She turned to face him with a straight look and Maan knew if he continued he is in trouble. He placed a quick kiss on her forehead and went to shower pulling away her towel. She gasped while Maan turned and winked at her. He has become so naughty, she shook her head and got ready. When she finished, she went out to kids room. The kids room was specially designed by Maan. It had three partitions, each designed according to the liking of their three kids. One word from their mouth and Maan will get it done for them, he pampered them like anything. She knew that Rehan and Dhruv were at times very lazy, but for God’s grace Dhun was enough to compensate for both. She was so punctual and organized. Sometimes everyone used to wonder who is elder Rehan or Dhun.

When she reached the room, Dhun was awake and was trying to wake Rehan and Dhruv who were sleeping, hugging each other. It has been their habit ever since Dhruv was two years old and moved to the kids room. Dhruv never slept in his portion, he will only play there. While it is time to sleep he will goto Rehan. Maan initially wanted all the three to sleep in their room. But Annie, Dev and Vicky convinced him some how and he designed this room specially for them. She agreed to whatever he did, she knew it will be the best. She reached near Dhun and asked, “Beta, tum itni jaldi kyun uti? Aaj tho Sunday hena?” Dhun turned to her and gave her a flying kiss before telling, “Uff mamma, aap bhi na. Kitni lazy ho. Ab tho 8.00 hua he. That means late. Not early. Vicky Chachu sahi keh rahe the. Mamma aur papa humesha late hi udtha he.” Geet turned red when she heard it from her 7 year old daughter. She told hiding it, “Ok meri ma, me jaldi utungi. Ab tum jao aur apna chachu ko bhi utao. Mein in dono ko leke aavoongi.” And placed a kiss on her forehead. Dhun left soon again telling that her brothers are so lazy. Geet shook her head hearing her. But she was glad about the maturity she had. She always voiced out what she needed and she will think twice before demanding something, thinking the pros and cons. She smiled and shook her lazy kids while one pulled the duvet over him, other took her hand hugging it and slept again. She shook her head; after few more attempts got them out of bed and took Dhruv with her to get him freshen up.

By the time they reached down after getting both of them ready, everyone was there. Vicky and Neha seemed nervous. Quite unlike them, Maan and Geet exchanged glances with Dev and Nandini seeing them like that. They shrugged not knowing what the problem was. Nandini was in her ninth month of pregnancy and so it was obvious if Dev won’t know, he will always be around Nandini taking care of her. Usually Vicky and Neha will be the ones who will talk non-stop and entertain everyone. Jai asked seeing Vicky quite, “Kya baat he Vicky? Aaj itna chup kyun he? Aur Neha beta tum bhi.” Maan added, “Comeon dad, aaj tho in dono ke bak-bak se kuch fursat mila. Kyun aap inke peeche pade ho.” Geet hit his arm lightly while others laughed at his comment. Seeing no reaction from Vicky which was uncommon, Naina was about to ask something when Dhun asked, “Waise Vicky chachu, aapne bataya nahi aap Neha chachi ko dheere chalne ko kyun bol rahe the? Aur usse dand kyun rahe the?” Everyone’s head shot up hearing her while Vicky and Neha blushed profusely. Geet exclaimed in happiness and little naughtiness in her voice, “Neha, really are you both planning to give Dhun a sibling?” Now it was Dhun’s turn of questions, “Sach chachi, aap bhi Nandini maasi ki tarah mujhe chota bhai dene jaa rahi hoon.” Vicky immediately answered, “Bhai nahi sweety, behan.. ek pyaari si behan.. bilkul tumhari tarah and shut his mouth seeing the grin on everyone’s face. Soon the table was filled with laughter and the happiness of welcoming the youngest member was visible in all faces. Later by evening, Annie and Neil joined for dinner along with their five year old Nehal. Priya and Karan had gone abroad for Karan’s conference along with their twins. Khurana mansion rejoiced again as Nandini had labor pains by the evening and delivered a baby boy.

Geet and Maan returned home late from hospital after a long day. Neha had put Dhruv to sleep and Dhun and Rehan had slept knowing that they will be late. Geet had a small talk with Neha and went to the kids room knowing that Maan will be there. As expected, there he was gazing at their kids lovingly. Hearing her footsteps, he turned to look at her. He stood up and came near her. She could see the deep love in his eyes. He held her hand pulling her closer and told, “Geet, today I want to thank you once again for bringing these three wonderful kids to this world.” She knew what made him tell that. The first time he saw her in labor, he was so much guilty for not being there with her when Rehan was born. She still remembered the happiness that reflected in his eyes after holding Dhun in his hand for the first time. Coming out of her thoughts, she hugged him and told, “Maan, thanks tho mujhe aapko bhi kehna chahiye, for giving them to me.” Maan smiled and soon the smile was replaced by a smirk and he told, “Hmm Geet, as you have agreed that you would need contribution from my end also, how about we try once more.” Geet immediately tried to pull out but Maan was quick enough to sweep her off her feet and carry her to their bedroom. Geet protested a little with a slight blush knowing what was about to come. He placed her on their bed and went to close the door. Before she could get up, he was above Geet pinning her down. He told huskily in her ears, “Don’t worry Jaan. We have three wonderful kids. I am not planning for one more. But.. We can definitely continue what I was planning to do.” Before Geet could digest his words, his lips were on hers kissing her passionately. Soon every thought left her mind and they moved ahead with another passionate night.