Part 4

The rest of the days he couldn’t get rid of her thoughts. So he decided to go for jogging much to the dismay of his guards. The next day when he went to jogging in the park, the first thing he found was the object of his distraction helping an old lady who came for morning walk to sit, she seemed to have breathing problems. Soon other people surrounded them, who all seemed so friendly with her. After a while a man in late thirties came and took the old lady with him after thanking her. He was all the while watching her not even moving a bit from where he was standing much to the surprise of the guards. He came out of the reverie when she got up and glared at him. He looked away and started jogging ignoring her and everyone near by, cursing himself to have stood like that. That was Maan Singh Khurana, he knew to gain the composure the same way he lost it. As he completed two laps he noticed her standing with a group of ladies talking to them. Whenever she sees him, she will avert her gaze from him. He left after taking eight more laps. Through out the day she seems to have dominated his thoughts, he couldn’t understand what triggered this change but he knew that he need to get rid of it. He believed that it is always good to face things rather than running away from it. So he decided to go for jogging daily. He met her daily in the park. In the next few days, he could understand that she was simple and kind, someone whom he believed has seized to exist in this mean world. He could see that she was a regular person much like him and every time he met her, she will be talking to someone and everyone seems to like her. She completely avoided him or rather never tried to come on his way. He had even seen her talking to his guards when they thought that he was not noticing. He wondered how much she can talk. Watching her slowly became his favorite pass time.

Geet was initially taken aback when she started to see him daily, but ignored him remembering about the incident. She became friendly with his guards but never used to speak of anything regarding him. Most of the people coming in the park knew that he was Maan Singh Khurana, but never tried to talk about him to Geet as they knew she disliked him from the very first incident. Geet was never a person who will be harsh or rude at someone and she can’t stay without talking to someone whom she knew even once. So it was irking her that she couldn’t talk to him. She knew that he watched her from far and somehow has got accustomed to seeing him daily. She even told her friends about the khadoos she meets daily in park. Her friends were surprised because knowing her she can never stay without talking to someone whom she is acquainted with, even people who had issues with her had eventually turned to her friends even in college due to her nature, then how come Mr. Khadoos was an exception. Even Geet was getting confused.

Geet decided that today she was going to talk to Mr. Khadoos. What he will do much? He may tell something that she may not like, after that she can royally ignore him. She changed into her jogging tracks and t-shirt, tied her shoe lace and rushed to the park. After greeting her park friends as she calls them, her eyes searched for him. There he was, talking on phone. It seemed the conversation he was having was not pleasant for him and she could notice him disagreeing. She decided to go and talk to him when he finished. That is when she noticed a pole that was just next to him was shaking. She ran towards him without a thought and pushed him aside. Before she could move away the pole hit her legs and she fell down due to the impact. Maan was so annoyed when someone pushed him and his phone fell far away. As he turned to see who did it, he saw Geet falling down being hit by the pole. He understood everything and rushed near her. Before she could protest or anyone could do anything, he picked her up in his arms and asked his guards to get his car. Geet was shocked even though in pain, she could see the concern in his eyes when he picked her up. But he was a stranger till now to her. She told, “Aap mujhe neeche utariye.. Mein apne friends ko call karthi hoon.” He gave a glare to her that made her shut, it was not definitely her nature. Others followed him concerned for Geet. He turned and told them that he will take her to hospital and others agreed knowing his nature very well. Geet silently sat in his car when he placed her inside and sat next to her. She was looking at him with her big doe shaped eyes when he took a shirt from what seemed to be a mini cupboard and wear it. Then only she noticed how big the car was.

Her thoughts were broken when he asked, “Kya zaroorat thi tumhe beech mein aane ki. Mein itna weak nahi hoon ki ek pole se mujhe kuch hoga.” She pouted and told to herself, “Dekha babaji, khadoos tho khadoos hi nikla. Thank u bolne ke alawa dat raha he.” He heard her murmuring and couldn’t help but smile, soon he regained his composure before she could see and told, “Geet, apne aapse baat karna band karo. Kuch kehna he tho mujhe kaho.” She pouted but remembering something he asked, “Aapko mera naam kaise patha?” Maan told immediately, “I heard someone calling you.” She told, “Par mujhe aapka naam nahi patha. That is not fair. Agar aapne uss din nahi chillaya hotha tho ab tak mujhe patha hotha. Ab aap kehna chahthe ho yaa nahi, mujhe aapka naam jaanna hi he, kyun ki aap tho mera naam jaan gaya hoon.” Before Maan could tell something she told, “Aur ha, mein kisi ko apne papa ke naam se ya apne parivaar ke naam se nahi jaanna chahthi hoon, sirf first name, so your name.” Maan was amused hearing her explanation and talks, no wonder she is like this, she doesn’t know Maan Singh Khurana and she is not bothered about it. He started feeling bad for doing that to her. He told extending his hand, “Maan, I am Maan.” Geet immediately took his hand and smiled, “Wah ji aapka naam tho bahut acha he. Lekin mere diya hua naam se acha nahi he.” He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Oh, so you gave me name in advance. Tho boliye kya he mera naam jo tumne diya.” Geet fumbled, “woh.. chodona.. ab tho hum pehli baar baat ki he, woh aakhri baar ho jayeja.” He insisted, “That is not fair Geet. You have to tell.” Geet closed her eyes and told praying to her babaji not to make him angry, “Mr. Khadoos..” But she opened her eyes hearing his laugh. She smiled seeing his laugh, he looked nice laughing. Maan was laughing like this after a long time. He stopped hearing her, “Aap haste hue ache lagthe ho. Yeh angry young man image aap pe bilkul acha nahi lagtha.” He looked at her when she smiled shaking her head and told, “Aap mujhe uss din se lekar naraz tho nahi hena? Woh kya hena, I don’t like people showing over attitude. Everyone should be considered as human, money will come and go but ultimately we are all the same. So I don’t like when someone does something like that. I know you might have felt humiliated but I couldn’t help it.

Maan liked her straight forwardness. She was transparent, no hiding, no sweet talks, everything is crystal clear about her. Few minutes of talk had actually changed his whole impression about her. But what he did to her was something not right. Maan Singh Khurana for the first time in life was feeling that he was at fault and the fact was that he was not feeling angry that someone can make him feel guilty. He told, “It is fine Geet. Even I couldn’t have reacted like that.” Geet gave a sigh and told, “Ah babaji, ek tension tho mann se nikal gaya. Aapko patha he I was upset since the time you have been a regular jogger, about the fact that I am not talking to someone whom I am seeing daily. Mujse nahi hoga. Don’t think rubbish, ok.. I will talk to everyone in the park starting from the kids to dadus and dadis. I am like that.” Maan smiled hearing her talks and bend down when he remembered something. He slowly touched the portion where it was hit and Geet jumped in pain. She told, “Dekha.. I was making myself forget about the pain and you, khadoos reminded me again.” She bit her tongue and looked at him. He smiled and took his phone dialing some number. Before Geet could tell something, he put his finger above her lips silencing her. She pouted shaking her head while he took his finger immediately when he felt the smoothness of her lips. Before his thoughts could process the call was answered. He told, “Sneha, are you at home?” After finishing the call he looked at Geet who was looking at him questioningly. He asked, “What? You can’t expect me to take you to a normal hospital. Do you want tomorrow’s page 3 headline about you being spotted with me?” Geet shook her head immediately and told, “Isliye mein boli thi na, I will call my friends. Ab hum kaha jaa rahe he? Dekha babaji, yeh khadoos ke saath hi mujhe bhej diya.” Before Maan could reply, the driver informed that they reached. Maan went out and the driver opened the door for Geet. She came out and saw that they are near a beautiful villa and saw a name board with Dr.Jai Chauhan (cardiologist) and Dr. Sneha Chauhan (General medicine) written in it.

Before she could ask something a handsome young man opened the door and there was a look of surprise in his face seeing her before he greeted Maan, “Hi buddy, kaise aana pada yaha.. Yaad bhi ya nahi hume?” Maan shot a look and asked, “Mein tumhe dekhne nahi aaye ho? Meri behan kaha he?” A beautiful young woman emerged from inside carrying a three year old who seemed just woken up. She also had the surprised look seeing Geet. She told, “Kyun tang kar rahe ho Maan bhai ko? Aao bhai. Aur yeh kaun he jo aapke saath he? Introduce tho karwalo.” Before Maan could tell anything Geet told, “I am Geet, and this khadoos is my friend since today morning.” She bit her tongue immediately when Maan glared at her while Jai and Sneha burst out laughing. Sneha noticed the blood trail in her leg and asked immediately, “Are Geet, aapke pao mein chot lagi he.” Maan who was about to give an earful to Geet remembered why they were here, immediately took Geet in his arms much to the amusement of the three and told, “Iske pao mein ek pole gira he. Tum pehle uska check up karvalo.” Jai and Sneha led them inside while Geet was feeling butterflies in her stomach when his strong arms held her tight. She told, “Khadoos.. Mujhe neeche utariyena. Mein chal sakthi hoon.” Maan looked at her and told, “Chup..” She pouted again and looked away. Jai and Sneha were awed by the way they both interacted. Knowing Maan Singh Khurana, this was something impossible.

He placed Geet in Sneha’s consulting room table and went outside with Jai. Sneha checked her wounds while Geet gave her all information on how they met and about everything till now. Sneha who herself was so talkative liked Geet’s nature and became friendly with her soon. She also got to know that Geet doesn’t know that he was Maan Singh Khurana. For Geet, he was her friend who was little khadoos but good at heart. She thought to let it be like that; she could see the sparks in both and prayed for it to be true. When they came out Maan was pacing in the living room. Sneha smiled seeing her brother like that. She told, “Maan bhai, she is alright. I have given proper medication to her wounds. Ab aap saas le sakthe ho.” Maan was embarrassed but somehow it didn’t matter to him. Geet smiled and soon started to talk to Jai in her usual toofan mail style. Sneha smiled seeing her and the way Maan was looking at her, it was definitely something different. Both were out of the thoughts when Geet screamed after looking at the time, “Hey babaji, mein late hogayi. Aaj tho ek important presentation bhi he.” Everyone smiled hearing her and Maan too remembered about his meeting scheduled at ten. He told, “Sneha, I think we have to leave now.” Before he could proceed, Geet told, “Ek minute. Sneha di, apne number tho do. Mein aapko pakka call karungi. When you are free, we can meet.” Maan smiled seeing her nature. She had got close to Sneha, Jai and their three year old Ryan in just an hour. After bidding bye they went out.

Maan told, “I will drop you near home. Where do you stay?” Geet told, “I stay in *** street.” Maan was surprised and asked, “Where in *** street?” She told, “Ha right.. Aapko kaise sab jagah patha hoga.. Woh KC ka MD hena, Maan Singh Khurana uske ghar ke paas he, Manchanda uncle ke ghar pe. Uski beti Pinky meri friend he.” Maan was surprised hearing that and they got inside his car. He never imagined that Geet was staying just next to his home and that too with Manchanda. He smiled hearing her telling about him to himself, he asked, “Oh great.. So you stay near MSK’s home. Have you met him before?” Geet shrugged her shoulders and told, “Why would I meet him? I heard that to get an appointment with him takes months. And I am not someone desperate to meet some rich hunk.” Maan was surprised and she continued, “Ha, mein aapko batana hi bhool gayi. Woh Pari hena, my friend, she is mad after him. I don’t know how can someone be so crazy for someone when she knew that he won’t pay any heed to her. She is totally mad, you know, she wants to join KC just to work with MSK and she is even ready to take up any job so that she can be with him.” Maan was amused listening to her talks and about Pari’s craze for him. He smiled while she continued to tell him about her gang, how they have been together. Both didn’t know how time passed until the driver told that they reached the destination.