Part 2

He guided me to Annie’s room. Silence prevailed between us; I was quiet than my usual bubbly self as I couldn’t get to ask him anything, can be told that I was nervous. Maan was sneaking glances at me and even though I was not looking at him, I could feel his gaze burning my skin. I wondered why, I have never felt so at loss of words like this before. In addition, I never felt uncomfortable with any guys. He possessed a strong aura in his voice as well as the way he carried himself. No wonder he was so successful in such a young age. Not to mention about his physic, it was something girls would kill to be with. She remembered Annie telling her about how difficult it was to go with him for shopping. It will be too difficult to keep away all those desperate girls. Money and fame always brings attention, who can deny it. Maan’s words broke her thoughts, “Geet, I heard you talk a lot, par mujhe tho nahi lagtha he.” I mumbled, “Woh, aisa kuch nahi he. Mein kuch aur soch rahi thi?” He gave a small smile and asked, “Is it? Then why do I feel that you are nervous to talk with me?” That definitely didn’t go good with me. I asked immediately, “Why would I feel nervous when we don’t know each other? You are Annie’s brother, so I respect you for that. So there is not much for us to talk and besides I was thinking about my papa and mumma. I never stay out of home unless it is really necessary.” I know he felt offended as he was trying to make a conversation with me and I snapped at him. “Oh babaji, when will I realize what I am doing? For God’s sake, he is Annie’s brother, not some despo who is trying to hit on you. And I am not the one who snaps at each and every one. Then what is wrong with me today?” He seemed like in a hurry to show the room and left as soon as we reached there, telling that he will send the maid for any help. He left even before I could tell Thanks to him. I knew that I was little rude. But why am I worried? I shouldn’t be, I can tell a Thanks to him before he leaves. If he keeps away from me that is good. I don’t have to feel nervous like I get when he is near me.

I shrugged off my thoughts when maid came and showed me Annie’s suits placed on the cupboard. I took one simple suit, which we both bought together while shopping. We bought two suits of different color but same design. I had a green one while Annie took an orange. I took it and went to change. When I changed and came back, I noticed a tray of food was there. On contrary to the party theme, the tray had Indian food. I wondered how the theme and the food can be different and I also knew how much Annie liked Italian and Thai dishes. This definitely can’t be her choice. Maid entered the room meanwhile and saw her looking at the dishes confused. She smiled and told, “Ma’am, Annie ma’am ne bataya tha ki aapko angrezi khana pasand nahi he.” I smiled back at her and asked, “Aapka naam kya he? Aur aap mujhe ma’am mat bulao. Mera naam Geet he.” She gave me a genuine smile and told, “Mein Shanti, aur aap iss dress mein bahut achi lag rahi he Ma.., mera matlab he Geet.” I laughed and we continued talking for some time and she left when someone called her name from down.

I went ahead to explore Annie’s room and saw her collection of books. I went and took some to pass my time. Between, I haven’t told you, I sulk in reading. I don’t have the patience to sit and read for more than 5 minutes. I had the food and started reading waiting for Annie. I didn’t know when I dozed off in the chair with the book in my hand. I heard a noise and opened my eyes to see Annie standing near me in her night dress with a sorry face. I smiled and asked, “Annie, tum kab aayi? I don’t know when I slept reading this book.” Then looking at the book I asked making a disgusting face, “Patha nahi tum yeh sab kaise padthi ho?“Annie burst out to laughing hearing me. I pouted and looked away. She came near me and hugged me tight and told, “I am soo happy today Geet. Aaj tum mere saath reh rahi hoon. I can’t be happier. Sorry that I got late. Woh kya hena yeh sab chipku aunties ke wajhe se mein wapas nahi aa saka. Tumne khana khayi thi na? Meine maid se kehke tumhareliye Indian dishes banwayi thi. Mujhe patha tha ki tumhe aur koi khana pasand nahi he.”

I smiled hearing how much she cared for me. Before I could thank her, she asked, “Woh Maan bhai tumse tik se baat kiya he kya? Woh kya haina woh humare alawa baaki sabse sirf mono syllables mein baat karthe hain. Mujhe patha he tum zaroor bore hogaye honge uske saath aane par, tum tho apni bolthi band nahi karthi hena, aur Maan bhai kuch bola bhi nahi hoga.” I felt guilty hearing Annie. He was trying to make a conversation with me and I snapped at him. I told not wanting to tell her about the incident, “Aisa kuch nahi he Annie, woh tho bus mujhe kamre mein chodke chala gaya. Aur mein mamma papa ke baare mein soch rahe the tho zyaada baat bhi nahi karna pada.” I could see a slight disappointment in Annie’s face but soon she covered up. I asked then, “Acha agar mein silent nahi reh sakthi tho ab tum kya kar rahi ho? Ab bolo kaun bak-bak karthi he?” Annie grinned and told, “No doubt, Geet Handa.” I took a pillow and ran after her while she dodged me and ran.

We stopped when we heard a knock in the door. We saw dadima and Annie’s mom, Shraddha standing there. I threw away the pillow in embarrassment while the other three burst into laughter seeing my expressions. I looked at Annie and gave her a I-will-kill-you look while she grinned. Dadima came forward and told, “Geet bte, aapke aathe hi, Annie itne naughty hogayi. Nahi tho yeh humesha apni books ki duniya mein rehthi he. Aap yaha aksar aaya karo. Hume bhi khushi hongi.” I smiled not wanting to deny her. Shradda mom, as she told me to call her, also talked to me for a while. Soon I got comfortable talking with them and started my usual blabber. They seemed to be quite enjoying our talks, why not; after all I am a full time entertainer like Yash bhaiyya says. After a while, Shradda mom and dadi left. Annie and I talked until we felt damn sleepy. We slept planning for the next day as it was Sunday.

Next morning, as usual I woke up early and got ready. It was my regular routine to get up early and help my mom. Seeing Annie sleeping my naughty mind had devious plans to wake her up but decided to let her sleep for some more time as we slept very late. I went out and couldn’t decide on where to go as I was not familiar with the mansion. I finally decided to move in the direction where I heard some sounds. The sounds were like someone hitting something, I was wondering what it might be. I entered an area having huge pillars everywhere. I saw a dim lighted area in the middle and could think that the sounds came from there. I went ahead towards the direction of the sounds and stood still when I crossed one pillar. I wondered whether I am hallucinating. A few meters ahead of me stood a Greek God with his sweaty bare back facing me. His muscles flexed with the movements and every movement made my heart skip a beat. He was practicing some martial arts. I stopped moving when it finally dawned to me that the Greek God whom I was watching is Maan Singh Khurana and I was standing in his personal Gym.

Before I could run I was hauled to a strong chest. The strong aroma of his perfume mixed with sweat left me hyperventilating. My hands rested on his chest due to the impact of the pull. I had a strong urge to feel the forbidden under my palms but stopped remembering where I am and whom I was with. As if he sensed my thoughts, his grip around my waist tightened and I heard his husky voice near my ears, “Geet, tum yaha itni subah subah kya kar rahi thi?” I couldn’t find a reason why I am there but managed to say, “Woh mein jab bahar aa rahi thi tab yaha se awaaz sunayi de rahe the. Isliye.. Mujhe jaana he.. Annie ut gayi hongi.” I could feel him smiling hearing my words. He told, “Geet, yaha mumma aur mere alawa koi bhi 7.00 ke pehle udtha nahi he. Mumma kitchen mein honge, aur ha Annie ke baare mein sochna chodo, woh 8 baje ki utegi.” I could feel the grip on my waist loosening and somehow I didn’t like it. I could sense him moving away and when I finally mustered courage to look up, I saw that he wore his black vest which still couldn’t hide his abs and muscles. I could feel his lips curving to a smile or should I say a smirk. I decided to leave before I embarrass myself more. Before I could leave Maan told, “Geet ruko. You will get lost in the mansion. I will show you the way to kitchen if you want to meet mom.” I silently nodded not wanting to give away my nervousness being with him.

He walked along with me silently. Like last time he didn’t try to talk. I decided to apologize as I realized that I was rude yesterday. I told, “Woh mein�” I couldn’t proceed further when he looked up. He raised his eyebrows and asked, “Kya baat he Geet?” I decided that I am making it worse. I closed my eyes and said in one go, “I know I was little rude yesterday. You were trying to make me feel comfortable but I snapped at you. I am sorry.” I slowly opened my eyes to see him looking at me amused. Before I could think further about his repsone, he told me, “Geet, I haven’t felt bad. You are Annie’s friend and I knew that this is the first time you are away from home.” I felt relieved and gave a small smile to him. I didn’t know that we reached kitchen until I heard Shraddha mom’s voice, “Geet bte, aap itne jaldi ud gayi?” Maan was the one to answer her, “Yes mumma and she took the wrong route to reach kitchen. So I had to help her.” Blood rushed to my cheeks remembering our little moment there and I smiled looking at Shraddha mom to avoid further embarrassment. But seeing Maan’s face I knew that it didn’t go unnoticed by him. He left giving a small smile to him. Soon I was in my form helping Shraddha mom inspite of her protests and making her laugh with my stupid talks.