Part 2

He was staring outside, it seemed like a storm is coming. But nothing seems to have changed in his life, after that fateful day. He heard a faint sound of the door, he knew it was dadima. Even though, she never talked to him after that day, he knew she cared for him. She will come daily to see if he has slept. He noticed her moving out slowly. He felt a need to hug her and cry on her lap. But his guilt never allowed him to even cry. He is still where he was on that fateful day. He heard a knock in the door. He looked up to see his mother. He looked away knowing what she wanted to talk. She came and stood next to him. He heard her, “Maan Beta, how long you are going to live like this? It is 7 years now. She is not…” He stopped her, “Maa, we had enough talk on this. She is not dead. She will come back to me one day when she has punished me enough for my sins.” She knew that it marks the end of their conversation and moved out of the room.
When she reached her room she saw her husband sitting in the couch with his eyes closed. She closed the door and told, “Meine aapse kaha tha. Kaha tha ki aisa kuch mat karo jisse Maan ko dukh ho. Par aap ne Rahul se milkar itna kuch kiya yehi sochkar ki Geet unki zindagi se chali jayegi. Aur Pari ko unki zindagi mein zabardasti lane ki koshish ki. Ab dekho kya hua? Aapko lagtha he agar Geet ko wapas nahi mila tho bhi woh apni zindagi mein khush reh patha? Nahi.. Aur Geet.. uski kya galthi thi.. Sab galthi tho aapki dono beton ke the, aur woh sab kuch sehthi rahi bina kuch kahe. Agar Anni uske jagah hothi tho?” Mr.Khurana couldn’t tell anything than shedding silent tears. He knew he was responsible for the miseries in his son’s life, but could do nothing to reduce it as everything has gone beyond his thoughts, his plans. And in the path to secure his son’s life, he managed to destroy the life of an innocent.

Maan felt the cool wind coming inside through the window accompanied by the rain drops. It wet his face and slowly tears started to mingle with it. His memories went back to the past. He always admired Geet ever since he met her. She was bubbly, innocent and naive. As days passed, it turned to love, but being a man of few words, he couldn’t express it. When he knew that Dev tried to force himself on her, he was in a dilemma, on whom to believe. But the sight of her pained face gave him not even a slightest doubt of what she went through. He had made Dev to apologize and sent him to Canada for further studies. But she was a broken doll by then. He couldn’t believe that her family left her without supporting her in such a situation. She was initially afraid to befriend him. But soon he managed to remove her reluctance. When he felt that she also started to feel for him, he confessed his love. She was reluctant knowing that his family detested her, but he was adamant and soon managed to make her confess.

The days followed were blissful. He could sense the longing for love in her every gesture. She loved him without any inhibitions. She never demanded anything from him except his presence in her life. He managed to convince his family even though they were not happy with his decision. He was in seventh heaven when their marriage was fixed. He managed to get her parents back to her and she forgave them easily. What made him shocked was that she forgave Dev too. But what he didn’t know was that she did it all for him, only him. Forgiving Dev had created some misunderstandings between them. Then came Rahul with solid proofs against her. He couldn’t believe it first but when once he heard her telling Meera that Dev was innocent, he was disgusted, disgusted at the thought that he loved such a person. The pain and hurt was overpowered by his anger that made him blast at her on their suhaag raat. His hurt made him do things that he could have never done to his love.

He hurt her with harsh words daily not knowing how it was affecting her innocent heart which loved only him. He even tried to befriend Pari to prove that he will move on in his life. The divorce papers were the outcome of her persuasion to dadima for getting Dev married to Meera. He was angry and hurt to an extent that he started behaving so cruel. The day Pari told that she loved him and wanted to marry him, the extent of his doings came back to him. He knew that he can never move on in his life, he loved only Geet. But he could neither tell Pari, who was persuading him for a divorce. His thoughts went to the fateful day, the day he realized his mistakes, the day he lost his love.

He was surprised seeing her talking to him. It never happened after the day he threw the divorce papers on her. She wore the dress he loved, but not anymore. He tried to be cold but what she told next washed the earth beneath his feet. She had actually filed the divorce petition. He was enraged when she told everyone that they were never in love, how could she decide for him? He had tried to taunt her but her lifeless eyes haunted him, it was like her soul was dead. But when Dev came in trying to support her acts blaiming himself, his anger rose again. But what he told next hitched his breath. No it can’t be. But alas it was the truth, it was not her who was not trustworthy, it was him. Dev was true; it is in Khurana’s blood. The thought of her bought chillness in his body. He knew where she will be. He couldn’t have to think.

Again he was late, too late to realize that she did everything for him, that she loved him beyond words, her love was divine, and he was the sole reason for her life. His heart died the moment she went deep down the woods. But being Maan Singh Khurana, he could get her back as a living dead body, in comma. He looked at her lying immobile and silent in the bed like how she was from the past 7 years. He could see a lone tear escaping from her eyes. He knew that she could sense his pain and she can’t bear it when he was in pain. Her love was so deep. Before the tear touched the ground, he kissed it away. He held her lifeless body closer and tried to sleep, but as always it was impossible.

He woke up feeling a slight movement in his chest. He looked down to see her trying to move her right hand. His heart was overjoyed but he lied still wanting to know how far it will go as he knew if she saw him she may stop trying. She could move it a little but kept on trying until it reached his left arm. He looked curiously on what she was doing when he saw the red coloration in the sleeves of his shirt, an outcome of his constant workouts. She was trying to see what it is. What he saw in her eyes again made him drown in guilt. There were tears in her eyes; she still couldn’t see him in pain. He caught her hand and hugged her tight. He could feel the tears wetting his shirt when he heard, “Maan..

He pulled back shocked and looked at her to confirm whether he heard it right when she told, “Maan, I am sorry..” Before she could speak another word he closed her mouth and shook his head. He knew the day she woke up from the sleep, she will tell that as he knew the depth of her love now. She can never see him in pain and he knew that if it was on her will she could have got better within months. But God had decided to give him such a severe punishment together with punishing her for loving a person like him. He moved his hands away and told, “Please Geet, don’t tell sorry to me. I don’t even deserve your forgiveness when you are telling me sorry when all I did was hurting you in all possible ways.” She told, “Maan, you have punished yourself all these years. But it was my mistake that I haven’t realized that it was your hurt and pain that made you so harsh. I didn’t trust your love; I thought it was never mine. I couldn’t give time to our relation, time for everything to get better. Instead I tried to end my life like a coward. Look what it did to you?

His heart cried seeing her trying to justify him. He told, “Geet, I don’t deserve an angel like you, neither your pure love. I never trusted the one person who loved me beyond words. I couldn’t keep the thousands of promises I made to you. I failed in every aspect of our relationship. I failed to follow those sacred vows of marriage. I failed as a friend, a lover and as a husband. I did worse than what Dev once tried to do. How can you still forgive me, Geet?” She moved the right hand slowly wiping the tears that were trailing down his cheeks and told, “Because I love you, Maan. You are my life, my sole reason of existence. Then how can I think of punishing you for something that caused you so much pain?” He caught her hand and kissed it, then smiled hugging her knowing that she is coming back to him.