Part 33

Flashback continues..

Geet took the packet that Maan mentioned and opened it only to be surprised seeing the heavy red lehenga and jewellery. She wondered what Maan has planned. With a sweet smile adoring her face she started getting ready. She wanted to look good for her Maan. By the time she was ready she looked like a bride except for the veil over the head. The choli was backless with strings tying it together; she shivered when the cold wind touched her back. She adjusted the heavy dupatta to cover enough. When she came out, Maan was shocked seeing her; she looked out of the world and the lehenga added to her innocent beauty. Geet shied seeing the admiration in his eyes. He came forward and placed the dupatta above her head and whispered in her ear, “Abhi tum meri dulhan lag rahi hoon.” She blushed and looked into his eyes, and then only she saw that he has changed into a red coloured sherwani matching her dress. She looked at him surprised. He told smiling, “So ready for the surprise.” She blinked her eyes smiling. He led her to the car and it moved ahead taking them.

Geet was surprised when she saw where they stopped. It was near the steps of the hill side temple which she wanted to go since they came there. She looked at him questioningly when he opened the door and scooped her in his arms. She snaked her arms around his neck getting lost in the love that she saw in his eyes. He climbed the stairs and reached the temple. She was pleasantly shocked seeing the arrangements there. A panditji was there and it looked like the arrangements for a havan. No one except a young girl who was helping panditji was there, anywhere in the vicinity. He made her stand and told smiling, “Geet, today we are going to be one, tied by the sacred bond of marriage.” Geet stood there unable to believe it, she asked, “Par Maan.. Hum..” He immediately silenced her closing her mouth and told, “Geet, let me finish. I know we decided to wait until you return. It is not because I don’t trust our relation, but because I can’t keep myself away from you. We will get married before everyone when you finish your studies. But I want to bind you with me forever in front of God whom you trust the most, even after every difficulty you faced in your life. I wanted to give a name to our relation, which will bind us together till the last breath. Are you ready for it?

Geet felt choked with the emotions that evoked in her. She was going to be his forever before her babaji. What else did she need? When she was ready to leave her studies to be with him, then there was no need to even ask her if she was ready. Maan was startled seeing the tears in her eyes. He wiped it immediately and told, “Geet, I am sorry that I took the decision alone. If you don’t want it now I am ready to wait until how long it takes.” Geet shook her head and hugged him tight. He knew from the hug that she was overwhelmed to tell anything. After a while, she pulled out from the hug and saw the panditji was watching them smiling. He told, “Muharat ka samay ho raha he. Pooja suru kare?” Both smiled and sat near the holy fire making promises to each other and God. The young girl was Panditji’s daughter who was there to help him in everything as Maan wanted privacy. She did the gadbandhan and they stood up for pheras. Each phera they took making promises were binding them together in a relation that they longed for. After pheras, Panditji gave the mangalsutra and Maan tied it to her. A tear of happiness rolled down her cheeks when he filled vermilion on her forehead. She was his, forever. Her eyes shone in happiness while he got lost in the love he saw in her eyes, only for him. Panditji’s words bought them back from their thoughts, “Vivah sampan hua. Aapki Jodi humesha salamat rahe. Khush raho.” They thanked panditji and Maan took his blushing bride in his arms and went down the stairs to start a new journey

Flashback ends

A tear rolled down her eyes when her hand moved towards her neck trying to feel her mangalsutra only to feel the scar instead of it. She closed her eyes trying hard not to remember anything that made her weak.

Maan was sitting in his bed holding the mangalsutra that was the symbol of their love and her betrayal. He held it tight when he heard a knock in the door. He kept it back in the box leaving it in his bed. He opened the door to find dadima there. She came inside; her face was beaming with happiness. He gave a small smile not to disappoint her. She told, “Maan, we are going out for shopping. Do you want to accompany us? I mean to select the mangalsutra for your Geet?” Maan looked away not wanting to tell anything. She saw the box in the bed and immediately took it before he could protest. Her eyes twinkled seeing the mangalsutra. She asked, “Mujhe patha tha MSK tho already apne Geet ke liye kharida hoga. Acha hua meine dekh liya, nahi tho hum doosra lene jathe. I bet you had bought it much earlier. Kyun Maan, hum sahi keh rahi hena?” She smirked looking at him. He told rolling his eyes, “Jab aapko patha he tho poochthi kyun he dadima?” She smiled and patted his cheeks, she told, “Maan, hum bahut khush he aapkeliye” and kissed his forehead. He just smiled hiding the pain he felt. After talking for some time, dadima left taking the mangalsutra along with her to show others.

All the ladies met up in Handa mansion to go for shopping. Dadima was showing the mangalsutra to all when Geet came down getting ready. When she saw a familiar looking chain in dadima’s hand, she went near her. Dadima turned and smirked seeing her, “Dekho na Geet bte. Tumhare Maan ne hum sab se pehle hi tumhareliye mangalsutra kharidke rakha tha. Acha hua meine dekh liye. Nahi tho kya patha janab humse chupke jaldi hi apne aap shaadi kar detha.” Geet’s heart missed a beat seeing the symbol of their love, something that was brutally snatched away from her. She never knew that it was with him and he kept it safe. She looked at it for a while trying hard to smile which was getting impossible for her. The mask of happiness she had put on was cracking somehow. She needed a solace but knew that she can’t get it. She smiled and went along with them for shopping.

Next Sunday, Khuranas and Handas decided to get together in KM. Karan and Meera also joined them. It was long since they had the family time that was always missed due to the busy schedules of all. All were relaxing. Geet was with Naintara helping Annie and Meera who were busy selecting dresses to wear in each occasion till marriage. Vicky occasionally peeped in to irritate Annie and of course Meera. Geet sat by Naintara who was happily watching them enjoying so much. Maan was with Mohinder, Anurag, Arjun and Karan who were discussing on the arrangements of marriage with Vicky poking his nose in between. Dadima and Simran also joined their talks occasionally. The ringing of the calling bell broke their conversation and Nakul went to open the front door.

Everyone there was shocked seeing the person standing outside the mansion. First all had to double check whether they are hallucinating. She was dressed in a simple pink saree with light embroidery in the border, no makeup, no much jewellery except for the black beaded chain in her neck. She definitely doesn’t look like Sameera Handa, whom they knew. The initial shock slowly gave way to anger on her sudden arrival like how she left. Her expressions were calm and composed unlike the one they knew. Mohinder came forward and asked, “Ab kya dekhne aayi ho? Ab kis ki khushi mitani he tumhe?” Sameera smiled and told, “Papa, can’t I at least be part of my sister’s wedding? Kya mera utna haq bhi nahi he?” Arjun was the one to answer her, “Sister, which sister are you talking about? As far as know Naintara Handa is married to Dev Khurana since long and they have a kid also. Are you arranging for a re-marriage for her?” Sarcasm was clearly known in his words. Sameera hung her head low not knowing what to tell, she knew that she doesn’t have any rights to call her a sister. Before anyone could tell anything, everyone heard a voice from back, “Di“, and the next moment Geet was near her hugging her tightly. Sameera hugged her back with the same intensity.

Everyone was stunned seeing the scene before them. Geet pulled back after a while and told, “Di, how was the journey? Jiju aur meri pyari si niece kaha he?” Sameera turned back and a man of early thirties almost of Maan’s age, modestly dressed, came forward carrying a two year old girl who looked exactly like him and had the eyes of Sameera. “Maasi..” the little one squealed and jumped to Geet’s. Geet hugged her tight smiling at the young man who smiled back. Those who were watching all these were getting shock after shock. First seeing Sameera, then knowing that Geet was aware of their arrival, then Sameera’s husband who appeared simple and humble and last Sameera’s daughter. Dadi decided to break the uncertainty. She asked, “Geet bte, yeh sab kya horaha he?” Geet turned and gave her a small smile. She told, “Dadi, yeh he Rahul Garewal, my jiju and Sam di’s husband. Aur yeh Piya Garewal, my dearest niece and their only daughter. Now can we invite them inside?” Anurag and Simran who even though were shocked at first, were happy later knowing that Sameera is married. Anurag came forward and told Mohinder who has still not recovered from the shock, “Mohinder, ab tho sab tik hogaya na? You were always worried about Sam. See, now she is happily married. We should welcome them home.” Before Mohinder respond to it, Arjun shouted, “Uski koi zaroorat nahi he. Ab kya chal chalne aayi ho tum? Kya panch saal pehle jo kiya tha woh kaafi nahi tha? Aur yeh kis ameer baap ki bte ko tum phasa ke leke aayi hoon.”

Sameera’s head hung low but Geet was quick enough to reply, “Bhai, please, jo bhi hua, usse hum badal tho nahi sakthe hain. Par ek sach he jo koi nahi jaantha he, in paanch salon mein, Meera, Karan aur Vicky ke alawa jisne mujhe hausla diya, jisne mujhe haar nahi manne diya, jisne har pal mere saath na hoke bhi saath diya, kya aap un dono se aise baat kar sakthe ho? Jab mein sabse door thi tab in dono ne mera saath diya tha, kabhi akelapan mehsoos hone nahi diya. Bhai, aapne hi mujhe sikhaya tha ki agar koi insaan sache dil se maafi maangtha he tho hume unhe maaf karna chahiye, tho mein di ko kaise maaf na karu jab in paanch saalon se unhone har pal meri har khushi ka khayal rakhi he, jaha tak ki apne beti aur pati ka khayal bhi tik se rakh nahi payi. Aur ha, jiju koi ameer baap ki beta nahi hoon. He is a cardiologist and he has no one other than di in his family. They were in love since her school days but di took some time to realize it.

When Geet finished everyone was more shocked. Vicky asked, “Geet, tum isliye har mahine do din Dr. Miya se milne jaathi thi? Yeh dono waha rehthe the??” Geet smiled and told, “I am sorry SM, Mujhe patha tha agar mein tum se kehthe tho tum log mujhe jaane nahi dethi, isliye nahi batayi. Miya, jiju ke colleague he.” Vicky looked disappointed, but seeing Geet’s puppy face he couldn’t help but smile. But it was a shock for everyone. Geet turned to Arjun and told, “Bhai, mein aapse humesha kehthi thi na ek din di samaj jayegi. I knew jiju was the best for her since the time I met him in Hoshiyarpur once. Par unke pyaar ko jaanne keliye thoda time lag gaya. Kya aapko ab bhi di par yakeen nahi ho raha he?” Before he could tell anything Sameera told, “Papa, bhai, mein jaanthi hoon ki meine jo kiya woh maafi ke layak nahi he. Jab mein khud ko uskeliye maaf nahi kar payi tho mein aapse woh kaise expect kar sakthi he. Mein nahi chahthi hoon ki aap mujhe phirse apnaye. I just want to attend Geet’s wedding. Mujhe uskeliye aapki permission chahiye.”

Everyone mellowed down after hearing Sam’s plea. They could feel that she has changed. Naintara was happy to see the change in her, somewhere she always felt she was responsible for instilling the money mindedness in Sam. She was relieved seeing her back and was happy to know that Geet did it. Mohinder who was even though happy that she was back, was concerned about Geet, what if Sam again went back to her old self? What if all these were a pretense? He couldn’t trust Sam even though her words were heartfelt. However, he decided to give her a chance keeping an eye on her. He made Geet sacrifice enough in her life, not anymore. His daughter suffered for his fault so much. Now he won’t let anyone to come between her happiness. Everyone was happy except Arjun when Mohinder welcomed Rahul and his granddaughter. He even though liked Rahul, refused to acknowledge Sam. She knew it but kept quite knowing that she deserved it.

Someone was watching everything from far. Now he understood why everytime she told that he and Sam can’t marry. She wanted her di to get married to her love, not that she was concerned about their relation.