Part 34

After Sameera was back, Geet spent good amount of time with her. All were really surprised seeing a new Sameera, she has become someone so unlike how she was. Everyone understood that it was only Geet who changed her. Arjun and Mohinder were convinced after few days as they could understand that she has changed for good. Rahul was a very nice down to earth person and they came to know that he was one of the most famous surgeon’s in London for neurosurgery but always kept his life style simple. Sameera had taken up her career as an Artist and her paintings were famous even though she never preferred to come to limelight. Fame and money doesn’t seem to interest her. Even though she interacted with everyone, most of the time was spent with Geet and obvious to everyone Maan noticed the pain that was visible in her eyes whenever she looked at Geet. It seemed as if she was not free from the guilt of what she did to Geet. What he never understood was that if he comes to know about what she actually did, no one can forgive her and it will wash the sand away from his feet. Sameera’s presence was somewhat soothing for Geet as she was the only person who knew the extent of her pain and was there always when she needed an emotional support. But she had never let her feel guilty of what she did. She knew it was destiny, that played with everyone’s lives and blaiming someone will not do any good. Only person she detested in her whole life was Sasha, because what she did can’t be forgiven so easily.

Geet joined KC on next Monday. She was given the same cabin next to Maan which once used to be her cabin. Maan had asked Sasha to move out of it after Geet left for London. He couldn’t bear to see anyone else there, but managed to cover up with some other reason. The cabin was renovated by Anurag when he decided to ask Geet to join back. Maan couldn’t do anything as it was his dad’s decision. When Geet entered the cabin, thousands of memories rushed to her mind. She closed her eyes to gain composure, she can’t fall weak. She looked to her right and saw Maan looking at her from his seat. He was quick to look away and close the blinds. She sighed, she has to face everything that comes her way, and it is inevitable.

Maan had come early to office as he wanted to find at least one fault in her on her joining day itself. But she was far more professional. She was 10 minutes before time and completed all joining formalities in half an hour. Aadi and Varun helped her with everything and gave Sasha a cold shoulder whenever she tried to butt in. Maan could see everything from his cabin, he did not like the way Varun helped Geet but it was not good interfering as it will make others doubtful. When she entered the cabin, he couldn’t help noticing how beautiful she looked in the crisp white shirt and black trousers except for the lack of that beautiful smile in her face. When she looked at him, he was out of the reverie and quickly closed the blinds, mentally cursing himself to have lost in her beauty.

He decided to call her before she could start with anything in KC just to remind her that she holds no place in his heart. She came soon after she received his call. He noticed how graciously she carried herself unlike the clumsy Geet who used to do silly mistakes every time. She knocked the door and waited for his permission to come inside. She was professional in all the ways that he couldn’t find a single fault in her. After she was seated, he decided it was better to get the work done than trying to find faults as he had two major projects currently in his hand and as Varun and Sasha were working on one project, he needed someone capable to work on the other. Even though Sasha had told that she will take care of the project, he couldn’t get the confidence to give it to her. He knew that Geet will be the best person to do it, after all no one can know better than her about the people for whom the Government Affiliated School was to be built in Hoshiyarpur. He gave her the project file and told, “Ms Handa, this is one of the important projects for KC. And I expect you to present me with the design after taking into considerations every aspect associated to this. You have two weeks to complete your design and if I approve it, we will be moving forward with it or else I will give the responsibility to Sasha.” Geet told, “Mr. Khurana, I will make sure that the design will be completed on time as per your requirements.” Maan looked at her for a while and told, “Ok, you can leave now.” Geet got up and went back.

Maan closed his eyes sighing. This is going to be difficult. He couldn’t control his heart from feeling anything while she was near. She looked so different, so unlike his Geet. The eyes were blank and there were dark circles around her eyes. It appeared like it was long since she slept well. He wanted to hug her tight and never let her go but the betrayal was still afresh in his mind to even talk to her nicely. He controlled his thudding heart and started to concentrate on work. Geet went back to her cabin and started working. Work has always been a way to keep her away from the pain and hurt, while at work she immersed fully in it and seldom cared if she had food or not. Varun, Neha and Pinky had called her for lunch but she told that she was not hungry. Vicky had called up knowing her workaholic nature but she dismissed that also.

It was almost 3PM when Maan came out of his cabin after dadima’s constant persuasion to have lunch. He noticed that Geet was working in her cabin. She seemed fully concentrated in work to notice anything happening around, more like a newer version of him. Just when he was about to step out Vicky called him in phone. He asked him to take Geet also for lunch as she won’t bother about food once she is involved in work. Maan kept the phone unwillingly agreeing to it. He looked inside her cabin, she is so unlike the bubbly girl whom he fell for. He opened her cabin giving a slight knock. She looked up hearing the knock. She seemed confused as to why he was there. He told, “Geet, I am going out for lunch. Come along. Vicky had called me.” Geet looked like she wanted to refuse. But she didn’t want a talk on that, so locked the laptop getting up from her seat. He walked out when she followed him silently locking the door after her.

They reached the parking lot and got seated in his car without uttering a word. He drove to the restaurant next to KC, which was one of their usual hangouts while sneaking out of office. Memories were fresh in both their minds, but both hide it successfully. The manager recognized Geet seeing her with Maan, he had seen the love in both their eyes whenever they used visit. Even he had wondered what happened between them, but the news of their engagement cleared his doubts. He smiled and told, “Congrats Mr. Khurana and Geet. It is nice to see you both together after such a long time.” Both smiled awkwardly and followed him when he guided them to their usual place. He left them after taking their orders. Maan looked at her after the Manager left; he could see her quivering lips that gave away her inner feelings. He looked away controlling the urge to take her in his arms. She couldn’t control the feelings that the place evoke in her, this place had so many memories, those good memories that were the remnants of their love. She looked at him and saw him looking away. She knew he is not feeling different, but their minds were far apart to find comfort in each other.

When food arrived they silently had lunch and left for office. When they entered Geet could feel all eyes on them, but Maan obvious to all these went to his cabin. Once he was inside Varun and Neha came near Geet with teasing looks and asked, “How was your romantic lunch Geet? Ab samaj mein aaya hume kyun mana kar rahe the.” Geet smiled at them hiding the pain she felt all the while, she had by now become an expert in hiding every pain with a smile. She went to her cabin after they left, ignoring Sasha who was glaring at her. Meanwhile inside his cabin, Maan was sitting in his chair with closed eyes. He was thinking about Geet, throughout the lunch he had stolen so many glances at Geet but couldn’t find any sign of emotions except in the beginning. All he could read was the blankness in her face, it seemed so lifeless. The Geet whom he knew could never sit for a moment without speaking. But she hasn’t uttered a single word throughout the lunch. He couldn’t understand, what she needed, why she is like this? He started working after composing himself. Geet went inside her cabin and started working again distracting her again from thoughts. It was almost seven at night when Geet finished her first design outline. She noticed that almost everyone has left and found lights in Maan’s cabin, which indicated that he is still there. She decided to show him the design and went to his cabin.

Maan was about to go home when he heard a knock. He looked up and saw Geet. He wondered why she hasn’t left yet. She asked his permission and went inside. She told, “The initial design is ready. So I thought of showing it to you. I have emailed you.” Maan gestured her to sit checking his email. He was impressed will be an understatement, the design was perfect; he couldn’t believe that she did it in just one day. It was flawless; he took time to examine everything but couldn’t find a single flaw. He looked up and found her waiting for his response. He told, “The design is perfect. I want you to present it tomorrow to the client. They will be visiting us tomorrow.” She knew that it was good but hearing it from him gave her the satisfaction she needed. She told, “I will be ready with the presentation tomorrow. I think I should take leave now.” He nodded and when she was about to exit from his cabin he called her, “Geet, you came by car?” Geet turned to look at him, it had the same concern, before he could hide it she told, “Arjun will pick me up. My car will come from tomorrow.” He told, “Don’t bother Arjun. I will drop you. I have to meet uncle.” She nodded and told, “I will get my things from cabin.” He told, “I will wait for you in the parking.” She went to her cabin, took her laptop in her bag and came out. Maan also came out at the same moment. He walked ahead and she followed him. The drive to home was silent. Maan kept glancing at her while she looked out. When they reached Handa Mansion everyone was happy seeing them together.

But he could see that Sameera could see through the facade Geet was putting through. Geet smiled seeing the teasing looks from Annie and Arjun and left to her room not before glancing at Maan silently thanking him with her eyes. Maan could read it from her eyes and turned his attention to Mohinder and Arjun. Arjun told, “Lagtha he ab mujhe Geet ka naya car wapas dena padega. Love birds will prefer to come together.” Maan glared at him while Mohinder laughed along with Annie. Soon Rahul also joined them. Maan liked Rahul as he was down to earth and soft spoken. He wondered how he liked Sameera, but the eye locks between the couple convinced him that they were in love, it was the same way he once used to look at Geet. After having completed the discussions with Mohinder, they invited him for dinner. Annie had already informed daadi, so he couldn’t deny. Geet had come down by then after getting fresh. She joined Annie and Sam in arranging the table. Arjun insisted Geet to sit near Maan and have dinner. Everyone had a nice time chatting and having dinner. Maan was feeling light at heart after a long time. He was occasionally glancing at Geet and when their gaze met once in a while, he will look away. Geet was feeling so much difficult to control her emotions; his nearness was breaking the facade she had put. She somehow controlled when she felt a soft touch on her hand only to find Sameera looking at her concerned. She blinked her eyes assuring that she was fine. All these didn’t go unnoticed by Maan, he felt for the first time that there is something hidden from him, the pain that he saw in Geet’s eyes were not farce. He kept on looking at her until Arjun tapped his hand. He looked at him when Arjun told with a grin in his face, “Maan, tum meri behan ko zindagi bhar dekh sakthi ho. Par ab tho khana khatam karlo. Warna waha sab sochenge ki tum shaadi se pehle hi saural mein rehne lag gaya hoon.” Geet immediately looked up knowing that he will be angry but she saw him looking away with a smile. She was getting confused with his demeanor.

After dinner, Maan left bidding bye to all not before glancing to where Geet was standing. Geet looked at him driving away; she couldn’t understand him all the day. He was calm and composed, she was expecting him to throw tantrums the whole day but not even once did he behave indifferent rather she could see an old glimpse of him. The way he stared at her in the dining table was like he used to do earlier, she couldn’t understand what made him change in one day. His presence was breaking her resolves to keep her pain away from everyone. He was her soul mate, even if he accepted it or not, she always loved only him. Her hands moved over the scar in her neck and her thoughts went back to the most beautiful day in their life.


Maan took her to their cottage after their marriage. Geet was stunned seeing the arrangements there; the whole cottage was decorated giving a romantic feel. She felt ticklish with all the arrangements and Maan could see her turning crimson. He slowly went behind her and whispered near her ears, “Abhi se Sharma rahi ho Geet. Tho aage kya hoga.” She turned and hugged him unable to bear his teasing. He scooped her up and took her to their bedroom which was decorated for their suhaag raat. He placed her down and told, “Mein thodi der mein wapas aaonga. Then I want my bride waiting for me.” He went out winking at her, making her blush more. She slowly went near the window and looked outside, it had started raining and the climate itself was too romantic. She came back and sat in the bed with the veil covering her head. She could feel her heart thudding louder with anticipation. She heard the door open and close. She held her fingers tight in the lehenga. He sat near her looking at his bride, he felt a sense of pride seeing his love, his Geet sitting in the bed waiting for him. He slowly lifted the veil, her cheeks were crimson. He grinned and told, “Geet, tumhari bolthi kaise band hogayi?” Geet looked up pouting hearing him and told, “Haw.. aapko yahi kehna tha pehle?” Then immediately bit her tongue when he moved closer and asked nuzzling her ears, “Phir, kya kehna tha Mrs. Maan Khurana.” She was overwhelmed hearing him addressing her like that. She felt like she has got everything she wished for, the love of her life, her Maan. She looked up with tears in her eyes and told, “Thanks Maan.. for everything..” Maan immediately closed her mouth and told, “Tum kyun Thanks keh rahi hoon Geet. Thanks tho mujhe tumhe kehna chahiye, mere zindagi mein aane ko, usse apne bholapan se roshan karne ko..” Then he smiled and told, “Waise enough of all these.. Uskeliye tho saari zindagi padi he. Aaj tho sirf thanks se kaam nahi chalega aur mera haq tho mein lekar hi rehega.” Geet closed her eyes in shyness when she felt his lips in hers.

She knew he had controlled a lot till now. She was happy to submit herself to him, she was his.. always. Her thoughts halted when the kiss turned passionate. His hands got rid of her jewels expertly and soon her veil followed. She felt his hands untying each dori in her back while she was lost in the passionate kiss. Soon her choli joined the jewels. She felt cold air hit her body and immediately crossed her hands over her chest. Maan pulled out of the kiss and pushed her to the bed. He hovered over her pinning her hands above her head. She closed her eyes feeling shy when he moved down planting a kiss on her chin slowly moving down. He bit both her shoulders marking it. Then move down to reach the valley, he kissed her aggressively there, moving to left he kissed her on top of her curve over the flimsy material. The tips hardened with the sensations and he bit it through the cotton. He seemed so impatient, his hands moved to her back unhooking it and throwing it away before she could even blink. His mouth latched into one curve, while his hand molding the other. Geet moaned his name louder as he sucked and bit her upper body. His hands guided her to remove his top. Soon both were devoid of clothes. He guided her hands through his body as he discovered every nook and corner of her body. When both were at the brim, he parted her legs and entered her in a long thrust. Pain hit her hard but his mouth captured her in a passionate kiss making her forget the pain and soon the pleasure over took the pain while both moved towards the same goal. He collapsed on her coming inside her with utmost satisfaction while she hugged him feeling contented. She was his, only his in every sense.