Part 35

Geet looked out of the window remembering the only good moments in her life. He could never get enough of her after their marriage. She remembered the whole week that they spend in Shimla. The cold weather accompanied by the slight drizzle had created a romantic atmosphere for them. They had seldom moved out of the bed, that too when their stomach complained too much. He was not willing to leave her even a minute. He extended the stay for one more week in some pretense for getting more time with her. He had left her exhausted every day. She had even thought of cancelling her plan to go abroad for her studies; all she wanted was to be with him forever. Now that she was his wife, she couldn’t have been happier. Everything else seemed faded before his love. But life was not so easy, what she had thought of and what it had become. Now when she is getting back everything, she is lost, happiness is no where around her. The loss that she suffered was so huge that nothing could compensate for it.

Her thoughts halted when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned around to see a teary Sameera. She knew what she was going through. Sometimes when we realize the depth of the mistake committed by us, it will be too late. Same was the condition of Sameera, by the time she realized her mistakes and what Geet meant to her it was too late. Too late that she had destroyed every single happiness in her sister’s life. Geet was seeing her remorse since past 6 years. She never wanted this to happen, even though Sameera got Rahul back in her life, she knew that she could never be happy in her life. The guilt and remorse was too much overpowering. Geet had tried to get her out of the guilt but she knew unless she was happy with her life, Sam can never be happy and it seemed something impossible.

Geet tried to smile but Sameera shook her head knowing how much pain she was going through. Geet sighed knowing that she can’t pretend before her and hugged her tight. Sameera patted her head knowing that it is time for doing something; she can’t let her little sister suffer now. She has to get the happiness back in Geet’s life. Rahul who looked at her from far could see the determination in her face and silently obliged. He knew the extent of Geet’s pain and he cared for her like a sister. He too wanted her happiness, seeing Maan today he could understand what pain both of them had gone through and knew that their love was still alive in their hearts with such intensity that one tend to hide it behind the smile and other behind his anger.

Next day Maan woke up with a determination. He knew something was amiss. He has to get into the bottom of everything. He will find out whatever it is. When he reached, Geet was already there. He could see that she has started to prepare the presentation. Two of the government officials who had taken interest and helped him for coming up with the plan for building the school in Hoshiyarpur will be visiting them today along with one of the higher officials who will be giving approval for starting the construction. Geet will have to present before them and he knew no one will know the land and people better than her. It is the place she grew up, so she knows better than Sasha who always think calculatingly. Varun could have been the person whom he might have given the project if Geet was not there, but he was occupied fully with two other major projects, so he couldn’t overload him. There was one more reason for him to take up the project which he kept with himself. He came out of the thoughts and noticed how keenly she was working. The eyes seemed so glassy for him, like it was closed to the outside world. Her face has lost that reddish coloration. He remembered how she used to blush whenever he kissed her. He wanted to do it at the moment and bring back that blush in her face, to see the eyes which held only love for him. Had he been wrong about her? For the first time in the six years that thought came to him. He never thought that way because he always believed in facts that were in front of his eyes rather than words. Now seeing her like this he couldn’t help but to think otherwise. What if she was innocent all the while? If so he may never be able to forgive himself. His thoughts broke when she looked up feeling his eyes on her. He looked away and started his work.

Geet got immersed in work after reaching office to avoid any thoughts. It was getting more painful for her. She couldn’t help from not feeling anything, not feeling her loss, when he was around. She knew she has to present the project today, so started to work on it. She felt someone’s eyes on her but shrugged off in the beginning, later she looked up to see Maan looking at her. When she looked, he immediately looked away and started working. She couldn’t understand the change in him. She knew he still don’t trust her, then why there was a change? She shrugged off the thoughts and started working. She completed the presentation and locked her laptop and thought of going for a tea. She didn’t have breakfast and was feeling uneasy since morning. She called Pinky and Neha and went to cafeteria with them. They had a nice talk for sometime, soon Varun joined them.After few minutes, they decided to go back. When they were about to leave, Geet collided with Sasha and the coffee in Sasha’s hand spilled over Geet. Geet looked up and from Sasha’s face, she knew it was intentional. She had presentation after one hour. Before Sasha could tell anything, Geet left from there while others glared at her.

Geet was coming inside her cabin when Maan came out of his. He saw the stains in her crisp white shirt and asked, “Geet, yeh kaise hua?” She told, “Coffee spilled on my dress. Don’t worry, I will change and be presentable before the clients come.” Maan looked at her and before she could leave, he told, “ Come with me.” Geet looked into his eyes. She couldn’t deny seeing the concern in them. When they entered the lift, she understood where he was taking her. He was the first to enter inside and she followed. Everything was the same there, just the same as before. She closed her eyes as thousands of memories flashed in her mind. Maan told turning to her, “Geet, change karlo. I will wait here.” She hesitated for a while and told, “Par, mein abhi woh dresses nahi pehenthi..” Maan smiled and told, “Go and select whatever you like. We can get something else if you don’t like.

She looked at him and went inside. There were few more cupboards added to the existing ones. She knew each of them and what they contains. She went to the new cupboard and was surprised to see the formal dresses arranged there neatly. She turned around immediately to look at Maan. He was just behind her, he told looking into her eyes, “I still know your likes Geet.” She kept looking into his eyes as if questioning whether he trusted her. Maan could see her question in her eyes. He didn’t know how to answer that, because he was still confused. He looked away and asked her to change before leaving the room. She knew he still didn’t trust her. She changed to a light baby pink shirt and formal pants which fitted her perfectly. She knew his love is still intact but trust was lacking. When she came out Maan looked up and she could see the admiration in his eyes. She knew they are going to be like this, so close yet so far.

Both of them were back to office and all eyes were on them, few with admiration and few jealous. Sasha looked so shocked, but Geet didn’t even pay a heed to her. She was insignificant for her now. Whatever she does won’t matter to her anyway. The client arrived after sometime and was led to conference room by Maan and Varun. Maan introduced Geet and told that she will be presenting the design. One of the officials looked so happy seeing her. Geet’s presentation was fabulous. She explained every detail so efficiently and the clients were extremely pleased. The project was approved and they were to start construction by mid of next week. Before that they wanted Maan and Geet to come and visit the site once. Maan agreed for the same and they proceeded with other details.

Before leaving one of the officials came to Geet and told holding her hand, “Geet beti, tum humesha chahthi thi na humare gao mein aisa ek school. Ab dekho tumhari zameen mein hi woh ban raha he. Everyone had lost hope after you left. But when Mr. Khurana came with this idea, we couldn’t have been happier. I am happy to see you being part of it. I know no one will know about what we need for the school better than you.” She smiled and told, “Nahi Shekhar chacha, Thanks tho mujhe kehna chahiye aapko. Main bahut khush hoon.” He blessed her and turned to thank Maan. Before he could do that Maan came near Geet and put his hand around her shoulder and told, “No need to thank me Mr. Shekhar. I am just helping her to make her dream come true.” Geet looked into his eyes, he still remembered her dream which she told once. His anger and mistrust for her never came into picture then, she knew his love was strong but somewhere it failed. The officials were surprised hearing Maan but Varun cleared their doubts. He told, “Mr. Shekhar, she is Maan sir’s fiance. Their marriage is going to be held next week.” They seemed more pleased and congratulated both of them before leaving. Varun also was happy seeing the bond they shared. He also left with the clients in the pretense of seeing them off giving time to Maan and Geet.

Geet looked into his eyes and asked, “Aapko yaad tha?” Maan told, “Mein kuch bhi bhula nahi Geet.” They both didn’t want to extend the conversation, somethings were better untold. A lone tear escaped from her eyes. Before it touched the ground, he moved ahead and kissed it away. The kiss burned both of them, all the memories came crashing down to them. Geet felt her head getting heavy and passed out in his arms. Maan was so much worried seeing her so lifeless. He lifted her in his arms and took her outside. Pinky who was coming to call Geet for lunch immediately came near him. Maan asked her to get water to his cabin. He went inside his cabin and placed her in the couch there. He sprinkled the water in her face while Pinky, Varun and Neha who came along were looking at her worried. Pinky told, “Maan sir, Geet ne lunch nahi kiya ab tak. Breakfast bhi nahi ki hogi kyunki woh mere aane ke pehle hi yaha thi. She just had one tea.” Maan thought, “Kya karu mein iss ladki ka. Pehle tho sab kuch zaroorat se zyaada karthi thi aur ab bilkul nahi karthi.” He told them that he will take her home and asked Varun to manage the things as Aadi was on leave.

He lifted and took her to lift when he decided to go to their apartment instead of Handa mansion as he knew he won’t get to be near her once he is there. He pressed top floor button and took her there. He made her lie down there and called their family doctor who was the only person who visited him there. He came in few minutes and checked Geet. He was a man in late forties and knew the bond the two shared. He told after examining for a while, “Maan bete, she seems having lack of sleep and dehydration. She is in deep sleep and will wake up after a while, then make sure she eats well.” Maan nodded and doctor left prescribing some vitamin tablets. After doctor left Maan came and sat beside her. He took her hand in his and placed a kiss in it. He lied down beside her taking her sleeping form in his arms. She snuggled closer feeling his warmth even in that unconscious state. He hugged her closer and told, “Geet, I don’t know anymore if I was right, when I mistrusted you. Seeing you like this I can’t help myself from feeling guilty. Why these happened to us Geet? Why can’t everything be normal? Why can’t I still not trust you fully? But I can’t stay away from you anymore Geet. I can’t..