Geet opened her eyes adjusting slowly to the surroundings. She recognized the familiarity and immediately looked around only to find Maan sitting next to her holding her hand. He had his head on the headrest while his eyes were closed. She remembered what happened in the conference room and wondered why she was here. She looked around and noticed that the time was 7.00PM. She was unconscious for so long? How come she is here? Only Maan can give answers to her. She tried to take her hand from his hold but that slight movement woke him up. He immediately held her hand and asked, “Geet, tum utgayi? How are you feeling now?” She could see the concern and worry in his face and told, “I am fine, Maan.” Once assured he asked angrily, “Geet, why don’t you take care of your health? Why haven’t you slept or eat well? Why Geet?” She looked at his face that had concern hidden beyond the anger. Geet looked into his eyes and asked, “How does it matter for you Maan?” It added to his anger, he pulled her closer to him and told, “It matters to me dammit.. because.. I love you. Nothing has changed the fact.” Geet didn’t flinch with the strength of his hold but asked, “But you don’t trust me Maan, tho uss pyaar ka kya matlab he?” Maan flinched at the way she questioned him, but not letting it in his face he told, “Ha, mera tumpar viswas udd gaya tha.. I still don’t trust you, but who will stop this heart that can never stop loving you. Tum jo bhi karo ab mein tumhe kahi jaane nahi dega, tum chaho ya na, tumhe poori zindagi mere saath hi bitani padegi. Tum sirf meri ho, samjhi? Aur nahi mein kissi aur ka hone doonga.” She could feel the possessiveness in his each word and his hold.
He went outside the room leaving her there and came back with a soup bowl and pasta. She knew that he prepared it. He told sitting next to her, “I know you don’t like pasta, but I don’t have any option. So have this now.” When Geet was about to tell anything, he closed her mouth with his hand and gestured “No.” After that he started feeding her and she obliged knowing that he won’t allow her to protest. Even though she got used to continental food in London, she still liked Indian. But when he fed her with so much of love, she couldn’t contain her feelings. She felt she will break down before him. When he fed her half way through she held his hand and told, “Aap bhi khalo. Mujhe patha he aap bhi kuch nahi khaya he.” Maan looked at her and told, “I am fine Geet. Mein baad mein khaloonga.” She told, “Nahi please aap bhi khalo..” He sighed and took a spoonful. After finishing, he gave her water and went out. When he came back, Geet was about to get up from the bed. He was immediately near her and told, “Geet, where do you think you are going?” She told, “Maan, I am alright. Thanks for your help. But I have to leave now, everyone will be worried.” He asked boring his eyes into hers, “Tumhe sab ki chinta hena Geet? Par mera? Mujhe job hi ho tumhe kyun farq padega, right?” She was startled by his question, but she was used to all harsh words. She told looking into his eyes, “Maan, aap sirf wahi manthe he jo aap manna chahthe he, tho mere kuch batane se koi farq nahi padega. Isliye jo bhi sawal aapke manme he, aap khud hi uska jawab doondlo.” Her words were deeper and he could feel it. Her eyes were questioning him.

Before she could think anything his lips covers hers into a passionate devastating kiss. Their lips met after a long time, it was like an oasis for him. Feeling her for the first time after so many years made him hungrier. He devoured her lips with such passion that she fell on the bed with him above her. She could resist anything in her life except Maan, she knew how much ever she try she can’t resist him. She felt her each cells getting alive with his kiss. She knew he was the balm for her wounds, yet he was the thorn in her feet. Neither he nor she wanted it to stop. Maan knew that only he has the right and Geet knew she won’t deny him his rights. They were tied by a sacred bond of marriage before God. After satisfying himself with the kiss, Maan moved up to look at her. Her lips were swollen and her cheeks were red due to the rubbing of his beard. Her eyes were only half open due to the intensity of the kiss. He moved down and kissed her eyes and forehead. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He pulled her closer hugging her tight in his embrace. She was tired, tired of fighting with everything. She too wanted this solace, the only place where she truly belongs to, in his arms. Maan was also in almost the same set of mind. He felt so much relieved having her in his arms, like he always wanted.

Their moment was disturbed by the vibration of Maan’s phone placed in the table. He pulled away a little from the hug, still holding her and took the phone. He heard the anxious voice of Arjun at the other end, “Maan, where the hell are you? How long I have been trying in both your phones? Where is Geet? What happened to her? Sameera and Rahul had come to meet her in office and Aadi told that Geet fainted and you took her out. Is she with you now? Is she alright?” Geet could also hear Arjun as she was close to Maan. Maan knew that he could have informed them once, but he was so anxious about Geet that he forgot everything else. He knew the whole family will be worried by now. He told, “Arjun, Geet is with me. She is alright now. I didn’t want you all to be worried. So I haven’t informed anyone else. I will bring her home now. We will talk there.” Arjun seemed still anxious and not pleased with him not informing them, but agreed with him and asked to reach fast. After cutting the call, Maan looked at Geet. She asked, “Maan, aap mujhe ghar kyun nahi leke gaya?” He looked away not wanting to answer first, then looked at her and told, “I wanted you to be near me, until you are fine.” Nothing else was needed for her, his confession was pure and she knew that he can’t let her go even though he didn’t trust her. They left for Handa Mansion after a while.

In Handa Mansion, everyone was tensed after knowing that Geet was not well. Sameera and Rahul were more worried as they were the only persons who knew her state of mind. When Geet reached Arjun rushed near her and asked holding her, “Kya hua tumhe Geet? Kya baat he sweetie bolo?” Geet knew that Arjun will be tensed and one look in everyone’s face and she knew that they were so much worried especially Sameera. She told to lighten the tension, “Kuch nahi hua bhai. Mein tik hoon. Tiredness ke wajhe se behosh hogayi thi. Dekho ab mein bilkul tik hoon.” Before anyone could tell anything Maan told, “Ha bilkul tik hoon.. Time pe khana nahi khathi aur sothi bhi nahi .. Aur batathi he bilkul tik hoon.” Geet glared at Maan for telling it before everyone but Maan cared less, he wanted her to take proper care of her health. Arjun asked angrily, “Geet, tum kyun aise kar rahi ho? Mujhe patha he tum bahut workaholic ban gayi ho. Par ab tho hum sab saath hena, kyun apne health ko ignore kar rahi hoon?” Geet sighed knowing now she has no way out. Mohinder came and stood near her. His face seemed so much in pain, “Geet beta, yeh sab humari galthi he. Humne hi aapko aise banaya he. Par please tum apna tabiyat ka khayal rakho. Apne papa keliye hi sahi.” Geet’s eyes filled up for the first time seeing the pain in his eyes. She hugged him tight and told, “Papa, please aap apne aap ko dosh mat do. Mein bhul gayi thi kaam ke chakkar mein. Ab mein aisa nahi karoongi.” Everyone had tears in their eyes seeing them. Arjun was also feeling light seeing her getting the love and affection that she deserved. He knew she will stand by her words. Among everyone Sameera was the one who felt more relieved, but the reason was something else. The tears in Geet’e eyes, it was the sign of her opening up. Now she was sure that Geet will slowly start venting out the pain and hurt that she kept within, the pain that never came out as tears. She also knew that it was the presence of Maan that made the change in her and the same change was visible in him also. She prayed to God for relieving her from all the pain and fill her life with the happiness that she deserved even though there is a long way to go.

Maan told, “Arjun, I am leaving now. I will pick Geet while going to office tomorrow.” Arjun and Mohinder smiled while Arjun told, “Ha ha tik he. Par iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum har baar hume bina bataye sab kuch karenge. Kya patha tum dono bhagke shaadi karenge sabse chupke.” Both Maan and Geet were startled for a moment but composed very soon before anyone could figure it out and Maan told, “Karna tha tho che saal pehle hi kiya hotha Arjun. Ab tho sab log humari shaadi karwa rahe tho kyun hum bhagke shaadi karu?” Geet looked at him hearing that while everyone smiled. Annie invited him for dinner, but he refused telling that dadima will be waiting for him. After giving a look at Geet, he left bidding bye to all.