After that incident everyone including Maan was extremely careful about Geet. At home, Mohinder and Arjun will be beside her until she finishes the last bite of food. Besides that Sameera and Annie never left her even if others were not there. At office, Maan made sure that she had her lunch and sometimes he used to take her out for lunch if he found from Aadi that she didn’t have lunch. He will daily pick Geet from HM and dropped her back while leaving from office. Nothing much changed in their relation after their open confession, but both knew that they can’t pretend that they don’t need each other. Maan knew that something is definitely hidden behind everything, but he knew that after their marriage he will definitely get to the bottom of everything.

It was a usual Monday morning and Annie was going to Geet’s room for calling her. She came down soon finding the room empty. Rahul and Arjun along with Sam were present in the breakfast table. Seeing Annie coming alone Arjun asked, “Annie, Geet kaha he?” Rahul and Sam stiffened for a moment before Sam replied, “Geet mandir gayi he.” Arjun and Annie were surprised as this is the first time after coming to India that she is going to mandir alone. Annie asked, “Aaj kuch khaas waja he kya?” Sam told immediately, “Nahi, kal Geet keh rahi thi ki usse mandir jaana he. Shaadi keliye bhi sirf do hafta baaki he.” Annie and Arjun seemed convinced and soon they got involved in their talks. Sam excused herself after a while and went inside. Once inside their room she shed the tears that were waiting to be poured out. She knew how Geet spend this whole day, every year. It was so painful knowing she was a reason why she is suffering so much. The guilt has only increased seeing her in so much pain, yet she never vents it out. She really wanted Geet to cry once and let that pain out, but that never happened. She heard a knock at the door and quickly composed herself. When Rahul came inside, she couldn’t help but cry her heart out in his arms.

Geet looked at the people around her. Everyone had some wish in their heart, but what about her. She went inside and prayed for his happiness, for everyone’s happiness. She knew that happiness was not meant for her, least could she do was to pray for others. When she remembered her reason why she was there, she slowly sat near the stairs and closed her eyes leaning towards the wall. The pain in her heart was getting unbearable for her. She felt a hand on her shoulder and immediately opened her eyes. She looked up to see Maan looking at her with concern and worry. He asked, “Geet, kya baat he? Tum tik ho?” She kept looking at him, she needed his presence today but was not sure about whether to ask him or not. Maan went to Handa Mansion a little earlier today as he was getting anxious unknowingly and he wanted to make sure that Geet is fine. He never understood why every year the same day he felt so much restlessness. Hearing that Geet went to mandir, his restlessness increased, it is definitely something that connects them. Seeing her sitting there with closed eyes, he couldn’t help but get worried.

Maan could read her eyes today; it held so much pain and helplessness. He wanted to embrace her and keep her away from the pain. She kept on staring at him and asked after a while, “Maan, for once can you please trust me without questioning?” He was startled by the question, but couldn’t deny her seeing the pain hidden in those orbs. He nodded in agreement and she told, “Please take me somewhere, away from everyone.” He told offering his hand, “Chalo Geet.” She held on to his hand and followed him to his car. Maan called Aadi and instructed to postpone one meeting he had and told him to handle everything in his absence. He told about Geet being with him. Aadi was happy and assured him that he will take care of everything. He told him to cover up telling that both of them went for some meeting, if anyone from their respective homes called. Aadi assured everything and cut the call. He turned to look at Geet who was dialing some number. He heard her, “Di, I am with Maan. Don’t worry about me.” He looked ahead understanding that Sameera knows everything, every single thing associated with Geet and he will definitely get her tell him everything. He had started seeing the facts that were around him that made him to think that he was wrong, wrong in not trusting Geet.

Geet was looking outside throughout the ride. When they reached Khurana farmhouse, he could see the relief in her face. She looked at him thankfully; he just blinked his eyes assuring his presence near her. He gave the car for parking and went near Geet who was looking around. He placed his hand around her waist and led her inside. She leaned on to his touch and he led her to his room there. No one except Nakul was allowed in the room ever since Geet left him. She looked at him wondering how much love he buried deep inside him despite the fact of not trusting his love. Maan could read her thoughts; he held her closer and moved ahead. He made her sit in the couch beside the bed and told holding her hand, “Geet, tumhari yeh khamoshi aur dard ki wajha jo bhi ho, sirf ek baat ka khayal rakhna. Mein humesha tumhare saath hoon.” He moved forward and placed a kiss on her forehead, she leaned closer to him feeling the pain she was holding inside slowly eating her up. She hugged him tight and he embraced her keeping her close. No words were exchanged after that. He carried her to the bed and placed her there still keeping her in his embrace. He could feel her body shivering; he was worried but kept his calm. He joined her in the bed and pulled her in his embrace. She laid there hugging him trying to fight with all the emotions that were slowly starting to break her. She wanted to cry her heart out, but she knew if he comes to know the truth, he won’t be able to bear it. He won’t be strong enough to bear the pain.

After spending the whole day in each other’s arms, they left to Handa Mansion by evening. Both wounded hearts could find some peace being close to each other after such a long time. Maan left her outside as she insisted before placing a peck on her forehead. Sameera who was waiting for Geet saw them and was relieved. She could see the love in Maan’s eyes, knowing that she was the one who separated them pained her so much. The loss that Geet suffered won’t ever give her a chance to forgive herself. She wiped her tears and went down to meet Geet. After having dinner, everyone retired to their respective rooms except Sameera and Geet. She came near Geet and asked, “Geet, kya mein aaj tumhare saath so jau?” Geet held her hand and told, “Nahi di, mein tik hoon. Aap chintha mat kijiye.” Sam tried to interrupt her but she bid her Goodnight and asked her to take rest. Sam went back to their room reluctantly. Rahul, who was lying down next to a sleeping Piya, stood up and went near her pulling her into his embrace. She shed her tears silently knowing that there is no redemption for her mistake.

Rahul woke up at night hearing a knock at the door. He opened the door and found Geet standing outside. Without a second thought he moved aside telling that he will get some water. He knew she needs Sam today more than anyone else. He prayed in his mind at least to make her pour out her pain, something that they both have been trying since long. When he came back, he could only thank God, seeing her breaking down in her arms. Sam gestured with her teary eyes to leave fearing that she might stop. After being in Maan’s arms for the whole day, Geet couldn’t bring herself to control from breaking down. She went to Sam reluctantly hoping to get some relief, even though she knew that Rahul and Sam never minded being disturbed. When Rahul left and Sam looked at her with teary eyes, the pain and hurt she held back came out in the form of tears. She hugged Sam and cried, “Mera baccha di.. Unhe wapas lao na..