He was finding it difficult not to look at her. She looked breath-taking in that pink lehenga. Today was their sangeet, the way they dreamed once in each other’s arms. But the difference was that the trust, the bonding they once had was lost somewhere, leaving them to die each moment. Ever since that day, he had an intuition that there is something more than what he could see, something that could change everything, something that he dreaded to know. If he was wrong in mistrusting her, then he couldn’t even think of forgiving himself. The blankness in her face and his cold expression was noticed by none except two, one who was a reason behind their suffering, even though not completely and the other who rejoiced seeing them like that, her evil doings could at least make some difference. When their eyes met, one had disgust and other had a smirk.

Sameera moved towards Sasha who was standing in a corner with a cunning smile in her face. Sasha told, “Welcome back Sameera, so you are back in their lives again. Hope you are seeing the difference in their life.” If looks could kill Sasha would be dead by now. She told, “Sasha, I had warned you earlier also. Stay away from their lives. Is the damage you made not enough? Another move from your end and I promise you will wish that you were not born.” Sasha told, “Tch.. Tch.. Sameera. It was not just me; you were as much involved as I was earlier. Dare you blame just me?” Sameera looked at her with hatred and told, “I just wanted to create some misunderstanding between them as I was blinded by the yearning for money and power, but what you did Sasha? Did you really think that I will forgive you for what you did to my sister?” Their talk was disturbed when Annie called Sameera. She looked at Sasha and left not before giving a final warning, “One wrong move Sasha and you are gone. I don’t mind if everyone hates me for what I did, but I will make sure that everyone knows the truth. Then you don’t want to think what will happen, right? So stay away from Geet and Maan.” The strength in her voice and her looks had really frightened Sasha. She knew that if Sameera decides something, no one can change her mind. But someone else also had heard everything that they told, confirming every single doubt he had.

Maan had gone out of the mansion, wanting to get away from everything. He was disturbed after that day which, they spend in each other’s arms. He could clearly see her pain in the hazel eyes. He wanted to get into the bottom of everything, but he also knew that Geet may not want to talk about it. He could see that the Geet looked more drawn and silent after that day. He could see her silently shedding tears in between; it was as if she was breaking from inside. It made him think that she was putting up a facade till now. He had asked her once but she was quite restless then. He could do nothing but pull her in his arms. She compiled easily, it was clear that she needed his presence. He decided to move ahead forgetting the painful past. He loved her and seeing her in that condition was so much painful. He can’t let her suffer; she was his love, his rightful partner, his wife, his everything. Then how could he let her suffer like that. His thoughts were stopped by the ringing of his phone. Arjun was calling him inside; he could hear Karan in the background shouting him to come inside. A smile crept in his face and he was going inside when he saw Sameera moving near to Sasha. He stopped even though he never wanted to eves drop. Something in his mind told him that he was to get answers to the questions that were plaguing his mind since long.

He couldn’t believe what he heard, that someone was behind them to destroy their peace. He felt so much hatred for Sam and Sasha even though he knew that Sam was blinded by her quest for money. He remembered Geet telling him once about the obsession Sasha had for him, he should have trusted her. Now he definitely needs to get into the bottom of everything. So many things are hidden from him and he will make sure that whoever played with their life will pay. Now he had something more to do, he went near everyone. Karan asked to start music seeing him coming and pulled both Geet and Maan to dance. Maan held her close to him looking into those eyes which were always expressive. He could find only pain and hopelessness in those eyes. He took her hands and placed on his shoulders, holding her by her waist. She looked into his eyes that held so much love for her. She knew that it was only for her, she had seen his love, his desire, his passion, his possessiveness, his anger, his hatred.. His emotions were always extreme for her. But she wished that he could have trusted her enough. She moved along with him as the music started playing in the background. The whole family was happy seeing them. The love that they had for each other was visible in their each move. They seemed to have forgotten everyone’s presence around.

When the music stopped Karan and Vicky came behind both and shouted bringing them out of the trance. Maan glared at them while everyone started laughing. Dadima told, “Maan bete, aapko apni poori zindagi pada he Geet ko dekhne keliye. Ab tho usse chod de.” Maan smiled and looked away still holding Geet by her waist. Geet looked at his smile and a small smile crept in her face. She whispered in a small voice, “Maan chodiyena. Sab dekh raha he.” He looked at her beautiful eyes and told pulling her closer, “Chodne keliye nahi pakda he Geet.” And then he did something no one expected. He moved ahead and placed a peck on her right cheek before releasing her from his hold. Vicky and Karan hooted while others smiled seeing them. Sameera had tears in her eyes, she was happy about the change in Maan. It was true that love will find its way to happiness despite the pain and hurt endured.