Geet was feeling light-headed after their sangeet ceremony. Along with it started surfacing all the pain and hurt that she had buried within her. She was starting to become vulnerable to all those emotions that she fought with until now. Only Sameera could see through it while others thought that she is overwhelmed by everything happening around. After sangeet, Arjun and Mohinder asked Maan to give a few days leave for Geet until their marriage as it is the only time she is going to be with them at Handa Mansion. Maan agreed and so she was full time at home. But being away from Maan made her feel disturbed, she was restless throughout. She wanted to meet him. Unknowingly she was again getting more depended on him, more than she was before. Even her pain was associated with him only. Sameera felt happy seeing her, but she doubted whether Maan will come out of his guilt soon. She knew that when he knows the whole truth, he won’t forgive himself. But he is yet to learn something, something that can hurt him the most. She wanted only Geet to share it with him.

In Khurana Mansion, Maan was in his Gym taking all the anger out on himself. Every deed of his past came in front of him, hurting him more. The pain that Geet suffered because of him, because of his mistrust, it was something that he can never revert back. His Geet, she loved him expecting only his love, his trust on her. He could give none, neither his love nor his trust. But still she never stopped loving him, not expecting anything in return. He fell down on the floor getting exhausted. His thoughts went back to his confrontation with Karan on their sangeet.

After the sangeet, he was about to leave along with everyone back to mansion when Karan called him. It was long since they had some time together. So as decided, Maan left with Karan to Khurana farmhouse. They talked for long while having some drinks in between. Karan suddenly told him, “Maan, I wanted to ask you something from long. But let it be as I thought it is between you and Geet. I know something has happened five years back. Otherwise, I know you will never let Geet alone in London. You might have readily come to London for handling the projects there. I am happy that everything is alright. But if you feel comfortable, please share with me. Trust me; I have never seen Geet happy in the past five years. The smile that I saw in her face today was missing all the while.” Maan stiffened for a while and told, “Karan, I don’t want to lie. But I don’t want to tell the reason either. We have solved everything among ourselves. So it doesn’t matter for us now.

Karan smiled, “I know buddy. I don’t want to know your personal secrets. But mind it, if you ever left her alone after this then forget that you had a best friend like me or you ever loved Geet.” Even though Karan told it playfully, Maan could sense the underlying seriousness in his voice. He told, “Karan, I know you care for Geet. I love Geet and I won’t be able to let her go because more than her it will hurt me. You know I am too selfish to let go people whom I love.” Karan laughed hearing him and was sure that Maan will never leave Geet. After one more sip Karan stopped. Maan asked, “What happened buddy?” He told, “Nothing man. I don’t want that day to repeat. Geet might have told you and I am sure even she won’t be remembering anything fully.” Maan got anxious and asked, “Which day buddy? May be Geet forgot to tell me.” Karan told shaking his head, “When this girl will learn to tell things properly. I told her to tell you before you assume something or hear from someone else. I am glad that you goody-goody staff haven’t told you.” “Goody-goody staff??“, Maan asked. Karan laughed and told, “Yes buddy, your favorite head-architect Sasha.” “Sasha??“, Maan asked getting shocked. Karan told seeing his face, “Oh buddy, don’t worry. I will tell you now. You remember that day when we had the party after our project was over.” Maan nodded when he told, “Buddy, I will be back in a while. Bahut zor se aa raha he.” Maan smiled and thought back to their past as he left.

After coming back from Manali, both Maan and Geet got busy with their respective work and at office they tried to be completely formal before the office staff except for the time when they sneak out to their apartment once in a while spending time in each other’s arms spending those passionate moments together. However what they didn’t know was Sasha had followed them like a shadow and was giving regular updates to Sameera. They both had planned for creating misunderstandings between Maan and Geet. Sasha started questioning Geet in between about Maan and told that she thought that they both were in love. Geet avoided her questions telling that there is nothing. But Sasha continued it and as Maan was busy Geet couldn’t get to discuss it with him. Geet had no other go than to take help from Karan as she was very bad in pretending. Karan asked her to tell that she loved him and hated Maan. Even though she never wanted to even tell it, she had no other go.

One such day, Sasha called Geet to her cabin knowing that Maan will come there in a while. Sasha asked her, “Geet, you know it is not so easy to fool everyone around you. It is unusual for MK to extend a meeting and he extended the meeting in Manali for a week. I know there were no meetings.” Geet was getting annoyed by her constant questioning and told, “Sasha ma’am, why don’t you stop your investigation? I Love Karan, not that rude arrogant jerk.” Sasha asked seeing Maan outside, “Geet, Sameera is supposed to get married to him. How can you call him a jerk?” Geet was more annoyed and to stop her ranting she told, “Mein di aur unki shaadi kisi bhi haal mein hone nahi dega. My di deserves someone better.” Sasha told, “Geet calm down. Ok from now on I won’t ask anything. By the way, congrats to you and Karan. I hope your marriage will be held soon.” Geet told not knowing her intentions, “Not now, after I complete my studies.” Maan who stood outside had heard everything since she told she loved Karan. He couldn’t believe it and thought that maybe she told it to convince Sasha. But the way she told had definitely hurt his ego. He left from there without making it obvious.

He avoided Geet from then in some or the other pretense. Geet thought that he was really busy and didn’t pester him much. But that only increased his suspicions. He wanted her to come after him, typical male ego. Her not doing it increased his anger and he avoided her completely. Geet got busy with completing her formalities to go to London and couldn’t find time to talk to Maan. She missed Maan very badly but knowing that he is also busy she thought to find sometime before she leaves. Maan’s anger reached soaring heights when he heard her once pestering Sameera to back off from her supposed marriage with him. As Karan was free for a while, he used to go with her for the visa processing and all. Seeing her couple of times with Karan increased Maan’s anger and he somehow started believing that she meant her words. Along with that, started his doubts whether he is so much rude and arrogant that she started hating him. Besides he overheard even Aadi and Pinky talking about how good Geet and Karan looked together. It all increased his frustration and anger. The project which he and Karan were involved had completely successfully and Karan organized a party to celebrate. Even though Maan wanted to tell some reason not to attend, he also wanted to see Geet with Karan to confirm his suspicions. But not once he thought that if she loved Karan then why she would agree to all his decisions without questioning him. He couldn’t see the longing in her eyes to be with him whenever they came face to face in meetings.

Finally it was the day of party and Karan had asked Geet to organize it after taking permission from Maan, as he knew that she will definitely give her best. It was held in one of the top hotels in Delhi. Many of both Maan’s and Karan’s clients and business partners were invited. Geet came to the party dressed in a light brown colored saree (remember the saree in Demello’s wedding in GHSP) looking gorgeous. Karan never left Geet most of the time except when some business partners came as most of the business partner’s daughters were trying to hit on him and he hated the attention. Geet would search for Maan and would find him busy always. She felt bad seeing him avoiding her, but Karan would come up with random topics even though not knowing her turmoil and she will feel light soon. Everyone started dancing with their partners and Geet looked around for Maan only to find him missing. Karan knew that she was searching for Maan and asked Aadi. He informed that Maan had to go out with one of the business partners and will be back after a while. When Karan and Geet started getting offers to dance, Karan took Geet’s hand and led to the dance floor. As usual they were the center of attraction and definitely gained comments like made for each other. But Maan who was watching all these from outside was seething in anger. She had the nerve to neglect him again. He was about to go out when Sasha came in some pretense and asked him to come inside.

Sasha had already given the mixed drinks to Geet and Karan, but fortunately Karan took only a sip of it. While Geet had it in one go as she was anxious about Maan. Seeing Geet behaving weird after having the drink, Karan understood that something was wrong with it and decided to take her out. Sasha who was watching all these went to Pinky and asked her to give the key to Karan telling that Geet had something by mistake and can’t be taken home like that. Pinky knew that she was right and Karan will take care of Geet. She went and gave the keys to Karan. She asked Karan to be with her until Meera comes. Karan took a swaying Geet to the room without much thought as he too was feeling kind of giddy. Maan only saw him carrying Geet to the room and not anything that transpired between him and Pinky. He followed him and whatever he saw after that shocked him to the core. He saw Geet trying to kiss Karan pulling him by his collar and him trying to move away somehow. Karan pulled her inside the room and before he could close the door Geet pushed him to the bed and fell on him. Karan who was already feeling giddy was finding it difficult to straighten or keep his eyes open.

Geet’s eyes were half open and she kept blaberring. Maan could hear only few of her words, “I love you.. I love you so much.. Kyun humesha mujhe chodke chale jathe ho? Aapko patha hena aapke alawa mera koi nahi he. Kyun karthe ho aisa. Aap bahut bure ho” and started hitting Karan with her soft fists. Karan told her placing a finger on her lips, “Chup Geet, so jao. Hum kal baath karenge.” Geet nodded making cute faces and slept on his chest. Maan who stood outside was getting shock after shock. He couldn’t believe that his Geet could betray him. He blinked his eyes to ensure himself that he is not hallucinating or he is hearing the truth. He held his fists hard than his own nails hurt him. But nothing could hurt him more than how much her betrayal did, or what he thought. He left feeling betrayed and hurt beyond words.

Sasha came out of from where she was hiding. She went towards the room door and locked it. She had that winning devilish smirk in her face. She told looking at Maan’s retreating back, “Geet Handa, you are finished. Your love has tasted betrayal just now. But you won’t even know it as the drugs I gave you are too strong. How could you know when it has blocked all your sense, you won’t even know who is next to you.” She strode after Maan to ensure that he leaves the party before anyone saw him in this state.
Flashback ends

He came out of all those painful memories when Karan came back. He told after sitting back, “Maan, I am warning you, don’t ever let Geet get drunk. She will be high in just one shot. Only I know how I managed her. She was not even able to recognize who is next to her. You know what Maan, I had to take her to a private room that day as she was drunk. Throughout the way she was trying to kiss me telling that Maan, you don’t care for me. Why you always avoid me.. Like that.’ Good that I was with her. I somehow made her sleep, even I was feeling sleepy because of the drink. I waited until Meera came and throughout her sleep she kept chanting I love you Maan.. Please don’t leave me alone.’ I somehow made her quiet before Meera came and I stayed with them the whole night as I didn’t want to leave both the girls alone in the hotel. And morning after we reached our Mansion, I told her everything. She was so much guilty for whatever she did. She cried a lot telling that she did a mistake and she wanted to tell you about it very soon. She couldn’t keep it with herself. It took a lot for me to calm her down. She kept telling me sorry for trying to kiss me and I had to get angry to stop her. She was already feeling bad from past few days because Sasha was always pestering her to talk about your relation and I had suggested her to tell that we both are in love and she hates you so that Sasha will stop her questioning. She was not ready to tell that even though she knew that it is a lie. But once she told it to Sasha when she annoyed her a lot and you know that night she cried a lot for having told something wrong about you.”

Each word Karan told was like needles piercing Maan’s heart. He knew that he did it again, but this time with a greater intensity. He had hurt her once with his mistrust, but this time it had gone too far to even seek forgiveness. He has hurt beyond anything, she loved her unconditionally and all he could give her was pain and hurt. He was not there when she needed him the most. He was never there for her. He could only give her pain. Karan’s talk brought him out of the reverie. He felt guilty to even face Karan. Karan talked for some more time and they both left to sleep. But sleep was far away from Maan’s eyes, he couldn’t imagine what she went through after that. She was going through one of the worst times in her life and he was never beside her. His thoughts went back to the time after that incident.