Maan’s thoughts went back to the time after that incident. Sametime, in HM Geet was also lying wide awake in her bed when the past thoughts clouded her mind.

Geet was feeling miserable for couple of days after that incident and to add up Maan went abroad for a business discussion. She couldn’t contact him; neither could she help herself from feeling guilty. Besides this, news had spread in the office connecting her and Karan and about their impeding marriage. All these added up to her misery. Following this came another shock in the form of Arjun’s accident. He was on the way back home from Airport after a meeting in Mumbai when his car met with an accident. His condition was so much critical and she rushed to meet him without thinking. He was the only person who never left her side, who was always there as her strength. Karan had gone with Meera to Mumbai for their cousin’s wedding. So she rushed to the hospital after informing Pinky.

But at hospital, she came face to face with Naintara who was back from Canada a few days back. She looked at Geet with hate written all over her face. Geet could see Annie sitting there and crying with Maan beside her. Sameera and Mohinder also were standing in front of the ICU. Naintara asked, “Ab kya dekhne aaye ho tum? Mein pehle bhai se kaha tha ki tumse door raho. Ab dekho kya hogaya he. Ab tum khush hena, sabki hassi ko mitake. Ab kissi ki zindagi barbaad karne aayi ho tum.” Geet looked at her shocked. She knew they believed that she brings bad luck, but how can she tell that she is responsible for bhai’s accident. She started, “Naina di..” Before she could proceed Naintara told, “Di? kiski di?? I don’t have any relation with you. You are no one to me.” Geet flinched hearing her, but she ran to Annie who was sitting with her eyes closed leaning to Maan’s shoulder. She looked at Maan but saw that his eyes were cold; there was no warmth in them like it used to be. She knelt down beside Annie and held her hand, “Annie di, himmat mat harna. Bhai ko kuch nahi hoga.

Annie looked up hearing her and slowly pulled her hands away from Geet. She told looking away from Geet, “Geet, please yaha se chali jao. Hume akela choddo.” Geet was stunned by her response, she looked up to see whether she too believed that she was a bad omen. But the look in her face told it all and Maan looked away from her. She slowly got up from there and looked towards the ICU. She knew that she was unwanted there. She slowly moved towards the exit not before giving a last glance towards the ICU. She didn’t know where she was going, she kept on walking. She felt unworthy; she felt that everyone was true. She was a bad omen for everyone who loved her including her mom. She couldn’t even be truthful to Maan who loved her as she is; she doesn’t deserve his love also. She felt like a burden to everyone. She could never keep anyone happy. Her life felt so worthless. She felt light at head and fell unconscious.

Sasha had come to the hospital knowing about Arjun from Sameera, she had a smirk seeing everything happened there. She decided to follow Geet and saw her falling unconscious. Seeing everyone looking, she asked someone to help to take her to hospital. She met one of the physicians whom she knew on the way and they took her inside for check-up. After check-up doctor came out and asked Sasha, “Sasha, you know her husband?” Sasha was shocked, “Husband? No doctor. Geet is not married.” Doctor looked apprehensive, “Oh is it so? Then you ask her to be careful. She is pregnant. Ask her to consult a gynecologist very soon. She will gain consciousness in a while.” Sasha was too shocked to react. Geet is pregnant, how?? Putting two and two together, she could get everything clear, she didn’t have to doubt whose baby she was carrying. But her devil mind started working, if Maan comes to know about the baby may be he will forget everything. She can’t let it happen. She decided not to tell Geet anything. When Geet came out after a while, Sasha told her that she fainted out of exhaustion and she took her here. Geet thanked her and left along with her. Sasha has started to plan for her next move soon. Geet was too absorbed in her self-hatred to notice anything around.

When Karan and Meera were back, they came to know about the way she was treated by Handas. They tried to talk to Geet but the only thing she demanded was, “Karan, I want to leave soon to London.” Karan and Meera knew that a change was required for her. Karan tried to talk to Maan, but he was busy always. Geet went to office for a last time to give her resignation and to talk to Maan. She sent her resignation letter to Maan and went to meet him. Even though, he hated to meet her after that incident, he too was not happy with how everyone behaved to her. The moment she entered his cabin he wanted to pull her in his arms and hug her tight. She looked so worn out. But he held on to his resolve and waited for her to talk. She told, “Maan, can we talk for a while if you are free.” He told, “Kehne keliye kya baaki raha he Geet? It was my mistake that I trusted you. Please leave before I tell something rude.” Geet didn’t ask what or why, she simply stared at him for a while and left. He wanted her to question him why? But she simply left. He hit his hand on the wall feeling angry.

Geet slowly moved out of the office bidding bye to all. She walked ahead, she knew Maan hated her but didn’t know why. But she didn’t want to question him either; she felt it will be good for him. She can’t give him happiness; she will only give pain to people who loved her so it is better for everyone to be away from her. She didn’t notice a car coming her way until she was thrown down on her stomach. She felt blood around, and then she didn’t remember anything. When she woke up, she was in hospital with Sameera beside her. She looked at her, she seemed so much worried much like her di whom she missed when she was once there in Hoshiyarpur. Seeing her eyes open, she was immediately beside her. She held her hand and asked, “Geet, how are you feeling now?” Geet nodded that she was fine. Sameera told, “I am sorry Geet. It is because of me that you had to go through all these. My greed for money and power made me so much inhuman that I forget that you are my little sister. I am sorry Geet.” Geet slowly caressed her hand and told, “Nahi di, aap ne kuch nahi ki. Woh tho ek accident tha.” Before Sameera could tell anything more, doctor came inside. She checked Geet and asked, “How are you feeling now Geet? There is just a minor fracture in your hand. Otherwise you are fine.” Geet gave her a small smile and nodded. Doctor told, “You don’t know how worried she was when she got her here. She literally turned the hospital upside down.” Geet smiled and she knew that Sameera cared for her even though she pretended not to be.

Doctor asked Sameera to follow her. Geet wanted to ask when she can get discharged and followed them. Doctor told Sameera, “Ms. Handa, there is something that I wanted to tell. You have to be conscious while telling this to Geet. She had a miscarriage.” Sameera stood there shocked. Geet was pregnant and she lost her baby even before she knew it. Before they could proceed with their talks they heard something falling and turned to see Geet unconscious in the floor. They rushed her inside the room. Sameera knew that Geet heard everything. She felt burdened with the guilt. She was too late to understand Sasha’s intentions. If she was a little early Geet couldn’t have lost her baby. She was already feeling guilty after what Geet had to face in the hospital. She could feel her pain then. What she thought will give her happiness gave her only pain. When she saw Maan giving her a cold shoulder in the hospital, all she felt was a strange pain instead of feeling happy. The look in Geet’s face made her feel guiltier but she was quick enough to hide it. A frantic call from Rehan that day morning had wakened her up. When she heard Sasha’s plan of harming Geet she rushed to KC. But she was late; Geet was lying in a pool of blood when she reached the spot knowing that Geet left from KC.