Flashback continues..

Geet slowly opened her eyes adjusting to the surroundings. She saw Sameera sitting beside her, her eyes were red and had worry and concern written all over her face. Her hands went to her abdomen to feel something, their baby, but alas nothing was there. She lost her baby before she could even realize. She failed to protect the baby. She couldn’t save their relation, nor could she save their baby. Her heart felt heavy and she couldn’t comprehend the pain inside her; it had made her numb. Sameera came and sat next to her. She looked up and asked, “Di, ab hum chal sakthe haina?” Sameera looked at her with tears starting to flow from her eyes; she could see how far her loss has affected her. She held her hands and told, “Geet, please let out the pain. Don’t hold it. I am sorry.. I was too late.. It is all my fault..” Geet held her hand and told, “No di, it is not your fault. We will leave now. I want to go home. Aur please hum dono ke alawa kisi aur ko iss baare mein patha nahi chalna chahiye.” Sameera looked at her eyes which were lifeless and told, “Geet, iss halat mein tumhara ghar jaana tik nahi he. We will be here in hospital for a day, I will be with you. Kal ghar jaayenge.” She told, “Nahi di, Karan aur Meera ko shak hoga. I don’t want them to know about anything. Please..” Sameera agreed to her and told that she will drop her home.

All throughout the journey Sameera kept saying sorry for her behavior, but Geet knew her sister better than she herself. So she never held anything against her. Sameera told about how she tried to create misunderstandings between her and Maan, with the help of Sasha and everything that followed, apologizing continuously. Geet listened to everything and told, “Di, isme aapki koi galthi nahi thi. Mujhe patha tha jis din aap samaj jayegi us din aap zaroor badlegi. Par jis rishthe mein bharosa nahi he, uss rishthe ka koi buniyaad nahi. Agar Maan ko humare pyaar par vishwas hotha tho jo bhi usne dekha ya suna he, mujpe shak nahi kartha.” Sameera looked at Geet feeling miserable. She told, “Geet, mein Maan ko sab kuch batha doongi. I will tell him everything that I did. He will understand.” Geet gave a mock smile to herself and told, “Di, ab badalne keliye kuch bhi baaki nahi he. Jo khoya woh wapas nahi aa saktha. Isme sirf Maan ka hi galthi nahi he, mein bhi humare rishte ko tootne se bacha nahi paya. Meri kismat hi aisi he ki jo bhi mujse pyaar kare mein unhe sirf dukh aur dard hi de sakthi he. Isliye yahi acha he ki koyi mujse pyaar kabhi na kare.” Sameera immediately told, “Aisa nahi he Geet. Please Naina ki baatein apne dil se nikalo.” Geet told looking at her, “Nahi di, woh sahi keh rahi thi. Dekha mujhe itna pyaar karne se Arjun bhai ko kya mila. Aur dekho Maan ko, unhe kya mila. Aap bhi mujhe pyaar mat karo. Aap kabhi khush nahi reh payegi.

Sameera stopped the car and told, “Geet stop it. It is not your fault. Samjhi. It is Maan’s fault that he couldn’t cherish your love. It is Naina’s fault that she can’t see the gem of a person you are. It was papa’s fault that he kept the most precious pearl of our family abandoned. It was my fault that I chose money and power over true love and it is fate that played with Arjun bhai’s life. You are not responsible for anything.” Geet looked at her for a while and told, “Di, if you really think so then please go back to Rahul jiju. I know you will never be happy with anyone else.” Sameera looked at her little sister shocked. Even after everything she did to her, the only thing she cared was her happiness. How could someone be so selfless? She hugged Geet and cried feeling burdened with guilt, she doesn’t deserve forgiveness. But she knew that she can’t leave alone in this situation. She pulled away and took Geet’s mobile. She fed her number and told, “Geet, I won’t ask you forgiveness because I don’t deserve it and you are too good to blame me for anything. But I can’t forgive myself for what I did. Please promise to keep in touch with me always.” Geet nodded in agreement. Sameera dropped her near Pinky’s home not before getting the details of her college and stay in London.

Geet walked to Pinky’s home like a zombie. She knew she has to put up this pretense before everyone. She can’t let Meera or Karan know anything. Meera could sense something wrong but thought that it will be because of everything happened in the hospital. She tried to console her, but Geet shrugged off telling that she is fine. After dinner she laid down in her bed looking at the ceiling. Her hands slowly caressed her abdomen feeling the emptiness, her baby, she couldn’t save her baby. The pain that was there in her heart was too much but she couldn’t let it out. She couldn’t cry; she knew that if she broke down once she won’t be able to control herself. She decided to keep the pretense before everyone. There is nothing for her to lose. But she is bound to live this cursed life of hers. She closed her eyes fighting with every single emotion in her heart. Meanwhile, Maan was also feeling so much restless throughout the day. From the time, Geet left office he had a bad feeling, like something wrong is going to happen. Throughout the day he couldn’t concentrate on anything. No one knew about Geet’s accident as Sameera had taken her quickly from the spot. Sasha was present in the accident scene and knew that her plan was successful. She also didn’t want anyone to know about it, so kept quiet.

Next few days went in haste. Geet and Meera’s visa was ready and the tickets were booked. Meera and Pinky did all shopping for Geet knowing her state of mind. They never forced her for anything and she was thankful for that. She came to know from Pinky that Sameera was missing since past few days and they got a letter from her asking them not to worry about her. She checked her mobile and saw a message from Sameera with her new number. It seemed like a UK number and she knew that she went with Rahul. She knew Rahul will take care of her. Pinky told that MSK was always angry nowadays and even a small mistake was not tolerated by him. She just smiled listening to everything. Nothing mattered for her; she had gone far away from all these.

Arjun got back his consciousness, the very next day after Sam left HM. First thing he asked for was Geet, knowing how worried she would be. Naintara who was there told, “Bhai, stop worrying about her at least now. See your condition, it is all because of her..” Before she could proceed Arjun shouted, “Naintara… Stop it and get out of here. One word against Geet and I will forget every relation I have with you.” Naintara kept quiet seeing the anger in his eyes. Dev who was there led her outside telling that Arjun would need rest. He looked at Annie who was sitting beside him. He could see how much worried she was. He held her hand and told, “Annie, see I am fine now.” He turned to Mohinder and told, “Dad, mein bilkul tik hoon. I know I have made you all worried. Waise where is Geet? Don’t tell me that you haven’t allowed her to meet me.”

Mohinder looked at Annie wondering what to tell. Annie looked down feeling so guilty and ashamed for having behaved like that to Geet. Arjun looked at Annie who was looking down and he could sense something wrong. He asked her, “Annie, Geet kaha he? Did Naintara tell anything to her? You could have asked her to stay back. You know that Naintara never denies you. When will she come?” Annie told unable to look into his eyes, “I am sorry Arjun. I asked her to leave.” Arjun asked shocked before pulling out his hand from hers, “You what Annie?” She told looking at him with teary eyes, “I asked her to leave from here. I am sorry, I haven’t thought at that moment.” He looked at her in disbelief and raised his hand indicating her to stop while she tried to talk. He turned to other side and closed his eyes feeling miserable about his little sister. He had trusted his wife; he believed that she will stand by Geet if anything happened to him. But alas, she broke his trust and he won’t forgive her for that. Maan who stood outside the room couldn’t get himself to enter the room knowing that Arjun will ask him as well and he didn’t have an answer for him. Arjun had stopped talking to Annie and even though he wanted to meet Geet, his guilt of not having protected her prevented him from asking anyone about her.

Geet was asked to come to KC to collect the experience letter Aadi had prepared. He wanted to speak to her once before she left. He knew that something wrong has happened but never knew what. Entering KC had brought back the painful memories of the past but she went ahead knowing that there is nothing to lose. She talked to Aadi and was relieved knowing that Maan won’t be coming until evening. She was about to leave after Aadi was called for some meeting when Sasha blocked her way and dragged her inside the store room and closed it. Geet looked at her blankly. Her heart wanted to burst out on her for her loss but she was numb. Sasha gave a wicked grin and told, “Ms Hoshiyarpur. Ab samaj mein aaya Sasha se takrane ka natija. Acha hua tum jaa rahi ho. Par jaane se pehle ek cheez he jo tumhe wapas karna he.” Geet looked at her and before she could react Sasha snatched her mangalsutra which was hidden between her dupatta leaving a deep cut on her neck. Sasha laughed like a maniac while Geet just wrapped the dupatta around her neck and walked out. It was the last straw. Sasha had left the mangalsutra on Maan’s cabin on the floor next to his chair for him to see. She was glad to see the expected reaction from Maan. She had successfully closed the chapter “Geet Handa..” from his life.

It was time for Geet to leave; she wanted to meet Arjun once before she left. But knowing that even Annie didn’t want her to be there, she left silently praying for everyone. Karan accompanied both of them to London knowing that they would need help until they settle down there. Even though he noticed the absence of Maan he couldn’t doubt him knowing the situations prevailing there. Moreover, Geet looked unaffected by everything. He hoped that everything will be alright after they left for London. Geet needed a change from everything. Little did he know that nothing can compensate for the loss she suffered, the loss of her child.