Dadi woke up early as it was Geet’s mehendi function and they have to fetch the mehendi to Handa Mansion. Her heart was at peace knowing that Geet was going to be her grand daughter-in-law. She had come to like her from the very first day she met her. She knew that Maan loved her and she loved him too. But none of them knew why they parted for five years. She had seen Maan from the past five years. He turned so rude and arrogant, but she could see through his anger. There was pain, and she knew it was the pain of being away from Geet. When she knew that Geet was the daughter of Mohinder, she was shocked and couldn’t believe that a father could do such a heinous deed. It would have never mattered to her even if Geet had no one, she could see the innocence in her. She smiled thinking about her and got ready soon and went to Maan’s room. She never had to knock before entering his room and went inside only to get shocked. Maan was sitting in the bed in his vest and tracks trying to tie bandage on a cut on his right hand. His whole body bore thrash marks and some, she knew, were fresh. She called out, “Maan..”

Maan was startled and turned to see dadima looking at him with tears in her eyes. She came near him and asked taking the bandage in her hand to tie up, “Maan, in sab ka kya matlab he? Why did you do it Maan? I demand an answer.” He couldn’t look into her eyes. He knew that it pained her a lot once when she once saw a small wound due to his workouts. He could think of what she was going through now. But he couldn’t help from hurting himself for what he did. He needed someone to confess his sins and he knew that dadima will be the right person. He held her hand and told, “Dadima, mein aapse kuch kehna chahtha hoon. Patha nahi uske baad aap mujhe maaf kar paogi ya nahi par jo gunah meine kiya uska bojh mujhe tik se pachthana bhi nahi de raha he. Please..” Dadima looked at him hearing the tone of his voice. She could see the redness of his eyes, the helplessness in his face. She knew that it was something big. She nodded and sat next to him. Maan went and closed the door before sitting in the floor next to dadi. He started to tell everything starting from when Geet started working in KC, to their marriage, their separation, his accusation and every single thing that happened.

Dadima slowly stood up from the bed. He looked at her eyes which showed so much of anger and hurt. He called, “Dadima..” She showed her hand to stop and told, “How could you Maan? Did you even think before accusing her? Karan is your best friend, is it? And Geet, she is your love. How could you not see her innocence? How could you even think so? Why did you not try to find the truth from her before accusing her? And that too when she went through such a worst situation, you haven’t supported her even after knowing everything. You had a gem of a person in your life who loved you selflessly and you broke her to such extent. How could you Maan? Couldn’t you see that bubbliness in her now, the happiness that she spread to everyone around? I knew that there was a reason why you both were not together but never thought that it was due to your mistrust. Whatever you did is unforgiveable. She is your wife Maan? How could you? Kher.. Life gave you a chance to mend your mistakes. Hope you value it now.” She turned to go but turned and told before leaving, “Love is nothing without trust Maan..” He sat there knowing that every word she told was true. He didn’t trust his Geet, his wife. He didn’t know how to mend his mistakes, but he decided that he will give his best to bring back the happiness in her life not knowing that there was more in store for him.

Geet was sitting quietly watching the happiness in the family. This was what she always wished for, but she couldn’t feel anything. It was like the happiness was lost somewhere, it got buried along with their child. She caressed her tummy and looked up to find dadima looking at her intently. There was a certain pain in her face. Before she could think more the mehendi function started and everyone distracted her with the talks. When it was time for Khuranas to leave, dadima came near her and hugged her. She could feel something different in her hug too, but shrugged off thinking that she was too overwhelmed with the happenings. But in all these, she yearned to meet Maan. She knew that it was impossible now as they can meet only on the marriage day. Maan had felt a little relieved after he confessed everything to dadima, but it couldn’t reduce the guilt and self-loathing he felt. He knew that nothing can compensate to what Geet suffered. But he didn’t know that when he comes to know about the loss Geet suffered, he may never be able to withstand it.
After the mehendi function was over, everyone was exhausted especially Sameera and Annie. They had tried the level best to keep everything as per how it could have been if Rano ma was there. Mohinder and Arjun took extra care in everything with Rahul and Karan helping them. Everyone retired to sleep along with Geet. She went inside her room and looked at her hands that turned deep red with the mehendi. She knew that Maan loved her, but trust always lacked in their relation. Love was not enough. If he trusted her enough then they couldn’t have lost… She immediately hugged herself. She wanted to cry out loud, the pain was too much for her to bear now. She has started to break within, the strength that was in her had started to deteriorate. It was no more in her to bear this pain. But all she could do was embrace herself and keep the pain for herself. She knew that the day Maan comes to know about their baby, he will be shattered. She doesn’t want him to know, she could bear the pain but he won’t sustain. He never suffered losses like her, so it will be too much for him. She went and lied down on the bed curling into a ball. Sleep was far away from the eyes of both who loved each other like anything, but the mistrust of one was enough to break everything that they held precious.

Next day was Geet’s haldi. She got ready in a yellow suit Annie bought for her. She looked at the mirror. She looked exactly the same way Maan had told about their haldi once. Her thoughts went to those beautiful moments.

It was one of the days that Maan managed to whisk her away from office during lunch hours to his den. She was lying in his arms with her eyes closed listening to his heartbeat. She felt his hands running on her bare back and snuggled closer. Her eyes were droopy as within an hour they made love twice. Maan was insatiable after their marriage; he will never leave a chance to have her and often ended up tiring her. She heard him, “Geet, tum tik ho?” She slowly raised her head to look at him. His face clearly showed his concern. She told smiling, “Mein tik hoon Maan. Aap kyun pooch rahe ho?” He told holding her closer, “You know very well the reason, Geet. I can’t control myself when you are with me and will always end up exhausting you.” Before he could proceed she closed his mouth with her palm. She told, “Maan, mein bilkul tik hoon. Mein itni kamzoor nahi hoon jitne aap soch rahe ho.” Maan smiled and pulled her hand away after placing a kiss on it. He told smirking, “Hmm.. acha.. tho can we repeat it once more?” Geet looked at him shocked and told playfully hitting his arm, “Maan, aap bhi na.“. He laughed holding her closer.

They stayed in each other’s arms enjoying their togetherness. Maan told breaking the silence after a while, “Geet, after you come back from London, we will have a grand wedding with all rituals.” Geet was surprised as to why he brought it up now. She told looking at him, “Maan, par humari shaadi tho ho chuki hena.” He told taking her hand in his, “Geet, tumne humesha mera kehna maana he. I know every girl has a dream about her wedding. But you sacrificed it in front of my zidd.” She interrupted him, “Maan, do you even know what I have always dreamt of? I never thought that I would get someone who loves me for whom I am. I am getting more than what I could even imagine. We got married before God. That is all I wished for. Then why should I bother about all the materialistic things. Babaji ne mujhe aapka saath diya he, usse zyaada mujhe kuch bhi nahi chahiye.” Maan looked at her intently wondering how she gets satisfied with every small happiness she gets. He told, “Geet, you may not demand anything. But we will definitely have a grand wedding when I will proclaim to the world that this beautiful woman belongs only to me.

Geet smiled and snuggled closer wanting to hear more from you. He continued, “Geet, I know you look beautiful in every color, but red suits you more. And in white, you look angelic. You know, I couldn’t take off my eyes when you wore that white saree in the party, all I wanted was to whisk you away from everyone and keep for myself, but my ego got better that day.” When Geet was about to tell something, he stopped her. He continued, “For our marriage, I want to see you in all shades. I will make sure that Annie gets you only my choice.” She had snuggled closer to him listening to him as he told about how he wants their marriage to be. But something caught her attention. He told, “I will be the first one to put haldi on you.” She immediately asked, “Maan Singh Khurana will sneak out into his bride-to-be’s room? That would be hilarious.” Maan glared at her while she muffled her laugh. He pulled her to him pressing his lips hard on her. His hands moved over her roughly and she shivered with the intensity at which he claimed her.

After a while he moved up and told, “Agar mera bas chaltha tho I will give you a haldi bath.” She turned crimson hearing him voicing out his thoughts. To reduce her shyness she told, “Tho meri bhi haq banthi he aapko pehle haldi lagane ka.” Maan’s face was pale hearing that and told, “Yuck, I hate the smell of haldi. I won’t let anyone put haldi on me.” Geet laughed her heart out hearing him. It was indeed cute seeing him pale and making faces. She told moving near his ears, “Agar aapko haq he tho mera bhi haq he.” Maan looked at her for a while before pulling her to another round of making love.
Flashback ends

Geet looked out of the window thinking about how their life changed in just few weeks. She hugged herself feeling the loneliness consuming her again when she felt two hands snaking her waist. She turned around to see Maan in a white kurta and pyjama. She forgot everything for a moment and asked, “Maan, aap yaha kaise aaya? Kise ne dekh liya tho?” That one moment, seeing him there, had bought back the old Geet in her at least for a moment; he was overwhelmed seeing those emotions after a long time. He held her closer and told, “Kisine nahi dekha. Aur dekhega bhi nahi.” He held her looking deep into her eyes and slowly raised his hand to touch her cheeks. She felt something cold touch her cheeks and saw that he put haldi on her. She looked at him surprised. She never expected him to sneak into Handa Mansion and put haldi on her first after whatever happened. Seeing her surprised look he told cupping her face with his hands, “Geet, I wanted to keep this promise that I made at least as I couldn’t keep others.

There was so much pain laced in his words and she felt it just by looking into his face. She was unaware of the reason behind the change but couldn’t see him in pain even after everything she went through. She slowly moved her hands to his cheeks rubbing the haldi that she took from the bowl nearby, in his face. He became stiff all of a sudden and felt the place she rubbed the haldi. He looked at her annoyed and she couldn’t help but laugh seeing his face. He looked exactly the same as how he was then at just the mention of haldi. She left him and laughed until it hurt her stomach. Maan stood mesmerized seeing her laugh after such a long time. He was happy that he could make her laugh even if it is momentary. For now he wants it to last for a while. He moved ahead and pulled her close by her waist. She stopped laughing and looked at his mischievous eyes that held so much love and desire. He told gracing her ear lobe with his lips, “Geet, mujhe lagtha he tum ek baat bhool rahi ho. I had told you that I will give you a haldi bath. So… ready for it?” She looked at him shocked, did he really mean that? Before her thoughts could process Maan’s cell rang. He took the phone still holding her close. She could hear the voice of Karan at other end, “Saale, haldi lagane keliye itna time kyun laga rahe ho? Kahi suhaag raat bhi manane ka plan tho nahi? Aisa he tho mujhe Arjun se baat karna padega.” Maan smirked looking at her while she looked away embarrassed. He told, “Itna hyper kyun ho raha he buddy? Haldi lagane ko bhi waq lagtha he.” Before Karan could blast on him he continued, “Acha abhi mein neeche aa raha hoon. Bye.

He looked at Geet who was not meeting his eyes. He raised her face putting a finger under her chin. Geet asked still not meeting his eyes, “Aap ko yeh sab..” Before she could proceed he placed his finger on her lips and told, “Kuch mat batao Geet. Aaj mein tumhe kuch bhi bol nahi paonga.” He placed a kiss on her forehead and went towards the window. Before going down he told, “Ek aur baat Geet, mein haldi bath tho tumhe zaroor dega. Aaj nahi tho shaadi ke baad. Tab mujhe koi nahi rok saktha.” He winked at her and went down through the ladder Karan was holding. She went near and looked down to see Karan giving her a genuine smile while pulling Maan along with him. She looked at both of them. She knew both of them always wanted to make her smile. But unfortunately the person who she loved unconditionally became the reason for her pain all due to his lack of trust while the other stood by her in her good and bad times believing her blindly. Her hands caressed the haldi he put on her cheeks. A promise well kept… But could it change anything happened due to the hundreds of broken promises? Will it bring back everything she lost? The answer was obvious… It can’t…