She looked outside seeing the raindrops falling one after another. Rain, it has always been something that she was crazy about. It was her constant companion. It rained when she cried, it rained when she was happy. It was as if rain was also celebrating her emotions. But she lost the track when she last listened to the sound of rain drops. The emotions were locked inside her heart that even rain failed to recreate them. May be rain is celebrating their re-union like how it rained on their marriage. She laughed at her thoughts and looked ahead. She wanted to go out and get drenched in the rain. But, it reminded her of the day, the fateful day which took away everything that she held precious, it took away her baby. Getting drenched means socking herself with all those painful memories. She couldn’t do it because she knew that she won’t be able to hold herself. She turned away blocking herself to feel the rain drops and closed the window.

She went to bed and tried to sleep shutting her eyes tight wanting to get away from everything. But alas, it brought only those dreams. She saw a princess playing with her. Then all of a sudden, she started moving away. She ran behind her only to find her running faster, gradually disappearing leaving her alone. She woke up sweating once more realizing that the dream was her reality. The princess could have been theirs only if… It was her regular dream since she lost her baby. She felt it all getting too much to bear. It has become habitual for her to bear the pain holding her emotions within, while smiling. But his presence started to break her resolve. Once again his love was making her vulnerable to those emotions. She slowly began to rock herself curling into a ball. Heart wrenching sobs rose from down her throat while it rained heavily outside as if mourning her pain. The pain of years started to pour out, the pain of her loss, the pain that she had kept closed in her heart. But alas, now also she was alone, when she needed someone the most.

Meanwhile, in KM Maan was twisting and turning in his bed unable to sleep. He was getting restless. His heart told him that his Geet needed him. He tried to sleep knowing that everyone is with her and it is just one more day after which she would be always near him. Not very late after his eyes got closed, he got up sweating. He couldn’t breathe for a while. He could see every single moment of his dream very clearly before his eyes. He saw himself, Geet and a cute little angel playing together. Geet was running behind her as he watched them lovingly. The little princess started moving away all of sudden while Geet started to run behind her calling her out. He ran after them but could see only Geet falling unconscious in his arms. The little princess had disappeared somewhere. Geet cried out in his arms, “Maan, humara princess… Usse wapas lao.” Maan could feel his every nerve shaking. He remember that he saw the same little princess in his dreams once, the day when Geet left KC five years back. Is it the indication of something? He couldn’t think straight. His breathing became labored. A fear coursed through his veins, fear of something unknown, which can doom him forever.

He stood up from the bed and gulped down the water placed in the jug. After assuring himself that it was just a dream, he went near the window. It was raining heavily. The fragrance of the rain brought back all those beautiful memories. Their first meeting, her dance in the rain… She was so pure and innocent. So was her love, so pure. How could he even doubt her when he knew that she trusted him blindly? Tears started to make way from his eyes as he sat on the window pane pouring out the pain along with the rain. The two souls who were bound to be together but separated by fate were letting out the pain that they carried all along… He loved her but couldn’t trust her to keep their relation intact, while she loved and trusted him only to be left alone to suffer everything all alone. The let out of pain was necessary for both, before moving ahead with their life together even though the path ahead is going to a very painful journey for one while it will be a revival for the other.