She woke up feeling her eyelids heavy due to the continuous crying. But she felt light at heart after venting out her pain in the form of tears. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The bubbly innocent girl was replaced by a matured woman who was strong with her experiences yet weak with her emotions. She felt vulnerable; her emotions were no longer in her control. But she knew that for the whole day, she has to be strong.  This was the day she longed for once but yet it failed to bring that happiness to her which was long lost.

One look at her face was enough for Sameera to understand her state. She felt so guilty to have even left her alone that night. Geet pleaded with her eyes not to make a scene out of it while she looked away feeling guiltier. Naintara and Annie were too happy with the wedding preparations that they failed to notice it. Everyone around her was so much exited that she went in the flow reflecting their happiness. Annie brought her a red heavy lehenga which she knew by one sight was Maan’s choice. She hugged Geet with tears of happiness and told, “Geet, ab tumhari zindagi mein sirf khusiyan hogi. Koyi bhi gham tumhare aas paas hi aane nahi denge hum.” The guilt of keeping her away once was still reflecting in her face. She kissed her forehead and left for KM as she had to be with Maan for the rest of the rituals.

The girls got her ready in the lehenga and dressed her up as per her choice as Naintara and Sameera insisted to do only as per her wishes. After they were done, Arjun and Mohinder came along with Rahul to see their angel. She was truly an angel dressed up in the heavy lehenga, only contrast being her eyes which were swollen a bit but not eye-catching. Mohinder blessed her happily feeling a lump in his throat knowing that he was the reason for keeping her away from all these happiness once. But he was happy that she could get her happiness in the form of Maan, who he knew was the best partner anyone could get. He told, “Geet beta, tumhari Maa bahut khush hotha tumhe aise dekhke.” Geet smiled and hugged him feeling the same pain as him of Rano’s absence.

Arjun patted her shoulders and told, “Sweety, aaj rona mat. Make up kharab hojayega. Phir Maan ko lagega ki hum kisi humshakal ko bitaya he mandap mein.” Everyone smiled hearing him knowing that he wanted to lighten the atmosphere. Geet hugged him feeling the happiness around her with that one person who always stood by her, yet was taken away from her by fate once. Arjun patted her head and wished her all happiness. He was confident that only Maan could bring that happiness back. Rahul also blessed her genuinely wishing for her happiness. She looked around for that one person who was always her strength. She heard him, “Kisse doond rahi ho Geet.” She looked ahead to meet the smiling face of Karan along with Meera and Vicky. Karan smiled at her and told, “Did you think that I won’t be there to wish my best friend on her special day. Yeh sahi he ki Maan bhi mera dost he. But my sweet heart always comes first.” She felt a tear dripping from her eyes hearing him. Before it hit the ground he wiped it and pulled her into a hug.

Meera cleared her throat and told, “Uffo, sab log yeh bhool rahe he ki tum sabse zyaada haq tho meri banthi he kyunki Geet ki sabse best friend tho mein hoon. So buzz off.” She pulled Geet from Karan’s embrace smirking and told to Geet, “Always be happy Geet. Aur ha agar kisi ne bhi tumhe dard pahuncha tho mujse bura koi nahi hoga. Unhe Meera Singhania ki saamna karna padega.” Everyone laughed while Geet hugged him feeling really lucky to have a friend like her who was there with her in every instance of her life without leaving her side. She smiled at her after pulling from the hug and asked Vicky, “SM, tum yaha kya kar rahe ho?” Vicky told looking disappointed, “Kya Geetu, mein tho pehle apne sister ko blessing dena chahthi thi. Par lagtha he tumhe achi nahi lagi. Tho tik he mein chaltha hoon.” Geet immediately held his hands and told, “Are sorry SM, mein tho bas..” He bursted into laughing seeing her face and told pulling her cheeks, “Oh my God Geetu, tumhara chehra dekhne layak tha.” Geet pouted and looked away while Meera and Karan glared at him making him stop laughing. Now it was the turn of others to laugh at him. Soon after the hassi mazak Vicky and Karan left for KM.

Meanwhile, Maan was getting ready in a red sherwani lost in his thoughts. Dev, who was beside him, felt that he was disturbed. He asked, “Bro, kya baat he? Aap pareshan kyun lag rahe ho?” Maan immediately composed himself and told, “Kuch nahi Dev, bus Geet ke baare mein soch raha tha.” If it couldn’t have been a different situation Dev could have teased him. But he knew the difficulties Geet faced, even from her own family especially because of his wife. He told holding his hand, “Bro, I am really ashamed for everything she had to go through because of Naintara. Geet is such an angel who forgave even her. I know you will always keep her happy. Please don’t let any pain touch her, she has suffered a lot.” Maan looked at Dev who for the first time was taking something like this. He held his hand and told, “Dev, don’t worry about Geet. I won’t let any pain touch her. She is my life.” Dev hugged him and both parted when Simran came for checking for Maan. Soon Vicky and Karan joined them all the while teasing Maan.

Dadima came later and others left the room to check the preparations. She told coming near him, “Maan, you have broken my trust on you once. Aap humare guroor the, par aapne jo kiya who maafi ke layak nahi he. But I hope that you are sensible enough to not do the same mistake again. Your mistrust has broken someone to such an extent that she has turned into a living corpse. I hope you will take this as a chance for bringing her back to life.” He came forward, held dadima’s hand and told, “Dadima, I know this is the only chance I have to bring all those happiness back to her. I promise that I would not let any pain touch her. I have broken the promises that I made to her, but God has given me a chance for revival and I won’t let it go.” Dadima looked at him and slowly patted his cheeks before leaving. A drop of tear fell from his eyes. He wiped it before anyone could see and went down to proceed towards Handa Mansion.