By the time they reached Khurana Mansion, Geet was feeling better. Maan’s presence itself was soothing her senses. It has always been like that, how much ever hurt she endured from him, it was always his presence that gave her solace. Maan looked at Geet who was leaning on to his shoulder. Guilt was overpowering his senses knowing what he did to her once. How can she still love him? He never trusted her love, which was so pure and unconditional. He held her hand when they reached KM. She looked up and found him looking at her. He moved ahead and placed a kiss on her forehead. Then he held her hand and guided her outside before anyone could come. He never left her hand even when Vicky and Karan started teasing them. Geet just smiled seeing them so happy and followed Maan. Simran did the arti and guided Geet to kick the kalash. Maan never left her hand all throughout. She placed her feet in alta and entered KM along with Maan. She was then guided to do puja and after that both of them took blessings from everyone.

Annie and Vicky were very much excited as the happiness prevailing in KM was something that was long lost. Vicky started teasing Maan, “Bro, ab tho aap Geet ko chod sakthe ho..” Maan glared at him and slowly left her hand while others laughed. Soon they were led to play the games (I don’t want to elaborate further as you might have got bored reading it from many FFs). After finishing the games, they had the dinner. Annie led Geet to Maan’s room after that. She guided her to sit in the center of the decorated bed. She was satisfied that after everything happened in the past, Geet could finally get her happiness. She told before placing the ghungat on her face, “Geet, Please let go everything in the past. I know it is not easy. But for creating new beautiful memories we should let go our past. We all want your happiness.” She closed the door and went to Maan. Geet sat there pondering over Annie’s words. She didn’t know how long she was lost in her thoughts until she heard the door opening.

Maan entered the room after satisfying Annie and Vicky’s demands while Karan, Dev and Naintara were watching them laughing and teasing him. He looked at the decorated bed to find his wife, his Geet sitting in the middle of the bed. It took him to the memories of their marriage in Shimla. He moved near the bed and sat next to her. Geet was having an alien feeling. After coming back, she had been close to Maan but the exchange of words was less. None of them tried to ask or explain anything. Maan knew that he has to talk today. This is the last chance God gave him to mend his mistakes. But he needs to apologize for every single mistake before they start their life together. He lifted her veil and saw her face, their eyes met. For a moment, they both got lost in the depth of the love in each other’s eyes. Maan was the one to break the trance and cupped her face giving a kiss on her forehead. She kept on looking at him. She had longed for this once, but why he pushed her away then. Like understanding the question in her eyes, he held her hand in his and told, “Geet, I know that you might be wondering what has changed since the time you came back.” She told before he could proceed, “I know that you never stopped loving me Maan. Aapko kuch safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he.

Maan closed his eyes to compose himself. He knew her love and trust for him was beyond anything, but feeling it again made him weak in his resolve. He was getting burdened with guilt. He told, “Geet, mujhe patha he ki tumhe safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he. Tumhara pyaar aur bharosa ki mazbuti par koi shak nahi kar sakthe. Par shayad mere pyaar mein bahut saari kamiyan thi ki meine tumhe apne apse door kar diya.” Geet didn’t interrupt him and kept on looking at him. He knew she wanted him to talk today, but before that he wanted her to be comfortable. With the heavy dress she was feeling tired. He told, “Geet, I need to talk to you, but before that let me help you with this dress. I know that you are tired.” Geet nodded while he moved ahead and unpinned the heavy dupatta from her head placing a kiss on her forehead. He caught her hand and started removing the bangles. He placed a kiss on both her wrists before moving to remove her necklace. He removed every piece of ornaments except the mangalsutra and loosened her hair from the pins holding it. She was all the while staring at him just trying to absorb every moment. He looked at her and could see complete submission in her eyes like always. He cupped her face in his hands and placed a kiss on her forehead before taking her to his embrace. She willingly gave in to where she always belonged.

After being in each other’s embrace for a while, Maan pulled back a little and untied the dori of her choli. She was not surprised when it came loose but hugged him tighter as the cold air hit her back. His hands removed the choli from her shoulders placing kisses there and pulled it away. Then he pushed her lehenga down and hugged her closer. It was getting difficult for him to control after having her next to him but he has long way to go. He pulled away not before placing a kiss on her eyes and went to take her night dress that he kept in the cupboard. He came back and placed it on the bed. She was sitting in the bed holding the comforter close feeling exposed by his withdrawal. Before her thoughts could process he picked her up in his arms pushing away the comforter and took her to the bathroom. He kept her on her feet and told, “Geet, tum bahut tired lag rahi hoon. Fresh ho jao. Mein bhi change karke aatha hoon.” He just kept the door half closed and went to change. She looked at the door for a while wondering what was going in his mind and then decided to take a bath. She went to the shower cubicle and opened the shower.

When the water droplets kissed her body she could feel the tiredness of the whole day consuming her. She closed her eyes when she felt his hands snaking her waist and his hard chest touching her back. She turned around to find him changed to track pants, looking at her with love. She leaned to him placing her head on his bare chest while he hugged her tight. They stayed in each other’s embrace for a while. Maan knew that only he can bring her back to life, bring back all the happiness that she lost. He held her closer until he felt her relaxing in his hold. He turned her to face him and told placing a kiss on her forehead, “Geet, you will catch cold. Get fresh. ” She nodded while he went to the dressing room taking the towel, drying himself. She freshened up and changed to the night dress. She went out and saw that Maan has changed to his vest and tracks and was standing near the window looking outside. He turned around and came near her.