She went out and saw that Maan has changed to his vest and tracks and was standing near the window looking outside. He turned around and came near her. He took her hand in his and guided her towards the balcony. It was cold outside and she got Goosebumps all over her skin. Maan hugged her from behind and she leaned on to him seeking his warmth. They stood like that for quite some time. Maan knew that he need to tell everything before moving ahead. He sighed and turned her to face him. Her face looked calmer. He told cupping her face, “Geet, I know I owe an explanation for everything I did to you in the past…” She looked at him wanting to continue. He told looking into her eyes, “I don’t deserve your forgiveness…” She told, “I have forgiven you Maan… Long back… when I understood I don’t deserve happiness in my life. It has always been a passing phase…

Maan felt his words choke on his throat. He put his finger on her lips and told, “Please Geet… Aaj mujhe bolne do… It is not you who don’t deserve happiness… It is me… I lacked the most important aspect in every relation… Trust… I didn’t trust you Geet… It was my ego that prevented me from seeing the obvious, from not trusting your eyes that always spoke the truth rather believing the circumstances… I had done it once and the next time when I did it I lost the most precious thing in my life… my love… my Geet… Even if I tell the circumstances which made me lose my trust on you it would be just an excuse which I don’t want to do. I know I have always been wrong with my prejudice about you… I believed my calculative mind rather than my heart that always cried that you are innocent… I demeaned our love Geet… I failed to keep the vows I took with you… I failed to protect you… Instead of taking away your pain I gave you more and more pain every day… I really don’t deserve you Geet… But I need a chance to give you back a life that you had once dreamt of… A life filled with happiness… I know that I can’t revert anything back to how it was… But I can only try to make it better… One thing I can promise you now Geet… I had twice mistrusted you, but I won’t ever repeat it… If I do it again it will be over my dead body…

Before he could proceed Geet closed his mouth. She told, “Maan, I don’t know what made you lose trust on me and I don’t want to know either. We have come past that time. My happiness doesn’t matter to me now… I have become habituated to all these, so it holds no meaning in my life. I just want everyone to be happy. It is after such a long wait that I got to see my family together. Happiness in their face is enough for me Maan. And us… I have been your wife since the day you tied me in the sacred bond. For everyone this marriage might have changed our relation. For me, it is just their acceptance to our relation. If you could do something to me, then please don’t remind me of the past, Maan. I have made myself stronger, but still there are certain things that I wouldn’t want to be reminded about.

Every single word from her gave an insight on how far he had pushed her. His heart was feeling heavy as she told everything. He didn’t know how to make it better, but promised himself to bring back all the happiness. He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. He knew that words won’t heal the pain and he has a long way to go. They stood like that absorbing the togetherness for a while. Maan scooped her in his arms and took her to the bed. He joined her soon taking her in his arms. She moved to his embrace and fell into a peaceful sleep after years. While he kept on looking at her serene face cursing himself to have taken away all the happiness in her life.

She woke up early feeling better, having slept properly. She turned around to face Maan who was holding her closer. His face looked distressed and she knew that he would never forgive himself if he got to know everything. She didn’t want this. Even though he pushed her away, she could never hate him. The love she had for him was the only thing that kept her alive. She caressed his forehead removing the lines of distress and she heard him murmuring, “Geet..” She snuggled closer to him. When everything will be taken away again from her, she doesn’t know. The uncertainty has become a part of her life. She has everything she wished in her life now except… The thought brought back the pain, the pain that had become a part of her life from past, that will always remain to be a part.

Maan woke up few minutes later to find his love snuggling closer to him. There was a calmness in her face that made him smile. He now knew that it was his presence that calmed her. It had always been him if only he could have trusted her, he could have seen through those eyes. He was the reason she smiled whole heartedly once and yet again he was the reason for her never ending pain. He didn’t know what to do to bring back the happiness. He missed the bubbly girl who always took her the pain with a smile yet again fought against all the odds. Now she seemed to absorb everything yet again with a smile hiding everything, but her heart was closed to feel any happiness. He kissed her forehead deciding to do everything on his will to bring her out of the shell and fill her life with all the happiness she missed out.

His kiss woke her up and she slowly opened her eyes to meet his. A small smile crept her face which lightened his heart. She told, “Good Morning, Maan..” He kissed her forehead yet again and told, “Good Morning…” She asked, “Aap gym nahi jaa rahe ho?” He smiled knowing that she would never forget his habits. He hugged her closer and told, “Nah.. Aaj nahi.. Aaj mujhe tumhare saath rehna he thodi der aur, isse pehle ki sab tumhe leke jaaye..” She smiled and hugged him feeling calmer. His presence was the balm for her pain. It felt as if nothing has changed from the time they got married in Shimla, even though it was momentary. He hugged her closer feeling her in his arms where she always wished to be, where he always wanted her to be. All these five years, this was what they missed the most, their togetherness. While he tried to not accept it with his anger, she absorbed it along with the pain. They were incomplete without each other and the cold wind from outside reminded them that it had rained heavily… just like celebrating their togetherness.