She stood near the railings watching her twin sister beaming with happiness; it was Pari’s engagement today. Everyone around them seems to enjoy the function. Pari looked up and saw her. Seeing the frown in her face, she knew that it was because of her dress. She was in a plain white kurti and a blue jeans. She smiled and made a baby face. Pari smiled and called, “Geetu, jaldi aao. Function shuru hone wala he.” The thought of the engagement brought back those memories which she wanted to forget. Nevertheless, she went near her keeping everything within the mask she put over her. Rano and Mohinder, her parents were not pleased seeing her attire like everyone else present there. Rano gave her a disapproving look. She thought, when have her mother approved anything that she did yet. She told while passing by, “What mamma, meine koi modern dress nahi pehni he. Yeh tho bas jeans aur kurti he.” Rano shook her head knowing that she will not change. She went and hugged her twin sister who was looking gorgeous in her heavy lehenga. She told, “You are looking heavenly Pari.. Bilkul aasman se uthra hua pari lag rahi ho.. Love you.” Pari hugged her back and told, “Geetu.. Tum abhi tak kaha thi.” Geet pulled out from the hug and told, “You know that I don’t really like all these girly stuff, sajna savana..” Pari smiled knowing her answer already. She told, “Tik he, ab tho tumhe function khatam hone tak mere paas hi rehna hoga.” This was what she feared the most. However, she will do anything for her Pari. She smiled and took a seat near her.

She looked at Pari who was talking lovingly to others. Everyone liked her for her nature; she was friendly, innocent and bubbly. She was an angel, a pure angel. Who won’t like her? She deserved it, unlike her who was always an object of dislike for most of them. The only person in this whole world who understood her was Pari. She knew that he would give her the happiness, because he truly loved her. She felt a lump in her throat and her hands immediately caught her stomach. She looked around, this will be the last time she attends a family function, this will be the last time she will be part of her sister’s happiness. After this, she has to leave everything behind. She was not afraid of the repercussions, but was concerned about how it will affect her dear ones.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard someone telling, “Ladkewale aa gaye..” She prepared herself to face the worst. He entered along with his dad, mom, Aryan and Annie. He noticed her sitting beside Pari and gave her a look filled with hatred. She told in mind, “You won’t have to tolerate me for long. Everyone will be free from me very soon.” She turned to look at Pari avoiding the looks she received from him. His mom, Naina and other ladies came near Pari. Naina asked seeing her, “Geet beti, kam se kam aaj ke din tho kuch traditional pehna hotha.” She smiled and told, “Shaadi tho abhi baaki hena aunty. Tabhi pehnoongi.” She shook her head and went near Pari. Annie gave her a mocking smile and went near Pari, she raised her eyebrows and shrugged. They never got along well. She wondered how Arjun Veerji liked her? Why should it matter anyway? She was never a part of their lives until now. Aryan smiled seeing her making funny faces and her one glare made him smile and look away.

Mohinder announced the engagement ceremony of Pari Handa and Maan Singh Khurana. Pari pulled her along to stand near her while they exchanged rings. She could not let her down. She kept the fake smile throughout knowing that no one really cared whether she smiled or not. Once the function got over and Pari got busy with her friends, she slowly left to her room. Once she was within the confines of her room, she let go off the facade, the faade she carried to not let others know her feelings, to not let herself weak before someone. She was a girl who had dreams and hopes like every other girl of her age but happiness was never meant for her since her childhood. Her world was shattered the very first time she let love enter her heart for someone, that someone who was going to be her sister’s husband. She thought why she even expected someone to care for her when she knew the fact that no one ever did it.

She changed to her nightdress and took out the photo placed in her bed table, she and her grandparents, who knew what she was. She smiled and hugged the frame close to her heart. She whispered, “Dadima, dadu, aap hume chodkar kyun gayi? Aap hothe tho yeh sab nahi hota, aapki Geet phirse tootthi nahi. Par ab woh hadh se zyaada toot chuki he. Please mujhe hausla dena yeh sab sehne ka. Mere bache keliye.” She placed a hand on her stomach like feeling the life inside it. It was too early to feel it, only two months. Someone whom she can call hers, who will always be hers. The only hope in her dark life.