Before Maan could tell anything to her, Geet asked for Pari. He knew they were also waiting to meet her, so left placing a kiss on her forehead. He came out and informed Pari. Pari went inside accompanied by dadima and Aryan. Pari hugged Geet as soon as she entered, feeling scared and emotional at the same time, even though she told everything in a haste, each incident she mentioned left the impact inside, impact of the pain what Geet went through. She knew she could never be able to withstand such pain. Geet hugged her back knowing that she was the only person who understood her throughout her life, even though they were far. Pari was crying while Geet didn’t have any more tears. Dadima and Aryan noticed her lifeless eyes and they knew the incident had pushed her away from feeling any emotions, she was a broken doll. Pari pulled back from the hug feeling the coldness in her. She cupped her face and told, “Geet, please let out everything. At least cry once.” Geet just smiled lifelessly and told, “Pari, I am fine. Tum meri chintha mat karo. I will be fine. Baby is also alright.” Pari looked at her immediately hearing her, there was nothing but coldness in her face. She was there, but still not there. Pari couldn’t bear to see her like that, she rushed outside wanting to cry her heart out. Aryan followed her knowing that dadima will be able to support her now more than anyone else.

Savitri Devi came and sat near Geet. Geet looked at her and gave her a small smile. She held so much love and respect for her as she was the only person besides Pari who judged her properly, who could understand her. She somehow felt relieved when she was near. Something had always connected them since they met, but she didn’t knew what. Savitri Devi knew the pain she was going through and also knew that she will never open up. She understood that she was scared to become vulnerable to any emotions, so has locked herself in a shell. She told, “Geet bete, ek baat batau? Patha he hum sab insaan dil se kamzor hothe hain. Koi bhi emotions se door nahi bhag sakthe. Shayad woh sabke samne apna emotions nahi dikha raha hoga, par andar jo bhi feelings he woh tho hoga hi. Aur jab dard hotha he tho, zyaada log tut jaatha he aur jo bakki log he woh sab kuch chup chap sehtha rehtha he. Logon ko lagtha he ki woh log bahut strong hothe hain, par waisa nahi he. Jitna dard wo andar hi andar chupatha he, utna hi woh tutne lagtha he. Par unlike others it will be a slow poisoning.. a self destruction. Tumhe patha he kyun mein tumse yeh sab bata rahi ho? Kyunki meri zindagi mein bhi aise ek mod tha, par ek insaan tha jo mujhe tootne se bachaya, mujhe hausla diya.. Patha he kaun? Tumhari dadi, meri saheli.. Parminder. She never told me that everything will be alright. She told only one thing, think for once, leaving all the pain and hurt and decide what you need? Think what you want to do, that will give you happiness. If you have an answer just go for it. And I did, I wanted to keep KC on top where Maan’s dadaji left it as it was his dream and live for my kids. I did it and see now I am happy with my life. It is not that I won’t remember Maan’s dadaji or the painful life I had, but I found my happiness in my kids and grand kids. Beta, mujhe tumse bhi wahi kehna he, ek baar sab kuch bhoolke sirf itna socho ki tum kya chahthi he, tumhe kaha khushi milegi. Sirf wahi karo, koi tumhe nahi rokegi. Mein humesha tumhare saath hoon.” She placed a kiss on her forehead and left.

The impact that her words made in Geet’s heart was so deep. For the first time in her life, she felt that someone really cared for her happiness. She felt alive. She closed her eyes lying down on the bed. It was time to make some decisions. Savitri Devi came outside and noticed Maan waiting to go inside and Pari standing with Aryan with teary eyes. Before Maan could go inside she told, “Maan, usse thodi der akela chod do. Aur ek baat, agar tumne jo kiya uskeliye tum dilse sazza chahtha he tho, Geet jo bhi decision legi uske khilaf kuch mat bolna, usse jo chahiye woh karne dena, chahe usse tumhe kitna bhi dard kyun na ho.” Maan nodded seeing the determination in his dadima’s eyes, he knew he can’t go against her, but he definitely didn’t know what was in store for him next. She then turned to Pari and told, “Pari bete, mein tumse bhi keh rahi hoon, agar unhe lagega ki jo wo karne ja rahi hoon tum unke khilaf he tho woh shayad peeche hategi. Tho jo bhi ho unka saath dena.” Pari nodded and Aryan told, “Dadima, hume patha he aap jo bhi unse kaha hoga unki bhalai keliye kaha hoga, tho hum bhi yahi chahthe ho ki iss baar woh apneliye soch samaj ke kuch decision lele.” Savitri Devi smiled hearing Aryan. She knew he was matured enough to handle any situations and he will stand for the right, inspite of whatever may happen. She told, “Bakki log kuch bhi soche ya na soche unse mujhe koi farq nahi padthi.” Mohinder, Rano and Arjun were standing behind the corridor listening to everything. They couldn’t even move a bit forward from there knowing they have lost their right to even go before her.

The nurse who was inside called Maan and told that Geet wanted to talk to all of them. They four went inside knowing it was time for a decision, a decision that can change their lives. When they went inside they could notice the change in Geet’s face. It was like the dark clouds that were hovering over her have gone far. There was a certain glow in her face. Maan promised himself that whatever is the decision that made her happy, he won’t go against it, even if it kills him within. Geet told seeing the expectation in the faces, “Dadima, mujhe London wapas jaana he. My friends are there and they will help me to get job there. I don’t want to be here anymore. I and baby will be fine together.” She looked at Maan and told, “Maan, I am sorry. I don’t want to get married. I know it is our baby. Whenever you want to meet the baby you can come and meet.” She turned to Pari who was stunned by her decision and told, “Pari, I wanted to be with you for some more time. But I don’t want to be here. Aryan will take you and dadima to me when you both wish to meet me, right Aryan?” Aryan smiled and told, “Yes Geet, I will definitely take her to you.” Dadima came forward and told, “Geet bete, mein tumhare liye bahut khush hoon, mujhe khushi he ki tumne meri baat manli. Aur ha, mein tho tumhe milne zaroor aavongi. Mein itne buddi nahi hoon ki mujhe kisi ki madat chahiye uskeliye.” Aryan told, “Kya dadima, aap bhi na.” Pari also smiled seeing the smile in Geet’s face. She came forward and hugged her tight. She told, “Geetu, yeh sach he ki mein tumhe bahut miss karoongi. Par mujhe sirf tumhari khushi chahiye. Aur ha, mujhe yeh mat kehna ki tum kyun itni baar mujhe milne aa rahi ho. Tik he.” Aryan, dadima and Geet smiled hearing her. Even though they smiled, they knew how Maan would be feeling after all this. Savitri Devi told, “Tik he Geet bete, hum Meera se milke aathe hain.” They left the room leaving Maan and Geet alone.
Maan had expected everything, but when she told that she doesn’t want to get married to him, he felt like his life was slipping away from him. But he stood there keeping a calm face as he had promised dadima. He knew he can’t change his word and he won’t force Geet. If it was her decision then he will definitely support her, even if the thought of not being with her killed him. He slowly went near her when others left and told keeping a calm face, “Geet, tum jaisa chahthi ho waisa hi hoga. Koi tumhe nahi rokega.” Geet was looking at him trying to read his eyes, but he had learnt it from his dadima to hide every emotions. He slowly moved forward and hugged her feeling her close to him. He separated her from him after a while and told, “Geet, agar tumhe koi bhi madat chahiye tho please mujhe bata dena.” She nodded still looking at him. He continued, “Meera told that you can get discharged today itself.” Geet immediately told, “Maan, can I stay in your farmhouse until I leave to London?” Maan looked at her and told, “Zaroor Geet, I will send Nakul kaka there and arrange everything for you.” Before Geet could deny, he told, “Please don’t deny, at least till you leave, we can take care of you.” Geet nodded. Dadima was back with Meera by then. Meera knew everything from dadima. Even though she couldn’t tell anything against Geet’s decision, she knew what her friend will be going through. When she entered she looked at his face, it was so calm and composed. But she knew that behind it there is a storm going on. She smiled looking back at Geet and told, “Geet, I am going to miss you. But no worries, my parents want me to shift back to London as both of them are there. So we are definitely going to meet soon.” Maan looked up hearing her and he knew he definitely will have his bestie near her, even if he will be far away. Geet too smiled hearing her. When Maan told about her moving to farmhouse everyone was fine with it. They also didn’t want her to face any stress after this. Pari and Aryan also joined them soon and Maan slipped out in between their talks.

He slowly moved towards the parking lot and got inside his car. He drove for few minutes and reached the place where he used to visit when he was disturbed about anything. But today, he knew this place can’t give him any peace. He slowly went outside. Every single moment with Geet started flashing before his eyes. The pain was so much exhilarating, he fell on his knees and cried out loud, “Geet…”