Mohinder, Rano and Arjun had left hearing her decision from outside, they knew nothing can revert back what they did to her and they deserved it. Now they could at least do is to give her some peace that may go off if she sees them. Redemption is not anywhere possible for what they did and their punishment only they have to decide as they knew Geet doesn’t even want them anywhere near. Maan came back after composing himself. He knew that he can’t show his pain to anyone, may be that is his punishment. He also knew that the pain he was going through is not even a small part of what Geet went through her whole life. He knew that she loved him and will give a chance to their love once. He was ready to wait even if it is going to take forever. Now this change will be good for her rather than living in the midst of the people who gave her only pain. When he was back, everyone else was waiting for him. He could see the concern in all the three faces for him, but he just asked, “Dadima, can we move to farmhouse? Where is Meera?” She told still trying to read him, “Meera is with Geet. Tum tik ho Maan?” He ignored her question and told, “Dadima, meine Nakul ko waha bulaya. Aryan, tum Pari ko leke ghar wapas jao. Mein aur dadima Geet ko farmhouse leke jayenge. Tum dono shyam ko aa jaana.” Pari wanted to argue but decided that she needs to go as there are things to settle at home also. Aryan and Pari left after meeting Geet. Dadima went out with Meera. Again Geet and Maan were left alone in the room.

Geet had made her decision after thinking a lot. She knew that she has a life to care for and she wanted to avoid all kind of emotional stress. She was not ready to meet her parents again after all that has happened and she knew she will have to if she gets married to Maan. Not that she stopped loving Maan; that was something she can never do even if she wanted to. She knew the only place she could be happy will be London, as there she had friends who always stood by her. If Maan didn’t know the truth, she could have definitely been there by now. Now that she doesn’t have any expectations out of her life, she was sure that she will find peace at her home in London. Above all she was not sure if Maan was doing all these out of guilt or not. If it is out of guilt, she doesn’t want him to do so. When she told the decision she could feel the shock in the faces except for dadima’s. When she supported her, she somehow knew that her decision was right. She knew that Pari was not happy with her decision, but she also supported her after throwing certain demands as usual. But she couldn’t understand Maan, his face was calm and composed. She kept on looking at him as he told her that he will support her decision. But she didn’t fail to notice the relief in his face when Meera told that she will be in London soon. She felt heavy at her heart even though she felt that her decision was right. She was continuously looking outside for him when Meera told that he went out. She felt something is wrong as she could see the tension in everyone’s faces. Meera soon distracted her with her talks until Pari and Aryan came to bid bye. Maan followed them along with dadima. She wanted to talk to Maan alone. And as if hearing her inner request, dadima too went out with Meera.

She looked at his eyes and from the redness there, she knew he had cried. She never wanted it; she loved him and never wanted to punish him. She called, “Maan..” Maan looked at her and came near. He sat next to her and held her hand. He asked, “Kuch chahiye Geet?” She looked into his eyes and slowly raised her hand to touch his cheeks. He was startled by her touch and saw her looking straight into his eyes trying to read them. She told, “Aap tik hona Maan? I am sorry, mein aapka dil nahi dukhana chahthi thi. Mein bas..” Before she could continue Maan placed his hand on her mouth and told, “Geet, tumhe kuch bhi kehne ki zaroorat nahi. Mujhe sirf tumhari khushi chahiye. Aur kabhi bhi meri zaroorat mehsoos hui tho please mujhe batha dena. I love you.” He moved forward and kissed her forehead. She held his shirt in her fist not allowing him to move away. He looked at her hand and back to her. She moved closer to her and placed her head on his chest hugging him. She told, “Maan, mein bhi sirf aapse hi pyaar karthi hoon. Par mujhe thoda waqt chahiye. Mein nahi chahthi ki in sab ka asar humare bache par ho. Please mujhe jaane do..” Maan slowly separated her from himself and told looking into her eyes, “Geet, jaisa tum chahthi ho bilkul waisa hi hoga. Tumhe mujse kuch request karne ki zaroorat nahi he.” Geet looked into his eyes, she knew that he was hiding his pain just to let her be happy. She knew how it is to hide the pain and smile. She doesn’t want anyone to go through it. She told, “Maan..” Before she could continue Maan moved forward and took her lips in his, kissing her passionately. She held him tight feeling him close and she knew he loved her just the way she loved him. But… she needed sometime alone, to sort out everything and after that she will definitely come back to him. She knew that he will never stop loving her and will wait for her. Maan pulled out of the kiss after a while and held her tight in his embrace knowing that she will be back to him and this separation will only strengthen their bond. He doesn’t want her to justify anything more and he will make sure that she will never suffer again in her life.

Savitri Devi had come back after talking to Meera and then calling Nakul to ensure that everything is fine. She was really concerned for Maan, but the scene awaited her left her embarrassed. She closed the door behind her and came outside. She knew that they both loved each other and this will be the right decision for both to sort out everything. She slowly knocked the door and entered after a while. Maan was sitting in the chair and Geet was again back in bed. The slight red hue in Geet’s face and the swollen lips made her to chuckle but she covered it up soon. She asked Maan, “Maan bete, hum abhi chalthe hain. Mein attender ko bulatha hoon. Wheel chair lane ko.” Maan told, “Uski koi zaroorat nahi dadi. Ek minute…” He went near and took Geet in his arms. Savitri Devi smiled seeing it and quietly followed him to the car. Geet was really embarrassed and hid her face in the crook of his neck. Maan smiled and carried her to the car obvious to the looks that they received from everyone.

When they reached the farmhouse, Maan carried her outside the same way as in hospital. Nakul and dadima smiled seeing them. Maan carried her to his room while dadima went to arrange everything as Geet will be staying there for few more days. Maan placed her in his bed and sat next to her. Geet was all the while thinking of what to ask so that Maan will tell her what he needed. She held his hand and told, “Maan, I know you are not happy with my decision to go. Sirf mere liye aap ha keh raha he.” Before Geet could continue he told, “Geet, Jo bhi tumhe khushi dega woh karne keliye mujhe koi aitraaz nahi he. Tumhare door jaane se dukh tho zaroor hoga lekin mein bhi nahi chahtha he ki tum iss waqt wahi pe raho jaha tumhe koi dard na ho, un logon ke saath raho jo tumhe humesha dil se apnaya he. Yaha pe dadima, Aryan aur Pari ke alawa sab tumhare gunegar he, mein bhi nahi chahtha hoon ki tum yaha rehke woh sari baatein phir se yaad karo.” She knew that he was holding the guilt inside for doing it to her and his words confirmed it. She moved forward and hugged him. He took her into his embrace and continued, “Geet, jaane se pehle kya mein tumse kuch mangu?” She looked at him moving out of his embrace and asked, “Kya baat he Maan?” He asked still not convinced about whether to ask her or not, “Can we get married in court before you leave for London?”

Geet was surprised at his request and asked, “Kyun Maan, aapko yakin nahi he ki mein aapke paas wapas aavungi? Kya aapko lagtha he mein akeli bache ki khayal nahi rakh pavoongi.” Maan immediately told, “Woh baat nahi he Geet. I know you are a strong and independent girl. You can take care of yourself and our kid without any help. You have every right to deny me. But it is a request; I want our child to be born as the kid of Maan Singh Khurana and Geet Maan Singh Khurana. I don’t want anyone to ever point a finger at him because of his father’s deed.” She understood every implication in his words; between everything she forgot the fact which may affect their child’s future. How can she do something that will cause pain for her child? She told after a while, “I am ready to get married in court. But no one except Dadima, Aryan and Pari should know about it. And you won’t stop me from going.” Maan hugged her tight and told, “Thank you Geet, Ab mein tumse kuch nahi mangega. Jo tum chahthi he sirf wahi hoga.” Geet hugged him back feeling strength of his hold; and she knew that now he would never allow her to suffer.
They pulled away from the hug when they heard dadima. She smiled and then told keeping a serious face, “Maan, tumne Geet ko apne kamre mein kyun laya? Tum kaha soyenge?” Maan told bewildered, “Yeh tho mera kamra haina, mein aur Geet yaha soyenge.” Geet was embarrassed by his answer. Savitri Devi came forward and held his ear, “Maan tum bahut besharam hogaya he. Geet tumhare bache ki maa banne wali he iska matlab yeh nahi ki ab mein tumhe uske saath rehne dega. Pehle hi humare peet peeche itna sab kuch hogaya. Ab tho tum bilkul waise karenge jaise hum chahthe hain. Chalo guest room main jao. Nakul se bolke mein tumhare wardrobe waha shift karungi.” Geet smiled seeing the pout in Maan’s face and told turning to her, “Dadima, hum aapse kuch kehna chahthe the.” Savitri Devi asked, “Kya baat he Geet bete?” Geet told fumbling, “Woh dadima hum..” Maan completed her words seeing her fumbling, “Dadima, we will get married in court before Geet leaves for London. And she wants only five of us to know about it.” Savitri Devi was relived will be a small word, ever since Geet told her decision she was concerned about Geet being a single mother and taking care of the kid. She knew the repercussions that can come when the society knows about it. But she didn’t want to force Geet for anything. She hugged Geet and told, “Geet bete, mein bahut khush hoon tumhare liye.” Geet smiled and hugged her back. After taking for a while regarding the proceedings she went to inform Aryan and Pari not before warning Maan to go to guest room.

Geet looked at Maan who looked annoyed to stay away. She smiled seeing him. Maan turned to her and saw her smiling at him. He told pulling her closer, “Bahut hassi aa rahi hena. Jab tumhare saath kuch waqt bitane ko mil raha he tabhi dadima ko devil banna tha. Kuch hi din mein tum chahi jayegi, phir..” Maan stopped immediately chiding himself thinking what he was about to tell. Geet held him before he moved away. She told, “Maan, mujhe patha he ki aap mera dur jaane se khush nahi he and you will keep your promise of giving me time. I know you want to be with me during my pregnancy. But please give me some time to digest everything. I want some time away from everything. Nothing will change love if it is strong. So please have faith.” He stopped her and told, “Geet, I have full faith on you and our love. I respect your decision. I know you will always be mine. But please promise me that whenever you feel my need, you will definitely tell me. I will be there with you. And I have one more request to you.” She looked at him and he continued, “I know you are independent. But please let Meera stay with you there, she is your doctor and if she is near you it will be a great relief for us. Please don’t deny.” Geet knew it coming, and also knew very well that Maan will be always concerned if she is there alone. She told, “Tik he Maan. I will ask Meera to stay with me. But her parents are also there right? She will want to stay with them.” Maan told, “No Geet, they are settled there, but most of the time they will be travelling for business matters. So she will be more than happy to stay with you and yes, she will go when they are there at home.” Geet smiled and hugged him.

They were again disturbed by the knock in the door. Maan opened it annoyed only to find Nakul who came to shift his wardrobe as per dadima’s order. He was irritated and Geet felt like pulling his cheeks seeing his annoyed face. Nakul told cautiously seeing his face, “Ma’am ne kaha saab ka saman guest room mein shift karne ko.” Maan told, “Ha karo.. Ab mujhe kya dekh raha he?” Geet laughed hearing him and told, “Kyun Nakul kaka pe gussa ho raha he? Usko kaam karne do.” Maan turned to her seeing her laugh. He felt happy to see her like that, something that was always missing in her life. Geet stopped seeing him and gestured towards Nakul who was looking scared at him. Maan shook his head and went out asking her to take rest for a while.

Pari and Aryan had reached HM after leaving from hospital. Mohinder, Rano and Arjun were waiting for them. Raj and Naina also arrived seeing them back. Pari looked at their faces that had remorse, but she knew nothing can undo what they have done. Before they could ask anything Pari told, “Mujhe aap sabse ek request he. Aage se please Geet ki zindagi mein dakhal andazi mat karna. Usse apni zindagi apne hissab se jeene do.” She turned to Raj and Naina and told, “Uncle, Aunty, mujse aapse bhi ek request he, ab Geet ki zindagi Maan se judi he aur agar uska koi bhi decision aapko acha nahi laga tho bhi please aap please uske khilaf kuch mat kehna kyunki ab mujhe nahi lagtha he ki woh zyaada kuch seh payengi.” Raj told, “Pari beta, Mujhe patha he ki hum sab unko galat samjha. Par mein unse ek baar milna chahtha hoon. Aur mein aisa kuch bhi nahi hone doonga jisse usko aur dukh ho.” Aryan was the one to answer now, he told, “Dad, Geet is going back to London. Please give her some time. What she went through is not something bearable. And dadima is with her, so don’t worry. Also she doesn’t hold anything against you. It will be better if we keep her away from everything for now.” Raj agreed with him and he left to KM with Arjun followed by Naina. Pari didn’t want to face her family after seeing what Geet went through. So she left to her room without conversing further with them, leaving them in remorse. Mohinder and Rano couldn’t even look into anyone’s face as they knew everything that Geet went through was only their fault and they don’t even deserve to ask her forgiveness for what they did. Arjun was also in the same condition, he was so proud of himself that he can understand people better and he always made right decisions. But now he couldn’t lift his face out of shame and guilt for what Geet went through because of them.

By evening, Pari and Arjun reached farmhouse, they were so much delighted after knowing from dadi about Geet’s decision to get married. Pari hugged Geet as soon as she saw her. Aryan told to lighten the mood, “Pari, tum bhool rahi ho ki Geet pregnant ho. Aisa zoor se pakadna mat.” Pari pulled away from the hug and pouted. Geet smiled whole heartedly feeling happy between the people who really cared for her. Maan looked at her smile; he could do anything to see that smile in her face. Soon Pari and dadima got immersed in planning for their marriage even though it was to be conducted in court. Meanwhile Aryan talked with Geet regarding her shifting to London. Maan just watched everything contented just to be near Geet. After few days, he was not sure when he will be able to see her and he knew he can’t go to her without her permission. He knew he has to do it, even though it will take his life away from him.