Geet looked at her four year old son playing with his new fancy, a remote controlled sports car. He was a carbon copy of his father in every aspect, same arrogance and pride, but soft in heart. A drop of tear fell from her right eye at the thought of his father, her Maan. Her thoughts broke when the chirpy voice of Meera distracted her. She wiped the tears before Meera could notice and smiled. Meera told, “Geet, tum abhi tak ready nahi hui? Hume aaj unko lene jaana he. Yash bhi nahi he yaha. Ha, Pari ne mujhe call kiya tha, tumhara phone nahi lag rahi thi, tum OT mein thi. Pari, Aryan, dadima aur Maan subha ki flight se aa raha he. Uff.. Mein kyun bol rahi hoon. Maan ne tho tumhe pehle hi bola hoga na.” Geet smiled hiding the pain she felt and told, “Ha Meera, mein abhi ready hoke aathi hoon. Tum Maanav ko dekhlena.” She has become an expert by now in hiding pain. No one could trace any pain from her face, when pain becomes an inseparable part of your life, anyone learns it easily.

Three of them left for Airport soon. The flight had just arrived by the time they reached. They waited outside for them to check out. Maanav was so happy to meet his dad after a week. When Maan was there he never even spend a minute with her. She looked ahead and saw Pari waving at her. She went and hugged Pari and dadima putting a happy face. Maanav was in his arms the very moment he saw him. Aryan told, “Maan, thoda attention Geet ko bhi do, woh kabse intezaar kar rahi hoon.” Geet looked away knowing that he won’t like it and heard him telling, “Kya Bro, mein tho sirf ek hafthe keliye gaya tha.” All of them smiled and left towards the limo waiting for them. Maanav kept on telling him about the adventures he had the past one week and he was also relaxed with Maanav’s non-stop chatter. Dadima told, “Pari bete, ab tumhari baari he hume ek grand child dene ka..” Pari blushed while Aryan was embarrassed. Meera started teasing both of them occasionally talking with Maan who was busy with Maanav. Geet smiled seeing so much happiness in her family. She was now trying to find happiness in her dear ones happiness as she always thought happiness was not meant for her.

After reaching their home in London, Geet asked dadima, Pari and Aryan to take rest and went to their room. She stood outside their room watching Maanav and Maan rolling in the bed laughing. It was a usual sight whenever Maan comes back. Maanav is so ticklish and Maan will never leave a chance to make him laugh. She entered the room without making her presence obvious. She got change of dress for Maan and kept in the bedside chair. Maan looked up and pulled Maanav to stand up. He asked him to go and play. Maanav left giving a flying kiss to her. Geet was also about to leave when he called her. She turned surprised as it is very rare that they had a conversation inside their room. Before others obviously they pretended to be so much in love couple. He came near her and told, “Geet, we have to talk. Do you have duty at night?” She told, “No Maan, I am on leave for two days.” He told, “Great. So we will talk tonight.” She nodded and he left to freshen up taking the clothes she placed. She looked at him leaving and sighed. She was not sure of what he wanted to speak. At least, he doesn’t seem irritated like it was earlier. She went down to check the lunch. Meera had left telling that she will come for dinner along with Yash.

Pari and dadima joined her soon. Dadima had to mainly talk about how she gets irritated by Annie’s stubborn nature. Arjun will always be in trouble. Geet still never visited India as she felt that she doesn’t want the sympathy or love of the people who has hurt her the most. Mohinder and Rano tried a lot to talk with her about the past, after coming out of their guilt. But she never let them proceed except telling that she doesn’t have anything against them and she has forgiven them. Raj, Naina and even Annie had apologized to her and she told them that she doesn’t have any hard feelings against them but she doesn’t want to return to India after what happened. Annie has changed a lot, but still her stubborn nature was something that will never change. She smiled remembering her calling to attend her marriage, but she just told them to be happy and her prayers are with them. After their marriage both had come couple of times to London. Raj and Naina also visited her often after Maanav was born. But Mohinder and Rano still could never gather the courage to come and meet her after everything that she went through.

Geet was brought back when she heard a familiar name, a name she loathed. Pari told, “Geet, last week when Maan came there, Rohit had come to meet him once. After meeting him, Maan bhai seemed quite disturbed. I never liked that guy, I wonder for what he came to Maan bhai now. As far as I remember, Maan bhai was not in talking terms with him after you came to London. Vishal told that he was in Canada from past five years. I had informed Vishal about his visit and he seemed quite agitated hearing it.” Geet was standing stunned after listening to Pari, so this will be what Maan wanted to talk about. She asked, “Vishal unse mile the?” Dadima was the one to answer, she told, “Ha Geet bete, yaha aane ke pehle din undono ke mulaqat hogaye the. Tabse Maan mujse bahut kuch pooch rahe the. I somehow made him calm.” Geet told, “Dadima, please unhe kuch bhi patha hone mat dena. Dr. Shashank ne bilkul mana kiya tha unhe kuch bhi yaad dilane se.” Dadima came forward and asked holding her hand, “Geet bete, tum khush hona?” She smiled and told, “Dadima, aap kyun khabra rahi ho? Aap tho dekh rahi hena aapke potha jaise kuch jaane ya bina jaane mujse kitna pyaar kartha he.” Pari told laughing, “Oh ho Geet.. Kya baat he.. Itna tareef.” Dadima also smiled hearing her; she too smiled holding the pain deep inside. They were soon lost in their talks.

Aryan and Maan had come down and joined Maanav before lunch time. They had a pleasant time having lunch. Rest of the day went with everyone lazing around spending their time with Maanav. Yash and Meera joined them for dinner. With the arrival of Meera, Maan was so much at ease. Both kept pulling each other’s leg while Yash shook his head looking at Geet. They both knew how strong their friendship was. Laughter filled the whole house while Geet looked at all these, she couldn’t be part of his happiness, but she will cherish the time they spend together. Those were the best moments in her life. By almost nine, Yash and Meera left. Dadima had gone to sleep earlier itself. Pari and Aryan left for sleep biding them Good Night. Geet carried a sleepy Maanav to their room and Maan followed. She made him sleep in their bed and turned to look at Maan who was coming near her. He told, “Geet, come with me. We need to talk.” She silently followed him to his study. He gestured her to sit in the couch next to him. It was after a long time that they were going to sit together if not before the family. She looked at him to speak after sitting next to him. He told turning to face her, “Geet, I want to know few facts from you. I don’t want any lies.” Geet had expected this, but how can she tell him anything that will prove bad for his health. Like understanding her dilemma he told, “Geet, I know that all of you are not telling me anything as you are worried about my health. But I really need to know few things.. It is three years now since I had partial amnesia. I want to know what happened in those two years. I know you won’t tell me everything. I know Maanav is my son even if you haven’t told me that. I know I had married you during that time even though we remarried after that. Like everyone, I also thought that I will regain my memory. But that seems not happening, so rather than leaving like strangers together, why don’t we start afresh? Before that I need to know about few things that happened in our past.”