Maan picked her up in bridal style while they entered. Geet blushed and hid her face on the crook of his neck. He grinned seeing the blush that was clearly visible in her face. Pari giggled seeing them and gestured Aryan towards both of them. Dadima and Aryan smiled whole heartedly seeing them like that. Maan started to climb the stairs to move towards their room when dadima stopped him. She told smiling, “Maan bete, Geet ko sirf utakar andar lane ko kaha tha, upar lekar jaane ko nahi. Neeche utaro.” Maan pouted and told, “Dadima, yeh sahi nahi he. Aap tho mujhe har haal mein Geet ke paas rehne nahi de raha he.” Geet smiled at his cute pout and told, “Maan neeche utariyena.” He told, “Dekho Mishti tum bhi dadima ki side lerahi he. Tik nahi he.” Pari and Aryan smiled seeing him like that. Dadima shot a glare at Maan and he reluctantly placed Geet on the couch not before placing a kiss on her right cheek. Dadima told holding his ears, “Maan, aap bahut badmaash ho gaya he.” Geet was embarrassed by his open display of affection. Pari and Aryan grinned seeing both of them; they never left a chance to tease them both.

Geet sat upright in the bed, it was not usual that she gets dreams about their past. It was true that she remembered the moments but dreaming about it never happened before and him calling her Mishty, it brought back all those memories which kept her alive. She missed him so much; a tear fell from her eyes unknowingly. She looked at the time and saw that it is nearly two. She looked for Maan, but he was not in the room. She sighed, maybe he had some work. He has become a workaholic in the past three years, he has changed to a very serious person unlike how he was before. She knew that he won’t like any interference in his work, so decided to sleep even though her heart ached for something unknown. She held Maanav close to her and tried to sleep, but the dream made her think about the wonderful time they had together. The day they got married was one of the most memorable days in her life. Their court marriage and the small ceremony dadima arranged in the temple. The happiness visible in all everyone’s face made her believe that happiness can truly be hers. When they took the seven sacred vows and Maan tied the mangalsutra on her neck, she felt that she was the happiest person in the world. When he put the sindoor on her forehead marking her as his, she felt that she was truly lucky to get him in her life. But she lost everything in a blink of eye, even before she could make herself believe it. She closed her eyes again trying to sleep avoiding the restlessness that she felt.

In Gym, Maan was venting out the anger for himself by thrashing himself with a chain. His whole body was red by then, but he continued it until he felt his body giving up. He fell on the floor and closed his eyes. Every single moment in their life since she met him flashed in his mind. He met her first when he was taken to London after few days of his accident. Her eyes had stared at him for long for a single recognition, but seeing nothing he could feel her getting dejected. The blankness that covered her face was not unnoticed by him. His reaction about their marriage and Maanav had definitely made her lose all hopes. She never argued when he put all the blame on her initially, but when he met Maanav his apprehensions slowly started to disappear. He knew that Maanav was his son, the connection was instant. He had seen the flash of happiness in her face when he accepted Maanav. He was the reason why he decided to settle in London even though she wanted Geet to move back to India. Everyone seemed to be against her coming back to India. She agreed to all his demands before they got married with all the proper rituals. His doubts about their relation strengthened due to the absence of Mohinder and Rano, but no one including his parents seemed to care about their absence. Arjun was present with Annie and he could see his eyes getting misty when he came to bless them both. After their marriage also Arjun had asked him only one thing like others, to keep Geet happy. He was in a dilemma first but every day spent with her started to attract him unknowingly towards her. The pull was so strong that he took out the frustration also on her, but she never reacted to anything.

He knew he started loving her from the beginning itself, but never admitted it even to himself. She never demanded anything from him, but was beside him as a support without expecting anything. How could someone be so selfless? He had never seen her demanding anything; it was like she doesn’t have any wishes. For Maanav, she knew that he will always give the best only, so she doesn’t have to bother about it. Her blank eyes and emotionless face had always disturbed him, he wanted to keep her always in his embrace but his ego got better. He couldn’t believe that he turned so cold hearted that he destroyed her and blamed her for everything. Neither in the past nor in the present, he did anything right to her. He was the one who destroyed every single bit of happiness in her life. He gave her hope that destroyed her will to live. He promised to be with her, but pushed her away so harshly. Now when he knew how much she suffered since her childhood and he was no better than her parents, he couldn’t help from hating himself. He slowly got up; there was a determination in his face. He knew what Geet needs; it is not sympathy or the confessions of a guilty heart. All she need is love and he will make sure that he will bring her back with his love.