Maan couldn’t sleep the whole night. He thought about everything that happened till now and one fact that he could see was Geet will never be truly happy if she felt that he is doing anything out of guilt or if she comes to know that he knew everything. She will accept that, but he knew that she will never expect anything from him or anyone. She will go deep into hopelessness. Only way to make her happy was by making her realize her worth, by making her realize that he truly loves her and she deserves love and happiness more than anyone else. It is others who don’t deserve her. He looked at her face which had so much restlessness even in deep sleep. He could only curse his fate for making him loose his memory, he was now sure that he might have loved her beyond anything, she was someone who was too good to be true. He got her love which was so much precious, but he couldn’t treasure it, God haven’t given him a chance to preserve it, rather made him unworthy again with his own demeanor. Something strike his mind and he decided.. May be he can try even though he knew that she won’t be ready for it.

Next morning Geet woke up only to find Maan sitting on the chair placed near the bed and sleeping. First thought came to her mind was he may not want to share the bed with her, so he slept there. But before her thoughts could process, Maan opened his eyes. She looked at him and asked, “Aap idhar kyun sogaye? Mujhe uta liya hotha. Mein jakke couch mein sojathi.” He felt a lump in his throat getting the impact of her words. He closed his eyes to compose himself and told, “Geet, mein kuch pad raha tha and I don’t mind sharing my bed with my wife.” She looked at him, this is the first time he addressed her as his wife. He told getting up, “Geet fresh hokke aajao. I need to discuss few things with you, be ready by 9, we both are going out.” Geet asked immediately, “Bakki sab ghar mein.. aur Maanav..” He told, “No need to worry about them. Meera has planned to take them out along with Maanav.” She was quite apprehensive as it was the first time they will go out together without Maanav. Seeing the apprehension in her face Maan came forward and told taking her hand in his, “Geet, don’t you like to come along with me?” Geet immediately shook her head and told, “Aisa kuch nahi Maan. I will be ready.” Maan left her hand and went to sleep next to Maanav until Geet was back.

Geet was confused by the change in Maan’s behavior, not that she disliked it but she was not able to understand what he needed. May be he wanted to give a chance to this marriage, his declaration of her as his wife somewhat confirmed it. Whatever it is, she just has to follow him. She got ready in a white t-shirt and three-fourths. Maan left to freshen up while she got Maanav ready. Maanav was all set to have a day out with Meera aunty. Meera and Aryan seemed happy when Maan told them about their plan to go out. Meera suggested that Maanav should stay with them for one day as it is long since they got a chance. Maanav jumped on her suggestion as he was too happy to be with Yash. Pari was giving Geet all teasing looks while she shook her head seeing her still behaving childish. She thought it to be childish, because she was far away from any kind of emotions. Maan noticed her expressions and knew that he has a really tough path ahead. After breakfast, Maan left with Geet. Geet was unsure of where he wants to take her and kept looking at him once in a while expecting him to tell something. But he was quiet even though glancing at her occasionally.

After almost an hour, they reached there. Geet had dozed off in between and when she opened her eyes, she couldn’t believe her eyes. She never saw such a beautiful place even once during her stay there. It was a beautiful farm house surrounded by lake. There were no houses anywhere nearby and she understood that it belonged to Khurana’s. She looked around absorbing the nature when she felt two hands snaking her waist. Her body jolted at the familiar touch, before her thoughts could process she heard his husky voice, “Geet, kya tumhe acha laga yaha aake?” Getting a grip in her emotions she told, “Bahut khoobsoorat jagah he Maan.” He told, “Par tumse zyaada nahi” and left her not before placing a kiss on her shoulders. Geet stood there for a while not able to comprehend whether it really happened or not, but followed him pushing off all the thoughts. She never expected anything, but him getting close all of a sudden was something new for her and it may take her time to adjust, not that she will deny his rights. His rights; that is what she thought of it, she couldn’t associate any emotions with it.

Maan asked her to freshen up and come for lunch as it was already 12.30. They had their lunch in silence even though Geet had many questions in her mind. Maan also kept quiet because he wanted her to relax for a while. He could see her restlessness throughout the lunch. After lunch, Maan asked her to come to the lake side. There were two chairs placed near the lake and they sat there. Maan told breaking the uncomfortable silence, “Geet, I know that you may be wondering why I changed all of a sudden. But this change was not sudden; my feelings for you had changed ever since we started to live together. My ego never permitted me to accept it. The image I had about you since childhood was not a pleasant one. So when I knew that I had got married to you and we have a child, I couldn’t digest it. Also I don’t remember anything that transpired between us. I couldn’t accept the fact and my first resolution was to ignore you. I could to some extent, but after meeting Maanav I started accepting the fact that you are my wife even though I haven’t made it obvious. When I got to know you better, unknowingly I had started falling for you. But everything around was confusing as we were staying apart from our parents and your parents never visited you. So I decided to hold any feelings I have for you. I was very much used to seeing the cunning women in business, so trusting someone was not so easy for me. The only women whom I trusted, besides my family, was Pari as I grew up with her and knew her better.”

Maan paused for a while and saw that Geet was listening to him silently. He continued looking at her, “But every day I was falling for you more and it was becoming impossible for me to hold back. I never saw you demanding anything, I never saw you smiling whole heartedly. Besides love, guilt also started eating me as I felt that I was the reason for your pain. My decision to visit India was something beyond business. I wanted to know our past and clear everything before I could start afresh in our life. But no one was ready to tell me. That is when Rohit came to visit me. Even though I couldn’t believe him, whatever he said was something new to me. I knew that something was definitely hidden from me. Vishal visit confirmed it and I decided to know everything from you as I felt that you will never lie to me. The trust had already come to my heart which I feared once.” He stood up and knelt near Geet’s chair placing his hands above hers. Geet looked at him without blinking nor could he find any flicker of emotions in her face. He cupped her face and told, “But Geet, you lied to me. Not that you broke my trust, but you could have told me the truth.” First time after he started talking she told, “Maan, I can never lie to you.” He told, “Then why you lied that we got married because of Maanav? Why you lied about our love? You knew it right? Then why you lied?”

Geet held his hand and told, “Maan, mein sach bol rahi thi. Agar Maanav nahi tha tho mein kabhi aapki zindagi mein nahi hothi.” Maan stopped her and told, “Choot Geet. Tumhe patha he Maan Singh Khurana aik galthi ko sudharne keliye kuch bhi kar sakhte hain lekin apni zindagi ke saath nahi khelenge. Agar mein tumse pyaar nahi kartha tho mein kabhi tumse shaadi karne keliye ha nahi kehtha. Mujse kiya hua jo bhi gunah ho uska zimmedari tho zaroor uta liya hotha, par shaadi kabhi nahi. Tho phir tumne aise kaise soch liya?” Geet told slowly getting up, “Maan, jo humare ateet mein hua woh aapko patha nahi he. Please yeh sab chodiye.” Maan pulled her back and she fell on his lap knocking him to the ground. Maan rolled over her not letting her go. He told holding both her hands down, “Geet, mujhe sab patha he. Bro ne mujhe sab kuch bataya.” Geet looked at him shocked. Maan continued, “Don’t worry I am fine. Mein itna kamzor nahi hoon ki apni ateet ke baare mein jaankar paagal ho jaon. Aur humare ateet jaane se mujhe koi farq nahi pada kyunki mujhe un palon ki yaad nahi he. Par mein khush hoon ki mein tumse hi pyaar kiya tha, kyunki agar tumhari jagah koi aur ho tho shayad mein uske saath apne zindagi nibha nahi patha. I can never let you go Geet, I love you.” With that he moved ahead and captured her lips into a passionate kiss.

Geet held him while his lips devoured hers. His words were running in her mind. She couldn’t understand him; he told her that their past didn’t matter. He doesn’t feel sympathy for her like others. He is not guilty for what he did in the past as he doesn’t remember about it, but he loves her and wants her to be his. This was what she wanted always, to have someone love her only her. But why it all feels alien for her. She was missing something, the warmth in his eyes, the naughtiness that was his companion. May be that has got lost along with his memories, but she should be happy that he accepted her. Why was she even expecting something else? She hugged him surrendering to him. She was too tired fighting with emotions that made her weak. Maan stopped after a while and looked at her closed eyes. A tear threatened to fall from his eyes but he blinked and stopped it before she could see. He knew that she just surrendered to him. He told her that their past doesn’t matter, but how can he free himself from the guilt. Both were still in their own world trying to break free, one from her emotions and other from the guilt.