Geet’s thoughts went back to the past. Her dadaji, Sukhdev Handa had their major business in London and they were settled there since long. As he grew old, Mohinder was handling their family business in India as well as London being his only son. When Rano gave birth to the twins, there was a crisis in their business in India and Mohinder had to leave for India. He needed Rano’s support but she was not ready to leave her children behind especially Arjun. So they decided to take Arjun and Pari along with them as dadima can’t look after both Pari and Geet. Soon their business was shifted to India and with the tensions in business, Mohinder and Rano never got time for Geet, their visits were very rare and she was left to the care of her grandparents. However, once the twins grew up, they always used to be in touch with each other. Arjun was more matured for his age and always talked less. Even though he loved Geet, he never showed it much. She never got the care and love from her parents when it was required. Dadaji and dadima always felt bad for her for having deprived of her parents’ love. Even though they loved her, she kept herself aloof from everyone during her school days. Dadaji fell ill all of a sudden and considering his request to leave everything behind and start a new life, Geet began to open up slowly to her friends and soon her nature changed completely. She became completely outgoing and began to enjoy her life.

Dadaji was happy with the progress in her and passed away soon owing to his ill health. Dadaji took a promise from her before dying that she will enjoy her life no matter whatever may happen. Dadima insisted in staying in London when Mohinder asked them to return to India knowing that Geet just started to enjoy her life and she wanted only her happiness; even Geet never wanted to live with her parents who never cared for her. She joined graduation in medical science. She got many friends who were ready to do anything for her. She began to experience the happiness in her life. However, her happiness was not prolonged, dadima fell ill after she completed her graduation and they were forced to return to India. In India, as expected, she never got a warm welcome. Even though all were happy about her return, they didn’t approve her outgoing nature. Mohinder always had rigid rules for their family, even though born and brought up in London and dadaji never insisted. Even Arjun couldn’t agree with her lifestyle. The only person who accepted her knowing her nature was Pari. Geet never paid any heed to all that, but she somehow felt bad that no one cared to even understand her. Khurana’s were family friends of Handa’s and Arjun was getting married to Annie Khurana very soon, so it had turned to a relation. Raj Khurana had two sons and one daughter, the elder son Aryan Singh Khurana and younger Maan Singh Khurana. Aryan was doctor in Sanjeevani and Maan was handling KC and Khurana’s family business. Aryan was kind-hearted and nice person while Maan was rude and arrogant. Geet and Maan never got along well and their meetings always ended up in fights.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard the voice of thunder outside. She went near the window and looked at the rain drops falling one by one. Her thoughts again went back to those days that gave her nothing but pain. Geet never tried to change her nature knowing that her parents don’t like her that way. Why should she do something like that when they never cared for her yet? She had joined Sanjeevani and had become somewhat comfortable with Aryan very soon. Aryan, even though talked very less and was little serious, had developed a liking towards Geet. He could sometimes see through the faade but never tried to talk about it as he knew that Geet will never acknowledge it. Geet never liked the family dinners as both the families will be present and they would definitely want to discuss how she should behave. How she should dress up etc.. She used to keep quiet but sometimes it becomes too much and she will tell something which will lead to her parents scolding her before others. So she used to find some or the other reason not to attend the dinners. Annie and she never got along and she often ended up getting scolded by Rano or Arjun for no mistake of hers. All these were taking a toll on her when the manager of the orphanage where dadima was a sponsor contacted her. It was a relief for her and she used to spend time with the children every day in the pretense of going for jogging. She used to feel home there with the love and affection of the children than at Handa mansion. Even though she pretended to stick on to her outgoing nature, she could never hide her true nature from those children. Daily she will leave from home in the pretense of jogging and reach the orphanage. There she will spend about one hour and return back home. It was the only thing that brought happiness in her life. She missed her friends, they were persuading her to come back to London, but she couldn’t return as Arjun’s marriage was about to happen soon.

Everything was going smooth as she managed to get along with other’s behavior and gave a cold shoulder to those who don’t approve her ways. But her dreadful days started with a fight she had with one of Maan’s friends in the pub. She visited the pub as one of her friends from London, Ron had come to India for a thesis final approval. They decided to meet up in XYZ pub and were having a nice time when Maan entered with his friends. Maan instantly noticed her as it was not common to see her there and that too with a guy who appeared to be a foreigner. One of his friends, Rohit noticed her. She was in a knee length dress with short sleeves. He told, “Wow guys, a new item is there. Let me try my luck” and left before Maan could stop her. He went near Geet and kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned around and simply threw away his hand in a swift movement continuing her talks with Ron. Ron smiled knowing her and warned Rohit with his eyes to leave. However, her dismissal angered Rohit and he placed his hand on her thighs. Geet stood up and placed a tight slap on his face followed by a kick in his groin. Rohit fell down with the kick and his friends except Maan came to help him. Maan was too shocked seeing her like that. He didn’t go to them not wanting to create a scene. Geet left with Ron after giving a mouthful to Rohit. After she left, Maan went to Rohit. Rohit was burning in shame and anger. He wanted her at any cost. He had noticed Maan keeping away until she left. He asked, “Maan, you know her?” Maan never lied to his friends, so told, “She is Arjun’s sister, Geet, Twin sister of Pari.” Rohit caught it and told, “Oh so she is the one whom you were talking about last week. No wonder she is like this. How about we teach her a lesson that she never forgets? I am sure that Arjun and his family is not very fond of her nature knowing how traditional they are.” Maan agreed after much persuasion from his friends.

Rohit had decided to take revenge on her using Maan. His plan was to get her to bed but he revealed only half of it to Maan. They kept some of their fellow friends in Sanjeevani to keep an eye on her. She was having night duty that day and was returning home when her car’s tires got punctured. Rohit had planned for it and by the time Geet was out, all of them including Maan were heavily drunk. They had followed Geet from hospital and saw her hitting the tire out of frustration in the deserted road. As per the plan, they asked Maan to take the car and give her a lift. Maan went in his car and reached near Geet. She was more annoyed seeing Maan, but couldn’t resist his offer for lift as she had no other option. As per the plan, he took her to their farmhouse in the pretense of getting some files. As soon as she entered the farmhouse, he shut the door behind her. She looked shocked at Maan and could sense that he was heavily drunk. Even though she felt the smell inside the car, she never expected him to be drunk like that. She told, “Tumne darwaza kyun band kiya? Mujhe ghar jaana he. Agar tumse nahi hoga tho mein khud drive karke jaathi hoon.” But he was fast enough to trap her between him and the door. Before she could make a move he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. She tried hitting him with her hands and legs but everything went futile before him. She looked at him fearing the worst.