Maan put her on the bed and closed the door. She looked at him horrified. She knew that he was not in senses and she didn’t know why he wanted to do so. Before she could think further he was right above her pressing her to the bed. She tried to push him away but he was too strong for her to resist. He pushed her to the bed and captured her lips into a devastating kiss. He bit her lips when she pursed it, gaining entry to her mouth. He was harsh and her lips were swollen and bruised by the time he left her. Her first kiss, that too without her consent. He moved to her neck and collarbone pinning her hands and body below him so that she won’t be able to struggle. He tore away her t-shirt in one go, leaving her only on her inners. She was feeling helpless for the first time in her life. She wanted to cover herself but her hands were harshly pinned above the head. He started giving bites and kisses where ever he found her soft milky skin. He tore away her inner soon capturing her curves in his hands and mouth. He was too harsh on her that her upper body was reddish with bruises all over. When he was satisfied he moved down to her navel and started giving her marks of his harshness. He pushed down the jeans with his one hand along with her inner and tossed it away. Soon he got rid of his clothes and entered her in one go without giving time for her to move. Her virgin body was unable to take so much of harshness and she was in pain. He went on doing it until he passed out. When he left her she had nothing left, neither her dignity, nor the will to live. He had taken away everything that she held precious.

She was physically and emotionally drained out of all energy. She gathered the remaining pieces of her clothing and went to the bathroom. She sat under water for almost an hour and came out drying herself. She noticed her t-shirt and inner lying torn in the floor. She looked around and opened the cupboard. She got a t-shirt that nearly matched her size after a long search. She wore it and went out through the back door. She wanted to reach in the confines of her room sooner as she couldn’t break down before anyone. She got a taxi after walking a while and reached HM. She went directly to her room knowing that nobody has woken up. Once she was in the confines of her room, she let the tears flow down. How her life changed in just few minutes. She hugged herself and cried her heart out, an agony that was unheard by anyone else.

Meanwhile Rohit and others had reached the farmhouse. They couldn’t reach there as expected because they were caught by the traffic police and with much persuasion they left them after 2 hours. They had a key of the farmhouse, they opened and entered. Not finding any signs of them anywhere, they went to the bedroom. The sight of the room was enough for them to understand what happened. Maan was lying in the bed covering himself with the duvet till his back. There were blood stains in the sheet and a ladies t-shirt and inner was thrown in the floor torn. But there was no sign of Geet, so they guessed that she might have left. Rohit knew that Maan was too drunk to even remember anything happened, so they decided to play the game well. If he couldn’t get Geet also not a problem, he will make her life a living hell. They removed the stained sheets and dressed Maan making him lie on the couch. Rohit removed his shirt and got into the bed with Geet’s torn t-shirt and inner near the bed. When Maan woke up they made them believe that Geet succumbed to Rohit’s demands and Rohit added as to how good she was in bed. Maan instantly felt hatred towards Geet. Next day, he confronted her and insulted her for being a shame on her family by sleeping with random men. He didn’t give her a chance to speak and blamed her for everything. Geet was losing her temper but she somehow understood that Rohit might have manipulated Maan as he doesn’t remember anything about last night. She sighed and left knowing that there is no point in arguing with him. She tried to behave normal even though the thought of that night was eating her within.

However, life was not easier for her. She was worried when she missed the periods and the tests confirmed it. Her whole being shook at the realization that she was pregnant. But the life growing inside gave her strength to survive along with that she started feeling for the man who was responsible for all these. Even though he was rude at her, she knew that he was good at heart. Even though he hated her sight, he knew how much he cared for others. She knew that she can never get the love back but she started to love him. The little life in her created an unseen emotional bond with him. However, life never stopped playing games at her. Another bigger shock awaited her on the next family dinner when her father and Raj announced the engagement of Pari and Maan. She knew he will become someone else’s someday, but the fact that he was going to be her sister’s husband shook him. She felt disgusted of herself as she was carrying the child of her would be jiju, that she was in love with him. She made up her mind not to fell weak, she has to forget him, and she doesn’t deserve to even love him. It was her child, only hers, her only expectation in her life. She knew the consequences she will have to face, but she was determined to face it all. She knew that the only place she can go is London. She made the arrangements while her friends there were more than willing to help her.

She came out from her thoughts and went out in the balcony. She sat near the railings in the floor watching the moon shining brightly. There were more stars in the sky, she felt like dadi and dadu were watching her from far. Tears started flowing from her unknowingly. She told as if telling them, “Dadi, dadu, kash mein aap dono ke paas hotha. Par patha nahi aur kya kya dekhna bakki he ab iss zindagi mein.” She caressed her stomach with her hand and told, “Shayad babaji ne isliye mujhe iska sahara diya he. Kyunki usse patha hoga ki mujhe apne zindagi mein pyaar kabhi milega nahi. Isliye isse sirf mereliye bheja he, jisse mein sirf apna keh saku. Jab uski papa mujhe sabse zyaada nafrat kare, tab woh mujhe itna pyaar de takki mein uss nafrat ko bhool jao.” She wiped her tears and told, “Nahi dadu, I won’t cry. dadi, mein aapki strong gudiya hoon, jo apna har dard hasthe hue sehthi hoon, har ek feelings ko chupa sakthi hoon. I will always remain strong for my child, like I have been till now.” She stood up with a determination as she felt light in heart after talking her heart out. But little did she know that she was feeling light because her babaji has conveyed the same to the person responsible for it.