Maan was walking towards his balcony after talking to Pari. The knowledge that Pari never went to the orphanage was a shock for him. But then who was it that he used to watch daily during his jogs. The innocence, the playfulness that stole his heart, who was it? When his parents came up with the engagement, he was the happiest person as he was sure that it was Pari whom he used to watch every day. So it didn’t take time for him to agree to it. But as things proceeded, he felt that Pari is hiding something. She looked happy, but something was bothering her. He didn’t get time to talk to her before, so he found some time after all the functions were over. He knew that his decision was right, as he got to know the soft corner in Pari’s heart for his brother. Also he heard from one of Aryan’s friends that he loved Pari since their childhood. When he asked Aryan, he just shrugged it off as his friend’s imagination. But now he was sure that both of them loved each other secretly. There was more to his restlessness than it. Pari’s mention about Geet, how she was deprived of parents’ love since childhood, how she never shows her emotions to others, it disturbed him a lot. Earlier it was easy to believe Rohit’s words, but he couldn’t relate this Geet anywhere. Everything was going wrong. He needs to talk to his parents and call off the engagement before it is late. He can’t snatch his brother’s happiness. He thought he was in love with Pari, but the truth is that he was in love with the girl whom he used to watch daily in the orphanage. Now when he knows that she is not the one then he should act fast. He moved ahead when he saw a figure coming to Geet’s balcony. First thought was that it could be someone who came to see her. It disgusted him and he wanted to move ahead. But he turned and saw that the figure was sitting on the floor watching the sky. He wanted to know who it is and climbed the balcony that connected Handa’s and Khurana’s. He moved near and saw that it was Geet. He saw tears making its way down her face. He was surprised as he never saw her cry, leave crying he never saw her sad. He moved ahead when he heard her talks that shook his entire being.

He was left shaken by the few words she spoke. She was pregnant, but what she told about its papa shook him again. He knew that her words never implied Rohit, then whom? He couldn’t even think about her willingly submitting to Rohit after her words. No she can’t do that. He needed to get into the depth. He knew Rohit will never tell the truth, then whom? Vishal, yes he can tell. He remembered Vishal being aloof after that day; he refused to come for their parties and outings after that. There must be something. He went to his room and dialed Vishal. After few rings he picked the call. His sound appeared like he wanted to end the conversation soon. But he needs to know the facts. He asked him to meet him in half an hour in his farmhouse. Even though he refused first, later he agreed hearing the desperation in his voice. After an hour, Maan was standing besides his car bending his head on the bonnet while Vishal was trying to calm him. Maan couldn’t believe that he stooped so low and blamed it all on her. He was shaking with anger and hatred for self. He turned and hit the tree trunk nearby causing his hand to bleed. Even though Vishal tried to stop him he couldn’t as Maan was violent. Maan’s eyes were red and suddenly something hit his mind. He knew what to do; shrugging off Vishal’s hand he entered his car and zoomed off.

Geet woke up sensing someone’s presence near her. Before she could scream or do something, one hand covered her mouth. She stopped struggling when the masculine scent filled her, she knew who it was, but wondered why he was here. When he felt her stop struggling he took the hand from her mouth. She asked, “Maan, why are you here at this time?” Maan was surprised as to how she identified him even in the dark. He told, “Come with me now.” It was more of a command that Geet immediately protested, “Why should I come with you?” Maan told not letting her speak, “Because I am telling. And don’t dare to mess with me. Do you want everyone to wake up?” Geet knew that she doesn’t want her sister to wake up and find him in her room. So she kept quite. He scooped her up much to her protest and carried her down through the balcony stairs. He placed her inside his car and went to the driving seat. Then only he noticed her dress. She was wearing a baby pink t-shirt and three forth’s. She looked like an adorable kid in the dress. His gaze went to her stomach where their baby resided. She was looking away facing towards the window. He knew that he was harsh again but it was the only way to make her agree. He drove to his farmhouse. Vishal who was there left seeing Geet with him not making them obvious of his presence. He knew that everything will be alright now.

Geet was surprised seeing the farmhouse and looked at him fearing that he was drunk again. He looked at her and told, “I am not drunk like last time.” She was shocked while Maan came to her side and before she could protest scooped her up in his arms carrying her inside. He locked the main door with his back and took her to his bedroom. Geet was still in shock to realize where he was carrying her. But when he reached the room, the memories of last time flashed in her mind and she wriggled in his arms. He was feeling guiltier seeing the expressions in her face which was not gauged as usual. He knew she was remembering that day. He closed his eyes to gain his composure and put her gently on the bed. She immediately got up but he was too quick for her and pushed her slightly back to the bed hovering over her. He dipped his head in the crook of her neck and told, “Geet, I am sorry.” His lips trailed down her neck while her neck got wet with his tears. Geet was shocked when she felt his lips on her neck. She fisted her hands in the bedsheet when he heard him telling sorry along with her neck getting wet. She immediately held him and asked, “Maan, kya hua? Sab tik tho he?” Maan looked at her face and she saw that his eyes were red and the expression in his face told her that he knew everything.

She told, “Maan, aap..” Before she could tell anything he immediately closed her mouth with his hands. He told, “Geet, please don’t make me guiltier than I already am. I know a sorry won’t undo my deeds. Believe me, I never had any idea of what happened that day, I was too drunk to remember anything. Rohit had added some drugs to my drink. The dislike I had for your ways made me believe Rohit. I am sorry..” She knew that he was repenting his deeds but he loved her sister and they are engaged. She can’t let this guilt burden their relation. She told, “Maan, I knew the day you shouted at me that you knew nothing transpired between us. But you don’t need to be sorry. What happened was bound to happen. I don’t want you to think about it and get tensed. I want you both happy while moving ahead with your life.” Maan lifted his head and asked confused, “What do you mean by that Geet?” She told, “Maan, please leave all these. Pari and you are getting married in two months. So forget that the day ever happened in our lives.” Maan was stunned hearing her. How could she still think only about his happiness? He was angry. He told, “What do you think of me Geet? Do you think me as a person who makes someone pregnant and marry her sister? Do you feel that I will stoop so low?” Geet was shocked that he knew the truth. She asked, “Par Maan, how you know?” He told, “I heard you talking to dadu and dadi.” She closed her eyes and told after composing herself, “No Maan, I don’t want you to do anything out of guilt. I know you love Pari. I don’t want you to lose your love just because of that day.” He moved dangerously close to her and asked, “Then what about you Geet? Don’t you love me?” She looked away and told, “It doesn’t matter, Maan. I will be fine.

He turned her to face him and asked, “Did I ever tell you that I love Pari? Or did anyone tell you?” She shook her head and he continued, “And you decided that I love her.  But it is true that I love someone.” She felt sad hearing him but her face didn’t give away any emotion. He continued, “I love the girl whom I used to watch from far in xxx Orphanage. I fell for her innocence, her playfulness, her love for those children.” Geet’s eyes widened at the realization but she managed to mask it soon, but it was not unnoticed by Maan who was overjoyed at the realization that it was Geet. He dipped his head on her neck again and kissed her there. Geet gasped unable to push him away. He told nuzzling her cheeks, “But I did a mistake in recognizing her. Now I couldn’t be more thankful to God that it is the same person who is bearing our child.” With that he moved down and kissed her stomach above her dress. Geet was feeling overwhelmed but she remembered Pari. She told making him look at her, “Maan, please don’t do this to Pari.” Maan smiled and told, “You are still bothered about the engagement when it is already called off by us.” Geet was shocked and asked, “Maan, how could you do this to Pari?” He told, “Do you really think that I am so heartless?” He continued seeing her bewildered expression, “Geet, Aryan loves Pari and she too loves him. I definitely don’t want to marry my brother’s love.” Geet was left mouth opened at the realization. She never thought that way. Maan asked, “Now that everything is cleared are you giving me an open invitation?” Geet immediately closed her mouth looking away as her cheeks turned crimson. Maan thought looking at her, “How could I even think that she did such a heinous deed? How could I not see her innocence masked behind her coldness?” Tears made way to his eyes again; it was the first time in his life that he was having tears in his eyes. The intensity of his deeds came crashing down to him. She immediately looked sensing the wetness in her cheeks. She wiped the tear before the next could fall down. He smiled seeing the concern in her face. How could she forgive him after what he did to her? From Vishal, he knew what he did and he couldn’t remember anything owing to the state he was. Now he understood why he didn’t remember anything, he was drugged. But he needs to make up for every bit of hurt and pain she went through. He looked at Geet who was lying dangerously close to him and to lighten the mood, he asked, “Waise where were you trying to escape? Back to London?” She opened her mouth again in surprise but this time instead of warning he took her lips into his kissing her passionately. Even though stunned at first Geet responded soon letting herself feel the love, shedding the inhibitions.