Geet couldn’t hold her emotions after experiencing the feeling, the feeling of being special to someone. But something was making her hold back, hold back from sharing the pain and loneliness she suffered. She was not yet ready for that. After what seemed eternity, Maan pulled back to look at her flushed face, her swollen lips. She shied hiding herself from his intense gaze in his arms. He pulled her out slowly and told, “Geet, I am sorry for everything I did, for every hurtful word.” She didn’t let him continue as she moved ahead and kissed him. He was thrilled by her response and kissed her back ardently. He moved down after a while to her neck and moved further down giving kisses until he reached her stomach. He moved her top slightly to see her milky white stomach and placed a kiss there. He told, “Baby, papa is really sorry.” She closed his mouth before he could apologize. He looked upto see her shaking her head for a no. He kissed her hand and moved up to kiss her forehead, eyes and cheeks. He looked at her for a while and told, “Since I don’t remember what transpired between us let us do a recap.” She looked at him shocked but soon forgot everything when his hands and lips did magic in her body making her forget her own self, making her forget that fateful night. After a while when she was lying on his chest contented, with his arms wrapped around her, she told, “Thank you Maan.” Before he could reply she continued, “Thank you for making me forget that day and replace it with these blissful moments.” Maan sighed knowing that she understood why he did it. He wanted to make her forget the hurt, the pain that she went through because of him. He knows that this was not enough but he wanted to do everything that will make her happy. He moved above her caring not to put pressure on her stomach and told, “Geet, how easily you forgave me? Kash mein tumhe samaj patha. Tumhare masoomiyat ko pehle dekh patha.” Geet forbid him from telling further closing his mouth and told, “Mujhe yeh kafi he ki mujhe aapka pyaar mila he. Usse zyaada mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.” She hugged him close feeling contented and slept soon in his arms.

She woke up when she felt water touching her body. She opened her droopy eyes finding herself in the Jacuzzi with Maan looking at her lovingly. She smiled but soon shied away knowing that she was devoid of any clothes presenting him a good view. Maan was beside her knowing she was about to hide. He told holding her hands and pulling her to him, “Geet, there is nothing left to hide and I don’t want you to hide anything from me anymore.” Geet looked up hearing him; she knew his words were deeper than what he told. She smiled and hugged him. They relaxed there for a while and Maan helped her to get fresh. They went outside and got dressed. After that Maan pulled her into his embrace and told, “Geet, I want to talk to our parents soon. I can’t wait to have you with me. I don’t want any finger to point on you and make you suffer. You have suffered a lot. Now I won’t let it happen.” Geet was somehow afraid of their reaction as she knew that Annie was not so fond of her. Only Aryan likes her and Raj and Naina Khurana, Maan’s parents always liked Pari. Maan could feel her getting tensed. He told pressing a kiss on her forehead, “Don’t worry about anything Geet. I will take care of it.” She hugged him still apprehensive about what is next. They reached home by morning four and Maan left her in her room.

Next day Maan got up late and went down after getting ready for office. Everyone was present in the table including Annie, who normally gets up late. He greeted everyone and told, “Mom, dad I have to talk to you.” Raj looked up hearing the seriousness in Maan’s voice and told, “Yes Son. Go ahead.” Everyone was curious to know. Maan told, “Dad, before I talk to you I need to know someone’s opinion.” Raj nodded his head while he turned to Aryan and asked, “Bro, you love Pari, right?” Aryan was startled and dropped the spoon he was holding. He composed himself soon and told, “Maan, have you gone mad? What are you telling?” Maan replied before he could cover up, “Bro, I know the truth and I know Pari also loves you.” He asked, “Maan, don’t go with some assumptions. Nothing like that is there. See, you both are engaged now. At least remember that.” Maan told, “Then let me clear your assumptions, I am calling off my engagement with Pari. I will marry only Geet.” “What??” the reaction was spontaneous and everyone were looking at him like they saw an alien.

Maan shrugged off and told, “What? I am going to marry Geet. Actually I had some misconceptions; I thought it was Pari whom I used to secretly admire during my morning jogs. Now that everything is cleared and I understand that I am in love with Geet, I will marry her only, right? And Pari and my brother are already in love. So nothing is there to worry now.” All the four were stunned at his declaration and Naina asked to confirm, “Maan, you are kidding right?” Maan looked at her and asked, “Come on Mom, do I look kidding? You have to be happy, that way our families will be bonded forever.” This time Annie was the one to react, “Maan bhai, just for keeping the families together, you don’t need to do it. You don’t need to make up stories to make it appear like you love her, just for Aryan bro to get his love. I know you hate her. Who will like someone like her, she doesn’t even know to respect her parents…” Annie was going on when Maan lost his cool and told, “Enough Annie, not a word more about Geet. I don’t hate her and if you all want me to get married then it will be only to Geet. Now you can decide.” He left for office without having breakfast.

Annie kept cursing Geet for making Maan talk like that. Naina and Raj were surprised as they knew the animosity between them. Aryan was happy about Maan’s decision as he could see that Maan was serious about it. But he had things to clear before that. Before he could talk Raj turned to him and asked, “Aryan, Is everything that Maan told true? I had asked your opinion for marriage and you turned me down telling that you don’t want to get married now. When I moved ahead with Maan’s marriage also you told me nothing. Then what is all these.” Aryan bowed his head and told, “I am sorry Dad. I thought.. Pari loves Maan. So I haven’t told anything.” Raj told, “Acha hua Maan ne abhi bata diya. Aryan, you always spoke whatever is in your mind, then why this time? Your one decision could have spoiled three lives.” Aryan told, “I know dad. Can’t we make it right now? Besides everything I am happy about Maan’s decision to marry Geet.” Naina told, “Wahi tho meri samaj mein nahi aa rahi he, yeh dono jab dekho ek doosre se ladthe rehthe the? Achanak aise kya hua Maan ko?” Raj told, “Naina, you know Maan never makes decisions in haste. He seemed determined. I think we should talk to Mohinder now. Everything has to be cleared. I will be happy if both our sons are marrying Mohinder’ daughters.” Naina and Aryan agreed with him. Annie left the table getting annoyed. But as everyone knew her nature, they didn’t care for it.

Mohinder and Rano were happy when Raj told about the happenings. But was really concerned thinking of Geet’s nature, even Arjun was little apprehensive about Geet knowing her nature and Annie doesn’t like her. Geet was so much straight forward that people have to think a while before talking to her, while Pari will always think about the pros and cons and then talk. He always thought that Geet was strong and independent and he liked her for the maturity she had. But what he never knew was the heart that longed for the love of her siblings, her parents. All of them couldn’t understand the pain and loneliness that she suffered all alone. That day evening, both the families got together and decided regarding the alliances. Even though not very pleased, Annie stood quite knowing that Maan will always be firm in his decisions and no one can change it. Maan had arrived late and noticed Geet who was standing quite on a corner, while others were engrossed in deciding the proceedings. Pari, Annie and Aryan were sitting near Arjun talking together. He went and stood near her. She looked at him and smiled, but he could see that the smile hasn’t reached her eyes. He could read the longing for something in her eyes every time she eyed her family. He held her hand and told others, “Dad, Uncle, Can I take Geet for a ride outside?” Raj and Mohinder were pleased by his question and had already noticed Maan holding her hand, they told, “Yes Maan beta. You can definitely take your fiancee for a date” and smiled. Naina and Rano were pleasantly surprised seeing the ease between them and their concerns regarding them cleared. Aryan, Arjun and Pari were happy to see them both together. Only person who was fuming within was Annie, but she couldn’t show it. Geet silently followed Maan.