Maan opened the door for her and got into the driving seat. The whole journey towards farmhouse was silent. Maan giving her time to open up and Geet thinking of what to tell him. Soon they reached and once they were inside Maan turned to her. Before he could ask her anything, Geet hugged him tight. He knew she was disturbed about something, but waited for her to tell, taking her into his embrace. After sometime, he could feel his shirt getting wet; he pulled her out and saw that her eyes were red out of crying. He had always seen her so strong and bold, he has never seen her crying except once. His heart pained seeing her like this, he cupped her face and asked, “Geet, kya baat he? jo bhi ho mujhe batao.” She held his hands and told, “Maan, mere zindagi mein jisne bhi mujhe pyaar kiya he, mera saath diya he, woh sab mujhe jaldi chodkar chale jathe hain. Shayad meri zindagi mein pyaar likha hi nahi hoga. I tried a lot to accept it Maan. But I don’t know whether I can sustain like always. Dar lagtha he kahi yeh khusiyan jo dikhayi dethi kabhi khawab na ban jaye.”

Maan was shocked by her words. Each word had the pain and hurt that she was carrying all alone. So much pain that he could have never imagined. He wanted her to let out everything, every hurt and pain. He told, “Geet, mein tumhe chodkar kahi nahi jaonga aur tumhe kahi jaane bhi nahi dega. Itna dard, kyun chupathi ho apne andar? Agar tum mujhe apne pyaar ke kabhi samjthi ho tho sab kuch bata do mujhe.” Geet was trying hard to hide her emotions ever since the talks started on hers and Maan’s marriage at home. From the time Maan’s father discussed about the matter more than her, her parents were concerned about how she can adjust there. Whether her nature will create any problems for Khuranas, how Maan started liking her when he hated her mere presence, whether she will do something that displease Annie and end up in fighting. Not even once they thought, what she wanted. She felt like an unwanted guest in her own house except for Aryan and Pari who were genuinely happy for her and asked her opinion personally. The presence of Maan gave her the momentary emotional support but she was breaking inside. Seeing the concern and care in his eyes, she couldn’t hold back. She broke down in his arms, “Kya batao Maan? Uss intezaar ke baare mein jo mein zindagi bhar karke aayi ho?.. woh intezaar jo mere zindagi ke khatam hone ke baad bhi intezaar hi reh jayega. woh intezaar jo woh choti Geet karthi thi .. uski maa bhi kabhi doosri ladkiyon ki tarah usse school jane ko sajayenge, uski papa usse school se lene aayenge, uski har kamyaabi mein uski mama papa uske saath denge.. woh intezaar jo Geet karthi thi ki uski mamma apne har gham ko mitane mein uske madat karenge, uski har khushi mein uski saath degi, uske bhai behan ke saath milkar woh khelenge, khushiyan manayenge. woh intezaar ki uske janamdin par uski mama, papa usse wish karenge, surprise denge, janamdin manayenge. Woh intezaar ki agle din usse apne mama, papa dekhne aayenge aur usse le jayenge apne saath. woh intezaar ki mama, papa uske graduation ceremony mein uske khushiyan baatne ko aayenge.. uss intezaar ki ek din usse bhi mama, papa itna pyaar se dekhenge jaise woh apne bhai, behan se karthe he.. itna samaj jayenge jaise un dono ko samajtha he.. uss intezaar ki kabhi koi mujhe itna pyaar dega ki mein woh saari gham bhul jayenge.. Lekin sab intezaar, intezaar hi reh jatha he.. Tho kyun mein batao.”

Maan was totally shaken seeing the pain, the longing, the hurt that she was suffering alone throughout her life, the longing that became a never ending part of her life. He couldn’t imagine the pain and hurt that she went through. She continued, “Dadaji aur dadima ne bahut koshish ki mujhe woh khushi dene ko, par woh bhi shayad babaji ko manzoor nahi tha, unhe bhi jaldi bulaya apne paas. Aur mere doston se bhi alag kardi. Patha nahi kab aapse aur Pari se bhi mujhe alag kar denge?” Maan closed her mouth before she could continue and pulled her up in his embrace. He hugged her tight and told, “Tumhe mujse sirf meri maut hi alag kar sakthi he Geet. Aur ek lavz nahi..” He told in mind while she cried her heart out hugging him tight, “Geet, mein wada kartha hoon, mein tumhari zindagi mein itna khushiyan bhar doonga ki tum har ek gham ko bhool jaogi. Aur jin khushiyan ne tumse muh modli woh saari khusiyan tumhe mein wapas doonga. Yeh Maan Singh Khurana ka waada he.”