Raj and Mohinder decided to have the engagement of Maan-Geet and Pari-Aryan after Maan’s dadima comes back from Mumbai. They decided to have their marriages before Arjun and Annie’s marriage as Maan wanted the marriage to happen soon. Annie’s exams were to finish after eight more months and everyone wanted to wait some more time for her marriage till then so that she can be free of tensions during that time. But Annie was more annoyed at Geet as the marriages were to be held together and because Maan was adamant it didn’t happen. But couldn’t do anything before others, she was just waiting for a chance to defame Geet. Maan’s dadima, Savitri Devi arrived next day from Mumbai. Everyone was eager to meet her especially Maan. After Geet opened up with him, he wanted someone besides him to support her emotionally and he knew his dadi will be the right person.

When Savitri Devi was told about the happenings, she was happy as she always thought Pari to be a match for Aryan. She knew Maan needed someone who can give him back for his temper, rather than someone meek like Pari. She knew about Geet from her dadima, they knew each other before Geet’s dadaji left for London and had kept contact with her until she passed away. She couldn’t come when Geet was back as she was with her daughter Vaibhavi, Raj’s only sister in Mumbai who was undergoing a surgery for Cancer in Uterus. She wanted to meet Geet and decided to go to Handa Mansion. Naina and Maan accompanied her. When they reached everyone was having breakfast as they haven’t informed about the visit and it was a surprise to them. Pari and Arjun went and took her blessings along with Rano and Mohinder but Geet stood there watching everything. Savitri Devi noticed her only then, she was in a pink t-shirt and three forth’s. Her face was without any emotions but her eyes looked contrary to everything. There was a lot of pain hidden in those brown orbs. She could identify it as she had experienced it in her life. She slowly went near her and held her hand. “Geet, humne bilkul sahi socha aapke baare mein. Aap bilkul waise hi he.”

Geet smiled feeling the warmth in her touch and words and bent down to take her blessings. Savitri Devi moved forward and hugged her before she could do so and told, “Hume Maan ki pasand bahut achi lagi.” Geet felt that she would cry hearing those genuine words as it was the first time after her dadima passed away that someone talked to her like that. Rano, Arjun and Mohinder were happy and surprised. Naina too was surprised as she was not sure about her acceptance. Maan and Pari felt elated with dadima’s acceptance as they genuinely cared for Geet’s happiness. Savitri Devi told that she wants to spend the rest of her day with Geet and she was taking her out with her. No one had any objection and Geet smiled seeing the authority with which she held her hand. She looked at Maan who was smiling at her. He came near her and asked, “Dadima, kya mein bhi aapke saath chal saktha hoon?” She raised her eyebrows and smirked, “Kyun Maan Khurana, sabke peeche romance karne ka irada he kya?” Geet looked at her shocked while others laughed as it was not new to them. She was traditional but quiet forward in her thoughts. Maan made a baby face and told, “Kya dadima, ab Geet mili tho mein aapke saath nahi chal saktha?” She shook her head and told, “Safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he Maan and for your kind information only we both are going. Aapko apne fianc sirf shyam ko hi milega.” She asked Geet to change and come ignoring Maan’s pleading eyes. After sometime Maan left for office, Naina too went back to KM.

Geet couldn’t decide what to wear, it is not that she wanted to impress dadima, but as she liked her so much she never wanted her to feel bad about her. Finally she decided to wear a pink kurti and jeans. She dressed up and went down. Mohinder, Pari and Arjun had left for office and Savitri Devi was taking to Rano. Geet had taken a day off from hospital after dadima came. Pari had come up before she goes to wish her luck as she always felt dadima was difficult to please. Savitri Devi looked happy seeing Geet and went out bidding bye to Rano along with Geet. Driver was waiting outside with Savitri Devi’s car. Once inside the car, she held Geet’s hand and told, “Geet beta, mujhe Parminder ke baare mein Mumbai mein patha chala, par aa nahi payi. Vaibhavi ke baare mein tumhe tho patha hoga.” Geet told, “Koi baat nahi dadima, aapke baare mein dadi bahut bathathi thi. Kehthi thi ki jab India wapas aayegi tab aapse zaroor milenge.” Both their eyes got wet and after a while Savitri Devi told, “Geet beta, mein tumse ek baat kehna chahthi thi. Jab bhi tumhe unki sahare ki zaroorat mehsoos ho tab mere paas zaroor aana, dubara sochna mat.” Geet looked at her understanding the depth of her words and her eyes got moist.

Savitri Devi was a person who single handedly managed the whole empire of Khuranas after the early death of her husband. She had to do it for her kids, Raj and Vaibhavi who were less than ten years old. She had learned to hide the pain from them, the pain of loneliness that she suffered. So she could identify the pain in Geet’s eyes and she knew that Maan took the right decision to have her as his wife. But she had questions in her mind regarding how the animosity that they shared, according to Naina and Raj, turned to love in just few days. She knew she will find it out, but before that she wanted Geet to open up with her. She wanted to give that support that Parminder had given her always, she knew Geet needed it. When she saw Geet’s eyes getting moist, she knew that she will be able to do it. Geet was surprised when the car stopped near the orphanage where she daily visits. Like reading the surprise in her face, Savitri Devi told, “Geet, I am one among the trustees of this orphanage, so I thought we would spend some time here. Are you ok with it?” Geet couldn’t have been happier, she told, “ha dadima, jaise aap tik samjhe.”

As soon as they were out the kids rushed near Geet and hugged her asking for why she hasn’t come in the morning. Now it was the turn of Savitri Devi to get surprised. Before she could ask anything to Geet, the in-charge for the orphanage came near her and invited her inside. She turned and looked at Geet who was surrounded by the kids. She seemed so happy, the happiness that was never visible at her face while at home. The in-charge told seeing her looking at Geet, “Geet betiya ko un sab se ab fursat nahi milega. Aaj subha nahi aayi thi na, isliye..” Savitri Devi asked surprised again, “Aaj subha matlab?” She smiled and told, “Geet betiya tho har subha yaha aathi hain. Aur ek khanta in sab ke saath hi rehthi he. Har mahine, sab bachon ko kuch na kuch zaroor kharid ke laathi he. Aur do bachon ko bhi sponser ki he. Unhi ki wajhe se hume bahut saari sponsers mile hain, pichle che mahino mein. Bahut achi ladki he.” Savitri Devi looked at her feeling elated by her words, but one look at Geet made her realize something. She was trying to find herself in them. She was always alone if not for her grandparents. She was trying to give them the happiness that she couldn’t get. She felt her eyes getting moist before looking away from Geet. She told Geet that she will be back after a while and went inside with the in-charge. Geet’s day couldn’t have been happier. First she got someone who genuinely cares for her like dadima. Then she could come and spend time with the kids which she was missing since morning.

After a while Savitri Devi returned and they spend some time with the kids. Once the kids started playing on their own, she asked Geet, “Geet beta, you miss them a lot right?” Geet was surprised and thought that she was asking about her grandparents. She told, “Yes dadima, mein dada-dadi ko bahut miss karthi hoon.” She smiled and told, “No Geet, I was asking about your parents. You miss them, their love and affection.” Geet was shocked, she was about to deny when she continued, “Nahi beta, don’t lie. I know the extent to which you miss them. But some people are too ignorant to understand certain things, don’t bother about them. God might have definitely sent someone who can give you relief.” Geet looked at her surprised by her perspective towards things. That was enough for her to open up to her slowly. By the time Savitri Devi left her in HM, they had built such rapport that no one could make with her until then.