After Geet left with dadima, even though Maan wanted to accompany them, he had many other things to be finished. He called up Vishal and asked him to meet in their common meeting place along with Rohit and others. Vishal understood by his tone on what he wanted to do. He was more than willing to offer any help to Maan. All of them reached there and Maan was the last to come. As the discussions about marriage and everything else were within their families nobody else knew about it. Rohit wanted to ask about Geet, he still wanted to bed her once. He knew that Maan hated her and will be ready for any of his crooked plans. He came with a smirk near Maan when he came out. He asked, “MK, acha hua tum aagaye.. Hume treat kab de rahe ho? Shaadi ke baad yaa pehle.” Maan just smiled hiding his need to strangle him. He wanted him to spill everything on his own. Rohit continued, “MK, aur woh ladki ab tho uski bolthi band hogayi hogi. Right? Tab kya attitude dikha rahi thi aur baad mein kya nikli.” Maan fisted his hand to avoid hitting him. He told, “Rohit, mein ussi bare mein tumse kuch poochna chahtha tha. Uss din patha nahi mein kab behosh ho gaya? Are you sure ki meine Geet ko kuch nahi kiya?” Rohit was taken aback first but he covered up soon, “MK, we all know you, you won’t even look at a girl whom you hate. Then how will you do something to her. You know, maybe she tried to seduce you, par tum tho behosh hogaya tha. Isliye came to me. Right guys?”

Before anyone could tell anything a sharp hit on his nose made him bleed and fall on the ground. He was startled and looked up to see the red eyes of Maan and he knew something is definitely wrong. One look at Vishal’s face was enough to know that he knew everything. He told trying to defend himself, “Ok yaar MK relax. I admit we did wrong by not telling you. I know you won’t bear to hear that you have done something like that. So we did it. Ab tum mujpe haat kyun uta rahe ho? Woh bhi uss ladki keliye jisse tum nafrat karthe ho?” Another kick on his stomach made him bleed more. Now Rohit was equally angry. He stood up and charged towards Maan. Before he reached him, others held him back knowing how Maan Singh Khurana was. It was not good to be against him, he will finish the person. Vishal too came and held Maan. Maan told pointing his finger at him, “One more word about Geet and you will be finished. I am leaving you because I considered you once as a friend. But don’t dare to do any foul play. And one more thing, I am going to get married to Geet not Pari. Soon she will be Mrs.Maan Singh Khurana.” He turned away telling that and left. Rohit and everyone else were stunned by the revealation. They knew if he said something then there was no going back. Vishal too gave them a look of disgust and left.

Maan reached office, but he was not in peace. He left Rohit because he knew that somewhere it is his fault that he believed them and blamed Geet. He knew he had done a sin for which no punishment is enough. He knew even if Geet forgave him, his dadima and parents will never forgive him for what he did. That will be his punishment. He knew the truth has to come out and he was just waiting for them to settle everything before he confesses his deeds. He wanted to give all happiness to Geet before that. First he needed to make sure that both her and baby is fine. He had made an appointment with Meera his childhood friend who is a Gynacologist. His thoughts were disturbed by a phone call and soon he got busy with his work. He had a business trip coming up after two days, now it has become difficult for him to stay away from Geet. He knew she also needed him now, but he was at least relieved after dadima was back. He could trust her fully with Geet. By the time Geet and Savitri Devi reached, Maan was back from office. He knew from dadima that they went to the orphanage and Geet is a regular visitor there. His parents looked surprised and they were more sure that Maan was true about his love for Geet. Their opinion about Geet had started to change. Aryan too was happy about everything. But one person did not like all the praises Geet was getting, Annie. She was fuming within even though kept a plastered smile in her face throughout. After dinner, everyone left for bed. Maan was just waiting for everyone to sleep. He sneaked out to HM to Geet’s room. She was sleeping with a calm face in her bed. He knew that she will be happy after meeting dadima. He slowly went near her and lied down next to her. She snuggled closer to him in sleep and hugged him by waist. He pulled her in his arms and slowly removed the tresses falling on her face blocking his view to her beautiful face.

Geet woke up feeling the warmth around her and found herself looking into the brown orbs of her love. She thought that she was dreaming and blinked a couple of times to confirm. Maan smiled seeing her and told placing a peck on her lips, “Geet, you are not dreaming. Otherwise let me demonstrate.” He moved down to take her lips into a passionate kiss. He left her when he felt her out of breath. The red hue on her cheeks and her closed eyes gave away her feelings. He smiled and kissed her closed eyes one by one and told, “Geet, ankhen kholo.” She looked at him and asked even though turning crimson by his gaze, “Maan, aap yaha iss waqt kya kar raha he? Koi dekh liya tho.” Maan told, “Dekh liya tho sochega ki mein apni honewali biwi se milne aaya hoon. Aur kya mein tumse milne nahi aa saktha? Kaun rokhega mujhe? Tum??” She looked away feeling even more shy and told, “Mein aapko kaise rokungi? Mein.. mein tho.. bas keh rahi thi.” Maan was seeing this side of Geet now. She was always feisty and never hesitated to answer anyone. Seeing her shyness and innocence he couldn’t stop cursing himself to have behaved like that to her. He knew that he can’t disturb her happiness with his guilt. He moved over her caring not to put pressure on her stomach and told, “Geet, hume kal kahi jaana he. Subha ready rehna. I will pick you; I have already informed uncle and aunty.” She didn’t question him and just nodded. He was awestuck by the trust she showed on him, but all he did was to mistrust her. He kissed her forehead and went down to place a kiss on her stomach. He told, “Goodnight baby.. Love you.” Geet thought he was going to leave when he came up and pulled her to another passionate kiss. He left her after a while and told looking into her eyes, “Goodnight Geet.. So jao. Kal mereliye wait karna. I love you..” She smiled and moved up placing a small peck on his cheeks and told, “Goodnight Maan..” He smiled at her gesture and sneaked out of her room back to KM.

Next day morning Maan reached on time and Mohinder asked Geet to be ready by the time Maan reached. They just wanted her to be good before Khuranas. They knew that Savitri Devi liked Geet and Rano thanked all the stars because she always thought it was very difficult to please Savitri Devi and she had no hope on Geet. It was a surprise for all seeing the rapport that they built in just a day. Geet looked at her mom and dad. They were so busy in dictating her, what to do and not to do. They haven’t even asked her what she wants. Pari was about to leave for office and she was in a hurry as she was running late. Before she could rush outside, Rano was before her with her favorite Aloo Paratha dipped in butter. Rano fed her while Pari complained about getting late. She didn’t know when her eyes got moist looking at them. She understood only when she felt a hand on her shoulder and turned to see Maan looking at her with her pain reflecting in his eyes. She blinked her eyes and wiped her eyes before anyone else could notice. Mohinder and Rano noticed Maan and went near him. He talked with them for a while and left with Geet. He looked at Geet who was sitting beside him in the car looking outside. Today he could experience the pain that she went through; he couldn’t understand how a mother can be so much ignorant towards the feelings of her own daughter. He held her hand and she turned to him giving him a small smile. He just held her hand until they reached the destination. He knew she doesn’t want to talk about it and just want him near.

Geet was surprised seeing the name board. “Dr.Meera Singhania.” She knew Meera as she worked in Sanjeevani. She was very nice lady who was down to earth and was well known for her excellence in gynecology and her patience which was her virtue. She looked at Maan questioningly. He told, “Meera is my friend.” She nodded and followed him again without any further questions. Meera opened the door for them and was surprised seeing Geet. She knew that Maan was engaged to Pari and he had called telling her that he want to do a check-up for his fiance, so the thought was obviously Pari. She called both of them inside. Before Pari could ask anything Maan told, “Meera, this is Geet my fiance and my love of life.” Meera was surprised and asked, “Par Maan tumhari shaaadi Pari ke saath..” Maan sighed and told everything to Meera, everything including what he did to Geet. Geet tried to interrupt him from telling but he silenced her with his one look. Meera was quite upset after listening to Maan. She never thought that her childhood friend can do something like that ever and being a girl she could understand what Geet might have gone through. She told after a few minutes of silence, “Maan, I never expected this from you. Meine tumhe kitni baar kaha tha ki wo Rohit se door raho. Par tum tho samaj nahi rahe the. Ab dekho uska anjaam.” She turned to Geet and held her hand, “Geet, I am sorry about what you have gone through.” Geet told, “Nahi Meera, everything might have happened for good. Sabki zindagi mein aise kuch pal aahi jathi he. Hum usse rok nahi saktha.” Meera smiled listening to her and took her inside for check up. Once they were inside Maan was thinking of what Geet told. “Kuch pal aahi jathi he..” But in Geet’s life happiness was like that, the shortest moments.. while pain was prominent..