After Maan left for business tour, Geet’s had a feeling like something worse is going to happen. She looked at Maan’s picture that Pari gave her. She had got it from Aryan as she knew that Geet has a habit of keeping pictures along with her. Also she felt she can talk to his picture at least when he is away. Geet was thinking about how drastically their relation changed from enemies to lovers. She remembered his dislike towards her during the time when she was back from London. He disliked her way of dressing, talking, just everything. Then how could he fall in love with her? She remembered when he confessed that he was in love with the girl whom he used to see in XXX orphanage. She knew that he might have only thought it as Pari as she was always the one who was innocent and playful at the same time. Her nature was so bubbly and chirpy; anyone could have loved her for what she is. Something hit her hard, if he never knew it was her then he couldn’t have even thought her like that. He might have hated her the same way he was before. Now after that incident he might be feeling extremely guilty, but once the guilt went away will he be able to accept her as how she is. Tears started flowing down her eyes at the thought. She was not sure of anything and she never believed that happiness can knock her door. She was destined to live in hurt and pain, how can happiness enter her cursed life? She hugged the pillow closer and her hand went to her stomach, their baby. She knew that Maan will love his child to no ends, but she was not sure whether she will be part of the happiness. Her life was always the same, uncertain, filled with only hurt and pain. She wiped her tears and came out when Pari told that she was going out with Aryan and dadima. She went out to see her off. Everyone else was present in HM.

Meanwhile, Annie was just trying to find a reason to defame Geet. She sneaked inside Geet’s room when she saw Geet going out. She looked at the room which appeared less girly and more dull. She shrugged off her thoughts and started searching for something that she can have to defame her. She was about to give up after searching for a while when her eyes fell on a report placed on the bedside table. Initially she thought it to be some patients report but when she saw the name “Geet Handa” in it, her curiosity increased and she opened it immediately. What she saw inside made her smile brightly; she got her key, key for Geet’s destruction. She hid it inside her jeans and went out without anyone noticing and went near Rano. She saw that Arjun, Raj and Mohinder were discussing something and Naina and Rano busy with their chit-chats. She noticed Geet who was about to go upstairs, she smirked, “You are finished Geet Handa. Meri khushi pe nazaar dali tho aisa hi hogi. I just can’t wait to see how everyone reacts. Aaj tumhare well wishers bhi ghar pe nahi he. Let’s see how the game progress.” She told Rano softly giving the file to her, “Aunty, I got this file near the stairs. I think it fell down accidentally.” Rano took it from her smiling but her smile turned to a frown when she saw Geet Handa in Patient’s name. She opened it immediately and what she saw washed away earth from her feet. “Geet is 3 months pregnant?” Naina took the file seeing her shocked expression and was more shocked seeing it. Annie who pretended to not understand anything, took the file from her hand. She looked inside the file and shouted pretending to be shocked, “Geet is pregnant?” Her shout gained the attention of others and they were immediately near them. Mohinder took the file from her and after reading the contents his eyes got red in anger and he shouted in top of his voice, “Geet..” Geet came down listening to the angry voice of her father. The file in his hand confirmed her fears, they knew everything. She saw the smirk in Annie’s face and knew that she took it from her room. Before she could answer his father’s hand fell hard on her cheek. He was shaking in anger and Raj pulled him away before he could do anything more. He shouted, “Iska matlab kya he Geet? What you have to tell? Aaj tak hum tumhari sab manmani bina kuch kahe sehtha raha. Par ab nahi. You have brought shame to our family. How could you stoop so low? And what did you tell to Maan beta that he agreed to marry you?” She looked at her father’s eyes, more than the slap, his words pained her. She knew it will happen, but the intensity with which it happened she couldn’t bear it. But it was not enough, Rano came forward shaking her by her shoulder, “Patha nahi pichle janam me meine kaunsa paap ki he ki mujhe tum jaise beti mili. Aur kya dekhna baaki he ab. Bol Geet, chup kyun he?” Geet felt her heart breaking into millions of pieces, she felt the very moment that it was better if she was never born.

She looked at the accusing eyes of her parents, Arjun and Khuranas. She for once wished, Maan was there with her to support her, she felt that she couldn’t take it anymore. Annie told, “Dad-mom, mein pehle hi aapko batayi thi na, yeh ladki ne kuch kiya hoga jisse majboor hoke bhai ko yeh kadam utana pada. Yeh kisi bhi had tak jaa sakthi he. Characterless girl.. Kisi aur ka paap mere bhai ke upar dal rahi he. yeh tho kuch bhi kar sakthi he, yeh kya jaane humare culture aur tradition ke baare mein. Apne manmani hi karthi rehthi he humesha.” Savitri Devi, Aryan and Pari had just entered the mansion listening to Annie. Pari had forgotten her mobile, so they had returned. Before Savitri Devi could speak a word, the whole house heard a voice that was always meek and soft, “Bas.. Annie.. meri behan ke baare mein agar ek aur shabd boli tho mein bhool javoongi ki tum meri hone wali nanad ho ya humare beech mein aaj tak koi rishta tha.” Mohinder interrupted, “Pari, tum Annie bete ke upar kyun chilla rahi ho? Isse poocho isne kya kiya?” Pari turned to her father and told, “Mujhe usse poochne ki koyi zaroorat nahi he dad.” Annie who was shocked at Pari’s outburst immediately told, “Dekha uncle, isne Pari ko bhi humare khilaf khada kar diya.” Pari turned to Annie and told, “Annie, sab log tumhare jaise nahi hothi he. Geet ko kisi ke bhi samne uska image banane ki zaroorat nahi he, jaise tum humesha Arjun bhai ke samne karthi ho.” Annie was offended by such a statement from Pari but before she could tell anything Pari turned to her parents and told, “Papa, mein humesha sab kuch sunke chup rahi kyunki mujhe laga aap dono kabhi samaj jayenge. Mein yeh sab ke samne kehna nahi chahthi thi. Lekin har ek cheez ki ek had hothi he, aur aap dono ne woh had par kiya he. Aap tho humesha kehtha tha na mujse hum kisi ko jaanke koi dukh nahi pahunchana chahiye. Tho aap dono Geet ke saath aise kaise kar sakthe he, jabse unko janam diya he?” Rano asked, “Pari beta, tum kya bol rahi he? Iske saath milke tum hume dosh kyun de rahi hoon?”

Pari turned to her and asked, “Really mama, mein aapko dosh de rahi hoon? Mein humesha yeh sochthi thi ki jab ek ma apne ek beti ki saare dil ki baat bina kuch bataye samaj jathi hoon, tho woh doosre beti ki dard ko kyun samaj nahi pathi he jo unke aankhon mein saaf dikhayi detha he. Kya aap uski dil ki woh dard kabhi samaj payi he ma?” She turned to Arjun and asked, “Bhai, kya aapko yaad he jab hum chotte the kaise aap humesha school jaane ke pehle maa ke haath se khane ki zid kartha tha?” Arjun nodded while she continued, “Par, ek baat tho aapko nahi patha he, aapko nahi patha ki har din Geet phone pe maa se baat karne keliye intezaar karthi thi lekin mama humesha hum dono ke saath busy rehthi thi ki kabhi bhi usse baat karne ka time hi nahi thi unko. Aur aapko yaad hena, kaise yaha humara birthday manaya jaatha tha aaj tak. Aur Geet, humesha ek call keliye wait karthi thi, aap dono ke. Aur jab aapko sab kaam se fursat miltha tha woh intezaar karthe so gayi hothi. Waise kitne saare din aur raat, Geet bitayi he mama-papa ke bina akeli. Kya aapko kabhi woh akelapan kabhi dikhayi nahi diya? Kya aapko kabhi yeh nahi laga ki woh bhi aapke pyaar keliye taras rahi hogi? Jab woh wapas aayi tabse kabhi aapne unme koyi dosh doondne ke alawa kabhi unse pyaar kiya he? Unhe woh khushi diya jo aap kabhi unhe nahi diya tha? Nahi na. Phir aap kis haq se unke upar inzaam laga rahe ho?” Rano and Mohinder were shocked at her outburst and the realization of what they have done slowly started seeping in. Rano looked up to find Geet looking at them, her face showed nothing, her eyes were blank as if there was no life in it. How could she never understand her own daughter? Her longing, the pain and hurt in her eyes? How could she ignore her like that? She was never there with her whenever she needed, but she blamed it all on circumstances and never thought how it could have affected a little girl who craved for their love and care. Pari was right, when she came back also they were more worried about her lifestyle and their traditions rather than welcoming her. Geet looked away feeling numb. She didn’t expect anything; she knew this was the ultimate truth of her life. But now she was broken beyond imagination to feel anything.
Naina told breaking the dead silence, “Pari beta, jo bhi ho Geet is pregnant. None of this justifies her actions when she is going to get married to Maan.” Pari turned to her and told, “Kya aap sabne Geet ko baat karne ka mauka diya? Nahi na. Mein hi poochongi unse.” She turned and went near Geet. She held her hand and told, “Geet, batha do sabko kya hua he? Jo bhi ho hum aapke saath he.” Geet looked at her sister who spoke first time in her life against their parents just for her. Her eyes held so much trust and love for her. But she couldn’t defame Maan before anyone. She has nothing to lose, she doesn’t want a finger to point on him.” She told, “Pari, sab meri galthi he. Jo bhi hua sirf meri wajhe se hua. Mujhe yeh jaanke iss shaadi keliye ha nahi kehna chahiye thi. I am sorry.” Pari looked at Geet without moving away. She knew that Geet was hiding something. Before Annie could start anything she told, “Geet, please for once think for you, your child. Tell us the truth.” Annie told, “Jab sach kadvi hotha he tab bol nahi payegi. She told that she is at fault. Good that we got to know now otherwise my bro’s life could have spoiled.” This time instead of Pari it was Savitri Devi who replied, “Bas Annie, tumhe kisi aur ke baare mein galat kehne ka koi haq nahi he. Aur yaha mein, Naina aur Raj hoon baat karne ko, tumhe yeh batane ki koi zaroorat nahi ki hume kya karna chahiye.” Her one look was enough for Annie to shut her mouth, she knew how dadima was. Savitri Devi moved near to Geet and told, “Geet bete, hume patha he aap kabhi galat ho nahi sakthi. Hume batao kya hua he. Yaha tho sirf humare ghar wale he. Tum hume bata sakthe haina.”

“She won’t tell anything dadima.” Everyone looked at the door hearing the voice, there stood Maan. He was supposed to return next day from his business tour, but when he received Aryan’s message to be back soon, he feared something. He didn’t wait further, got the next flight convincing the client to have their meeting after a week and fled back to Delhi. When he reached Handa Mansion, the voices inside confirmed his fear. He was about to barge inside when Annie was blaiming Geet but Pari’s voice stopped him. He could only see Geet’s lifeless eyes through out. When she took the blame on herself he knew that she was trying to save him. He felt the pain she suffered and was feeling extremely guilty for even having put her in such a situation. Dadima and Pari’s support without even knowing anything was something that he never expected. When she was again being questioned, he knew it is time for him to interrupt. Annie was about to tell something when he raised his hand indicating to stop. He went near dadima and told, “She won’t tell anything dadima. She won’t be able to tell anything wrong about that person. The person who raped her in his unconscious state, and blamed her for having slept with someone else when he was the one who did it. The person who hurt her so much but still she love him more than you could ever expect and was ready to live her whole life for his child without even letting him know that she was carrying his child. She suffered it all alone without letting anyone know. And you know one more thing dadima; she gave away every single hope for happiness in her life, for him to be happy. Happy with her own sister.” A sound of a slap echoed the whole mansion. Savitri Devi knew by the time Maan started that it was his child that Geet was carrying, but as he started to tell his doings, she felt ashamed that her grandson whom she admires a lot has done something like that. She couldn’t help herself from raising her hand on him. Before anyone could speak or tell anything further, Geet fell unconscious. Maan immediately held her from falling and rushed her to hospital along with Aryan, Pari and dadima.

Inside the mansion there was dead silence. Annie’s head hung low, listening to everything. Mohinder and Rano were unable to tell anything. They were the root cause for everything, every single pain she suffered all alone. They don’t deserve to be called as her parents, even Pari and dadima could understand her better than them. Raj and Naina were ashamed to have even questioned her when it was their son who was responsible for her condition and she took the whole blame on herself. Arjun who always felt that he could understand people better, couldn’t imagine how he failed to understand his own sister’s pain. Raj and Naina left to KM followed by Annie. No one was in any position to tell anything. In hospital, Maan rushed Geet to Meera. She calmed him down and asked to wait outside. When he turned to face others after rushing her inside, he could see the dislike in all the three tensed faces. He knew he did wrong and he never expected everyone to forgive him like Geet did. They waited outside for almost 20 minutes when Meera came out little tensed. She told, “Maan, meine tumhe unke pehle check up ke waqt hi boli thi ki unhe tensions se door rakho. Her Blood Pressure was so high, thank God that both of them are safe, otherwise it could have proven bad for the baby or Geet.” She went near Savitri Devi and told, “Aunty, ab khabrane ki koi baat nahi he. Par inhe kabhi stress mat dena. She will be alright.” Savitri Devi asked, “Kya hum unse mil sakthi hoon Meera?” Meera smiled and told, “Ji Aunty, par pehle woh Maan se milna chahthi he.” She turned to Maan and told him to go inside. After Maan went inside Meera went near Aryan and told, “Aryan, you told me that you will be careful, then how she is so much stressed.” Pari and Savitri Devi turned to Aryan hearing it. Savitri Devi asked him, “Aryan Bete tumhe bhi patha tha.” Aryan sighed and told, “Geet had fell giddy once in hospital. We both were near us, so Meera had to tell me the reason. Maan and Geet were consulting Meera and she told me that Geet was pregnant with Maan’s child. I wanted to talk to him knowing from Meera that Geet is so weak, so I had asked him to return soon from the trip. But I never expected that she went through this much pain. Meera, I know Maan never hides anything from you. You could have at least given me a hint of what she went through.” Meera sighed and told, “Aryan, I am sorry, but I was bound by a promise that I made to Geet, not to tell anything about it to anyone.” Savitri Devi and Pari had tears in their eyes when they thought about what she might have gone through all alone.

Maan went inside and saw Geet waiting for him. Before he could tell anything, Geet told, “Maan, I am sorry. Mein sabke samne sab kuch aisa hona nahi chahthi thi. Aur phir aapne woh sab kyun bata diya. Uski kya zaroorat thi?” Maan sat next to her and took her hands in his. He told, “Geet, kab tak tum sare inzaam apne upar lethe rahenge? Jinhone gunah kiya he unhe sazaa tho bhukhathna hi padega, aaj nahi tho kal. Geet, koi bhi tumhare jaisa apne gunegaar ko bina kuch soche maaf nahi kar sakthe hain. I did a crime and I deserve the punishment. But I promise you, I will always be on your side. Mein tumse kabhi door nahi javoonga..” Geet looked at him, but their was a certain coldness in her eyes that frightened him. She told, “Maan, please aap aisa mat kahiye. Both of us know that you were drugged by Rohit, otherwise you could have never done that to me. Our relation since we met was not that good enough for you to trust me, so only you believed Rohit. But you corrected it when you knew the truth, then why you blame yourself Maan?” Maan looked into her eyes, more than those words he could read something else too. Did she believe that he wanted to be with her because he held himself responsible for the sin what he did, not because he loved her? He knew it then.. that she will never believe that any happiness can be hers, in the true sense, she was broken beyond limits..