Tere Liye – Part 6


Maan opened the door for her and got into the driving seat. The whole journey towards farmhouse was silent. Maan giving her time to open up and Geet thinking of what to tell him. Soon they reached and once they were inside Maan turned to her. Before he could ask her anything, Geet hugged him tight. He knew she was disturbed about something, but waited for her to tell, taking her into his embrace. After sometime, he could feel his shirt getting wet; he pulled her out and saw that her eyes were red out of crying. He had always seen her so strong and bold, he has never seen her crying except once. His heart pained seeing her like this, he cupped her face and asked, “Geet, kya baat he? jo bhi ho mujhe batao.” She held his hands and told, “Maan, mere zindagi mein jisne bhi mujhe pyaar kiya he, mera saath diya he, woh sab mujhe jaldi chodkar chale jathe hain. Shayad meri zindagi mein pyaar likha hi nahi hoga. I tried a lot to accept it Maan. But I don’t know whether I can sustain like always. Dar lagtha he kahi yeh khusiyan jo dikhayi dethi kabhi khawab na ban jaye.”

Maan was shocked by her words. Each word had the pain and hurt that she was carrying all alone. So much pain that he could have never imagined. He wanted her to let out everything, every hurt and pain. He told, “Geet, mein tumhe chodkar kahi nahi jaonga aur tumhe kahi jaane bhi nahi dega. Itna dard, kyun chupathi ho apne andar? Agar tum mujhe apne pyaar ke kabhi samjthi ho tho sab kuch bata do mujhe.” Geet was trying hard to hide her emotions ever since the talks started on hers and Maan’s marriage at home. From the time Maan’s father discussed about the matter more than her, her parents were concerned about how she can adjust there. Whether her nature will create any problems for Khuranas, how Maan started liking her when he hated her mere presence, whether she will do something that displease Annie and end up in fighting. Not even once they thought, what she wanted. She felt like an unwanted guest in her own house except for Aryan and Pari who were genuinely happy for her and asked her opinion personally. The presence of Maan gave her the momentary emotional support but she was breaking inside. Seeing the concern and care in his eyes, she couldn’t hold back. She broke down in his arms, “Kya batao Maan? Uss intezaar ke baare mein jo mein zindagi bhar karke aayi ho?.. woh intezaar jo mere zindagi ke khatam hone ke baad bhi intezaar hi reh jayega. woh intezaar jo woh choti Geet karthi thi .. uski maa bhi kabhi doosri ladkiyon ki tarah usse school jane ko sajayenge, uski papa usse school se lene aayenge, uski har kamyaabi mein uski mama papa uske saath denge.. woh intezaar jo Geet karthi thi ki uski mamma apne har gham ko mitane mein uske madat karenge, uski har khushi mein uski saath degi, uske bhai behan ke saath milkar woh khelenge, khushiyan manayenge. woh intezaar ki uske janamdin par uski mama, papa usse wish karenge, surprise denge, janamdin manayenge. Woh intezaar ki agle din usse apne mama, papa dekhne aayenge aur usse le jayenge apne saath. woh intezaar ki mama, papa uske graduation ceremony mein uske khushiyan baatne ko aayenge.. uss intezaar ki ek din usse bhi mama, papa itna pyaar se dekhenge jaise woh apne bhai, behan se karthe he.. itna samaj jayenge jaise un dono ko samajtha he.. uss intezaar ki kabhi koi mujhe itna pyaar dega ki mein woh saari gham bhul jayenge.. Lekin sab intezaar, intezaar hi reh jatha he.. Tho kyun mein batao.”

Maan was totally shaken seeing the pain, the longing, the hurt that she was suffering alone throughout her life, the longing that became a never ending part of her life. He couldn’t imagine the pain and hurt that she went through. She continued, “Dadaji aur dadima ne bahut koshish ki mujhe woh khushi dene ko, par woh bhi shayad babaji ko manzoor nahi tha, unhe bhi jaldi bulaya apne paas. Aur mere doston se bhi alag kardi. Patha nahi kab aapse aur Pari se bhi mujhe alag kar denge?” Maan closed her mouth before she could continue and pulled her up in his embrace. He hugged her tight and told, “Tumhe mujse sirf meri maut hi alag kar sakthi he Geet. Aur ek lavz nahi..” He told in mind while she cried her heart out hugging him tight, “Geet, mein wada kartha hoon, mein tumhari zindagi mein itna khushiyan bhar doonga ki tum har ek gham ko bhool jaogi. Aur jin khushiyan ne tumse muh modli woh saari khusiyan tumhe mein wapas doonga. Yeh Maan Singh Khurana ka waada he.”


Tere Liye – Part 5


Geet couldn’t hold her emotions after experiencing the feeling, the feeling of being special to someone. But something was making her hold back, hold back from sharing the pain and loneliness she suffered. She was not yet ready for that. After what seemed eternity, Maan pulled back to look at her flushed face, her swollen lips. She shied hiding herself from his intense gaze in his arms. He pulled her out slowly and told, “Geet, I am sorry for everything I did, for every hurtful word.” She didn’t let him continue as she moved ahead and kissed him. He was thrilled by her response and kissed her back ardently. He moved down after a while to her neck and moved further down giving kisses until he reached her stomach. He moved her top slightly to see her milky white stomach and placed a kiss there. He told, “Baby, papa is really sorry.” She closed his mouth before he could apologize. He looked upto see her shaking her head for a no. He kissed her hand and moved up to kiss her forehead, eyes and cheeks. He looked at her for a while and told, “Since I don’t remember what transpired between us let us do a recap.” She looked at him shocked but soon forgot everything when his hands and lips did magic in her body making her forget her own self, making her forget that fateful night. After a while when she was lying on his chest contented, with his arms wrapped around her, she told, “Thank you Maan.” Before he could reply she continued, “Thank you for making me forget that day and replace it with these blissful moments.” Maan sighed knowing that she understood why he did it. He wanted to make her forget the hurt, the pain that she went through because of him. He knows that this was not enough but he wanted to do everything that will make her happy. He moved above her caring not to put pressure on her stomach and told, “Geet, how easily you forgave me? Kash mein tumhe samaj patha. Tumhare masoomiyat ko pehle dekh patha.” Geet forbid him from telling further closing his mouth and told, “Mujhe yeh kafi he ki mujhe aapka pyaar mila he. Usse zyaada mujhe kuch nahi chahiye.” She hugged him close feeling contented and slept soon in his arms.

She woke up when she felt water touching her body. She opened her droopy eyes finding herself in the Jacuzzi with Maan looking at her lovingly. She smiled but soon shied away knowing that she was devoid of any clothes presenting him a good view. Maan was beside her knowing she was about to hide. He told holding her hands and pulling her to him, “Geet, there is nothing left to hide and I don’t want you to hide anything from me anymore.” Geet looked up hearing him; she knew his words were deeper than what he told. She smiled and hugged him. They relaxed there for a while and Maan helped her to get fresh. They went outside and got dressed. After that Maan pulled her into his embrace and told, “Geet, I want to talk to our parents soon. I can’t wait to have you with me. I don’t want any finger to point on you and make you suffer. You have suffered a lot. Now I won’t let it happen.” Geet was somehow afraid of their reaction as she knew that Annie was not so fond of her. Only Aryan likes her and Raj and Naina Khurana, Maan’s parents always liked Pari. Maan could feel her getting tensed. He told pressing a kiss on her forehead, “Don’t worry about anything Geet. I will take care of it.” She hugged him still apprehensive about what is next. They reached home by morning four and Maan left her in her room.

Next day Maan got up late and went down after getting ready for office. Everyone was present in the table including Annie, who normally gets up late. He greeted everyone and told, “Mom, dad I have to talk to you.” Raj looked up hearing the seriousness in Maan’s voice and told, “Yes Son. Go ahead.” Everyone was curious to know. Maan told, “Dad, before I talk to you I need to know someone’s opinion.” Raj nodded his head while he turned to Aryan and asked, “Bro, you love Pari, right?” Aryan was startled and dropped the spoon he was holding. He composed himself soon and told, “Maan, have you gone mad? What are you telling?” Maan replied before he could cover up, “Bro, I know the truth and I know Pari also loves you.” He asked, “Maan, don’t go with some assumptions. Nothing like that is there. See, you both are engaged now. At least remember that.” Maan told, “Then let me clear your assumptions, I am calling off my engagement with Pari. I will marry only Geet.” “What??” the reaction was spontaneous and everyone were looking at him like they saw an alien.

Maan shrugged off and told, “What? I am going to marry Geet. Actually I had some misconceptions; I thought it was Pari whom I used to secretly admire during my morning jogs. Now that everything is cleared and I understand that I am in love with Geet, I will marry her only, right? And Pari and my brother are already in love. So nothing is there to worry now.” All the four were stunned at his declaration and Naina asked to confirm, “Maan, you are kidding right?” Maan looked at her and asked, “Come on Mom, do I look kidding? You have to be happy, that way our families will be bonded forever.” This time Annie was the one to react, “Maan bhai, just for keeping the families together, you don’t need to do it. You don’t need to make up stories to make it appear like you love her, just for Aryan bro to get his love. I know you hate her. Who will like someone like her, she doesn’t even know to respect her parents…” Annie was going on when Maan lost his cool and told, “Enough Annie, not a word more about Geet. I don’t hate her and if you all want me to get married then it will be only to Geet. Now you can decide.” He left for office without having breakfast.

Annie kept cursing Geet for making Maan talk like that. Naina and Raj were surprised as they knew the animosity between them. Aryan was happy about Maan’s decision as he could see that Maan was serious about it. But he had things to clear before that. Before he could talk Raj turned to him and asked, “Aryan, Is everything that Maan told true? I had asked your opinion for marriage and you turned me down telling that you don’t want to get married now. When I moved ahead with Maan’s marriage also you told me nothing. Then what is all these.” Aryan bowed his head and told, “I am sorry Dad. I thought.. Pari loves Maan. So I haven’t told anything.” Raj told, “Acha hua Maan ne abhi bata diya. Aryan, you always spoke whatever is in your mind, then why this time? Your one decision could have spoiled three lives.” Aryan told, “I know dad. Can’t we make it right now? Besides everything I am happy about Maan’s decision to marry Geet.” Naina told, “Wahi tho meri samaj mein nahi aa rahi he, yeh dono jab dekho ek doosre se ladthe rehthe the? Achanak aise kya hua Maan ko?” Raj told, “Naina, you know Maan never makes decisions in haste. He seemed determined. I think we should talk to Mohinder now. Everything has to be cleared. I will be happy if both our sons are marrying Mohinder’ daughters.” Naina and Aryan agreed with him. Annie left the table getting annoyed. But as everyone knew her nature, they didn’t care for it.

Mohinder and Rano were happy when Raj told about the happenings. But was really concerned thinking of Geet’s nature, even Arjun was little apprehensive about Geet knowing her nature and Annie doesn’t like her. Geet was so much straight forward that people have to think a while before talking to her, while Pari will always think about the pros and cons and then talk. He always thought that Geet was strong and independent and he liked her for the maturity she had. But what he never knew was the heart that longed for the love of her siblings, her parents. All of them couldn’t understand the pain and loneliness that she suffered all alone. That day evening, both the families got together and decided regarding the alliances. Even though not very pleased, Annie stood quite knowing that Maan will always be firm in his decisions and no one can change it. Maan had arrived late and noticed Geet who was standing quite on a corner, while others were engrossed in deciding the proceedings. Pari, Annie and Aryan were sitting near Arjun talking together. He went and stood near her. She looked at him and smiled, but he could see that the smile hasn’t reached her eyes. He could read the longing for something in her eyes every time she eyed her family. He held her hand and told others, “Dad, Uncle, Can I take Geet for a ride outside?” Raj and Mohinder were pleased by his question and had already noticed Maan holding her hand, they told, “Yes Maan beta. You can definitely take your fiancee for a date” and smiled. Naina and Rano were pleasantly surprised seeing the ease between them and their concerns regarding them cleared. Aryan, Arjun and Pari were happy to see them both together. Only person who was fuming within was Annie, but she couldn’t show it. Geet silently followed Maan.

Tere Liye – Part 4


Maan was walking towards his balcony after talking to Pari. The knowledge that Pari never went to the orphanage was a shock for him. But then who was it that he used to watch daily during his jogs. The innocence, the playfulness that stole his heart, who was it? When his parents came up with the engagement, he was the happiest person as he was sure that it was Pari whom he used to watch every day. So it didn’t take time for him to agree to it. But as things proceeded, he felt that Pari is hiding something. She looked happy, but something was bothering her. He didn’t get time to talk to her before, so he found some time after all the functions were over. He knew that his decision was right, as he got to know the soft corner in Pari’s heart for his brother. Also he heard from one of Aryan’s friends that he loved Pari since their childhood. When he asked Aryan, he just shrugged it off as his friend’s imagination. But now he was sure that both of them loved each other secretly. There was more to his restlessness than it. Pari’s mention about Geet, how she was deprived of parents’ love since childhood, how she never shows her emotions to others, it disturbed him a lot. Earlier it was easy to believe Rohit’s words, but he couldn’t relate this Geet anywhere. Everything was going wrong. He needs to talk to his parents and call off the engagement before it is late. He can’t snatch his brother’s happiness. He thought he was in love with Pari, but the truth is that he was in love with the girl whom he used to watch daily in the orphanage. Now when he knows that she is not the one then he should act fast. He moved ahead when he saw a figure coming to Geet’s balcony. First thought was that it could be someone who came to see her. It disgusted him and he wanted to move ahead. But he turned and saw that the figure was sitting on the floor watching the sky. He wanted to know who it is and climbed the balcony that connected Handa’s and Khurana’s. He moved near and saw that it was Geet. He saw tears making its way down her face. He was surprised as he never saw her cry, leave crying he never saw her sad. He moved ahead when he heard her talks that shook his entire being.

He was left shaken by the few words she spoke. She was pregnant, but what she told about its papa shook him again. He knew that her words never implied Rohit, then whom? He couldn’t even think about her willingly submitting to Rohit after her words. No she can’t do that. He needed to get into the depth. He knew Rohit will never tell the truth, then whom? Vishal, yes he can tell. He remembered Vishal being aloof after that day; he refused to come for their parties and outings after that. There must be something. He went to his room and dialed Vishal. After few rings he picked the call. His sound appeared like he wanted to end the conversation soon. But he needs to know the facts. He asked him to meet him in half an hour in his farmhouse. Even though he refused first, later he agreed hearing the desperation in his voice. After an hour, Maan was standing besides his car bending his head on the bonnet while Vishal was trying to calm him. Maan couldn’t believe that he stooped so low and blamed it all on her. He was shaking with anger and hatred for self. He turned and hit the tree trunk nearby causing his hand to bleed. Even though Vishal tried to stop him he couldn’t as Maan was violent. Maan’s eyes were red and suddenly something hit his mind. He knew what to do; shrugging off Vishal’s hand he entered his car and zoomed off.

Geet woke up sensing someone’s presence near her. Before she could scream or do something, one hand covered her mouth. She stopped struggling when the masculine scent filled her, she knew who it was, but wondered why he was here. When he felt her stop struggling he took the hand from her mouth. She asked, “Maan, why are you here at this time?” Maan was surprised as to how she identified him even in the dark. He told, “Come with me now.” It was more of a command that Geet immediately protested, “Why should I come with you?” Maan told not letting her speak, “Because I am telling. And don’t dare to mess with me. Do you want everyone to wake up?” Geet knew that she doesn’t want her sister to wake up and find him in her room. So she kept quite. He scooped her up much to her protest and carried her down through the balcony stairs. He placed her inside his car and went to the driving seat. Then only he noticed her dress. She was wearing a baby pink t-shirt and three forth’s. She looked like an adorable kid in the dress. His gaze went to her stomach where their baby resided. She was looking away facing towards the window. He knew that he was harsh again but it was the only way to make her agree. He drove to his farmhouse. Vishal who was there left seeing Geet with him not making them obvious of his presence. He knew that everything will be alright now.

Geet was surprised seeing the farmhouse and looked at him fearing that he was drunk again. He looked at her and told, “I am not drunk like last time.” She was shocked while Maan came to her side and before she could protest scooped her up in his arms carrying her inside. He locked the main door with his back and took her to his bedroom. Geet was still in shock to realize where he was carrying her. But when he reached the room, the memories of last time flashed in her mind and she wriggled in his arms. He was feeling guiltier seeing the expressions in her face which was not gauged as usual. He knew she was remembering that day. He closed his eyes to gain his composure and put her gently on the bed. She immediately got up but he was too quick for her and pushed her slightly back to the bed hovering over her. He dipped his head in the crook of her neck and told, “Geet, I am sorry.” His lips trailed down her neck while her neck got wet with his tears. Geet was shocked when she felt his lips on her neck. She fisted her hands in the bedsheet when he heard him telling sorry along with her neck getting wet. She immediately held him and asked, “Maan, kya hua? Sab tik tho he?” Maan looked at her face and she saw that his eyes were red and the expression in his face told her that he knew everything.

She told, “Maan, aap..” Before she could tell anything he immediately closed her mouth with his hands. He told, “Geet, please don’t make me guiltier than I already am. I know a sorry won’t undo my deeds. Believe me, I never had any idea of what happened that day, I was too drunk to remember anything. Rohit had added some drugs to my drink. The dislike I had for your ways made me believe Rohit. I am sorry..” She knew that he was repenting his deeds but he loved her sister and they are engaged. She can’t let this guilt burden their relation. She told, “Maan, I knew the day you shouted at me that you knew nothing transpired between us. But you don’t need to be sorry. What happened was bound to happen. I don’t want you to think about it and get tensed. I want you both happy while moving ahead with your life.” Maan lifted his head and asked confused, “What do you mean by that Geet?” She told, “Maan, please leave all these. Pari and you are getting married in two months. So forget that the day ever happened in our lives.” Maan was stunned hearing her. How could she still think only about his happiness? He was angry. He told, “What do you think of me Geet? Do you think me as a person who makes someone pregnant and marry her sister? Do you feel that I will stoop so low?” Geet was shocked that he knew the truth. She asked, “Par Maan, how you know?” He told, “I heard you talking to dadu and dadi.” She closed her eyes and told after composing herself, “No Maan, I don’t want you to do anything out of guilt. I know you love Pari. I don’t want you to lose your love just because of that day.” He moved dangerously close to her and asked, “Then what about you Geet? Don’t you love me?” She looked away and told, “It doesn’t matter, Maan. I will be fine.

He turned her to face him and asked, “Did I ever tell you that I love Pari? Or did anyone tell you?” She shook her head and he continued, “And you decided that I love her.  But it is true that I love someone.” She felt sad hearing him but her face didn’t give away any emotion. He continued, “I love the girl whom I used to watch from far in xxx Orphanage. I fell for her innocence, her playfulness, her love for those children.” Geet’s eyes widened at the realization but she managed to mask it soon, but it was not unnoticed by Maan who was overjoyed at the realization that it was Geet. He dipped his head on her neck again and kissed her there. Geet gasped unable to push him away. He told nuzzling her cheeks, “But I did a mistake in recognizing her. Now I couldn’t be more thankful to God that it is the same person who is bearing our child.” With that he moved down and kissed her stomach above her dress. Geet was feeling overwhelmed but she remembered Pari. She told making him look at her, “Maan, please don’t do this to Pari.” Maan smiled and told, “You are still bothered about the engagement when it is already called off by us.” Geet was shocked and asked, “Maan, how could you do this to Pari?” He told, “Do you really think that I am so heartless?” He continued seeing her bewildered expression, “Geet, Aryan loves Pari and she too loves him. I definitely don’t want to marry my brother’s love.” Geet was left mouth opened at the realization. She never thought that way. Maan asked, “Now that everything is cleared are you giving me an open invitation?” Geet immediately closed her mouth looking away as her cheeks turned crimson. Maan thought looking at her, “How could I even think that she did such a heinous deed? How could I not see her innocence masked behind her coldness?” Tears made way to his eyes again; it was the first time in his life that he was having tears in his eyes. The intensity of his deeds came crashing down to him. She immediately looked sensing the wetness in her cheeks. She wiped the tear before the next could fall down. He smiled seeing the concern in her face. How could she forgive him after what he did to her? From Vishal, he knew what he did and he couldn’t remember anything owing to the state he was. Now he understood why he didn’t remember anything, he was drugged. But he needs to make up for every bit of hurt and pain she went through. He looked at Geet who was lying dangerously close to him and to lighten the mood, he asked, “Waise where were you trying to escape? Back to London?” She opened her mouth again in surprise but this time instead of warning he took her lips into his kissing her passionately. Even though stunned at first Geet responded soon letting herself feel the love, shedding the inhibitions.

Tere Liye – Part 3


Maan put her on the bed and closed the door. She looked at him horrified. She knew that he was not in senses and she didn’t know why he wanted to do so. Before she could think further he was right above her pressing her to the bed. She tried to push him away but he was too strong for her to resist. He pushed her to the bed and captured her lips into a devastating kiss. He bit her lips when she pursed it, gaining entry to her mouth. He was harsh and her lips were swollen and bruised by the time he left her. Her first kiss, that too without her consent. He moved to her neck and collarbone pinning her hands and body below him so that she won’t be able to struggle. He tore away her t-shirt in one go, leaving her only on her inners. She was feeling helpless for the first time in her life. She wanted to cover herself but her hands were harshly pinned above the head. He started giving bites and kisses where ever he found her soft milky skin. He tore away her inner soon capturing her curves in his hands and mouth. He was too harsh on her that her upper body was reddish with bruises all over. When he was satisfied he moved down to her navel and started giving her marks of his harshness. He pushed down the jeans with his one hand along with her inner and tossed it away. Soon he got rid of his clothes and entered her in one go without giving time for her to move. Her virgin body was unable to take so much of harshness and she was in pain. He went on doing it until he passed out. When he left her she had nothing left, neither her dignity, nor the will to live. He had taken away everything that she held precious.

She was physically and emotionally drained out of all energy. She gathered the remaining pieces of her clothing and went to the bathroom. She sat under water for almost an hour and came out drying herself. She noticed her t-shirt and inner lying torn in the floor. She looked around and opened the cupboard. She got a t-shirt that nearly matched her size after a long search. She wore it and went out through the back door. She wanted to reach in the confines of her room sooner as she couldn’t break down before anyone. She got a taxi after walking a while and reached HM. She went directly to her room knowing that nobody has woken up. Once she was in the confines of her room, she let the tears flow down. How her life changed in just few minutes. She hugged herself and cried her heart out, an agony that was unheard by anyone else.

Meanwhile Rohit and others had reached the farmhouse. They couldn’t reach there as expected because they were caught by the traffic police and with much persuasion they left them after 2 hours. They had a key of the farmhouse, they opened and entered. Not finding any signs of them anywhere, they went to the bedroom. The sight of the room was enough for them to understand what happened. Maan was lying in the bed covering himself with the duvet till his back. There were blood stains in the sheet and a ladies t-shirt and inner was thrown in the floor torn. But there was no sign of Geet, so they guessed that she might have left. Rohit knew that Maan was too drunk to even remember anything happened, so they decided to play the game well. If he couldn’t get Geet also not a problem, he will make her life a living hell. They removed the stained sheets and dressed Maan making him lie on the couch. Rohit removed his shirt and got into the bed with Geet’s torn t-shirt and inner near the bed. When Maan woke up they made them believe that Geet succumbed to Rohit’s demands and Rohit added as to how good she was in bed. Maan instantly felt hatred towards Geet. Next day, he confronted her and insulted her for being a shame on her family by sleeping with random men. He didn’t give her a chance to speak and blamed her for everything. Geet was losing her temper but she somehow understood that Rohit might have manipulated Maan as he doesn’t remember anything about last night. She sighed and left knowing that there is no point in arguing with him. She tried to behave normal even though the thought of that night was eating her within.

However, life was not easier for her. She was worried when she missed the periods and the tests confirmed it. Her whole being shook at the realization that she was pregnant. But the life growing inside gave her strength to survive along with that she started feeling for the man who was responsible for all these. Even though he was rude at her, she knew that he was good at heart. Even though he hated her sight, he knew how much he cared for others. She knew that she can never get the love back but she started to love him. The little life in her created an unseen emotional bond with him. However, life never stopped playing games at her. Another bigger shock awaited her on the next family dinner when her father and Raj announced the engagement of Pari and Maan. She knew he will become someone else’s someday, but the fact that he was going to be her sister’s husband shook him. She felt disgusted of herself as she was carrying the child of her would be jiju, that she was in love with him. She made up her mind not to fell weak, she has to forget him, and she doesn’t deserve to even love him. It was her child, only hers, her only expectation in her life. She knew the consequences she will have to face, but she was determined to face it all. She knew that the only place she can go is London. She made the arrangements while her friends there were more than willing to help her.

She came out from her thoughts and went out in the balcony. She sat near the railings in the floor watching the moon shining brightly. There were more stars in the sky, she felt like dadi and dadu were watching her from far. Tears started flowing from her unknowingly. She told as if telling them, “Dadi, dadu, kash mein aap dono ke paas hotha. Par patha nahi aur kya kya dekhna bakki he ab iss zindagi mein.” She caressed her stomach with her hand and told, “Shayad babaji ne isliye mujhe iska sahara diya he. Kyunki usse patha hoga ki mujhe apne zindagi mein pyaar kabhi milega nahi. Isliye isse sirf mereliye bheja he, jisse mein sirf apna keh saku. Jab uski papa mujhe sabse zyaada nafrat kare, tab woh mujhe itna pyaar de takki mein uss nafrat ko bhool jao.” She wiped her tears and told, “Nahi dadu, I won’t cry. dadi, mein aapki strong gudiya hoon, jo apna har dard hasthe hue sehthi hoon, har ek feelings ko chupa sakthi hoon. I will always remain strong for my child, like I have been till now.” She stood up with a determination as she felt light in heart after talking her heart out. But little did she know that she was feeling light because her babaji has conveyed the same to the person responsible for it.

Tere Liye – Part 2


Geet’s thoughts went back to the past. Her dadaji, Sukhdev Handa had their major business in London and they were settled there since long. As he grew old, Mohinder was handling their family business in India as well as London being his only son. When Rano gave birth to the twins, there was a crisis in their business in India and Mohinder had to leave for India. He needed Rano’s support but she was not ready to leave her children behind especially Arjun. So they decided to take Arjun and Pari along with them as dadima can’t look after both Pari and Geet. Soon their business was shifted to India and with the tensions in business, Mohinder and Rano never got time for Geet, their visits were very rare and she was left to the care of her grandparents. However, once the twins grew up, they always used to be in touch with each other. Arjun was more matured for his age and always talked less. Even though he loved Geet, he never showed it much. She never got the care and love from her parents when it was required. Dadaji and dadima always felt bad for her for having deprived of her parents’ love. Even though they loved her, she kept herself aloof from everyone during her school days. Dadaji fell ill all of a sudden and considering his request to leave everything behind and start a new life, Geet began to open up slowly to her friends and soon her nature changed completely. She became completely outgoing and began to enjoy her life.

Dadaji was happy with the progress in her and passed away soon owing to his ill health. Dadaji took a promise from her before dying that she will enjoy her life no matter whatever may happen. Dadima insisted in staying in London when Mohinder asked them to return to India knowing that Geet just started to enjoy her life and she wanted only her happiness; even Geet never wanted to live with her parents who never cared for her. She joined graduation in medical science. She got many friends who were ready to do anything for her. She began to experience the happiness in her life. However, her happiness was not prolonged, dadima fell ill after she completed her graduation and they were forced to return to India. In India, as expected, she never got a warm welcome. Even though all were happy about her return, they didn’t approve her outgoing nature. Mohinder always had rigid rules for their family, even though born and brought up in London and dadaji never insisted. Even Arjun couldn’t agree with her lifestyle. The only person who accepted her knowing her nature was Pari. Geet never paid any heed to all that, but she somehow felt bad that no one cared to even understand her. Khurana’s were family friends of Handa’s and Arjun was getting married to Annie Khurana very soon, so it had turned to a relation. Raj Khurana had two sons and one daughter, the elder son Aryan Singh Khurana and younger Maan Singh Khurana. Aryan was doctor in Sanjeevani and Maan was handling KC and Khurana’s family business. Aryan was kind-hearted and nice person while Maan was rude and arrogant. Geet and Maan never got along well and their meetings always ended up in fights.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard the voice of thunder outside. She went near the window and looked at the rain drops falling one by one. Her thoughts again went back to those days that gave her nothing but pain. Geet never tried to change her nature knowing that her parents don’t like her that way. Why should she do something like that when they never cared for her yet? She had joined Sanjeevani and had become somewhat comfortable with Aryan very soon. Aryan, even though talked very less and was little serious, had developed a liking towards Geet. He could sometimes see through the faade but never tried to talk about it as he knew that Geet will never acknowledge it. Geet never liked the family dinners as both the families will be present and they would definitely want to discuss how she should behave. How she should dress up etc.. She used to keep quiet but sometimes it becomes too much and she will tell something which will lead to her parents scolding her before others. So she used to find some or the other reason not to attend the dinners. Annie and she never got along and she often ended up getting scolded by Rano or Arjun for no mistake of hers. All these were taking a toll on her when the manager of the orphanage where dadima was a sponsor contacted her. It was a relief for her and she used to spend time with the children every day in the pretense of going for jogging. She used to feel home there with the love and affection of the children than at Handa mansion. Even though she pretended to stick on to her outgoing nature, she could never hide her true nature from those children. Daily she will leave from home in the pretense of jogging and reach the orphanage. There she will spend about one hour and return back home. It was the only thing that brought happiness in her life. She missed her friends, they were persuading her to come back to London, but she couldn’t return as Arjun’s marriage was about to happen soon.

Everything was going smooth as she managed to get along with other’s behavior and gave a cold shoulder to those who don’t approve her ways. But her dreadful days started with a fight she had with one of Maan’s friends in the pub. She visited the pub as one of her friends from London, Ron had come to India for a thesis final approval. They decided to meet up in XYZ pub and were having a nice time when Maan entered with his friends. Maan instantly noticed her as it was not common to see her there and that too with a guy who appeared to be a foreigner. One of his friends, Rohit noticed her. She was in a knee length dress with short sleeves. He told, “Wow guys, a new item is there. Let me try my luck” and left before Maan could stop her. He went near Geet and kept his hand on her shoulder. She turned around and simply threw away his hand in a swift movement continuing her talks with Ron. Ron smiled knowing her and warned Rohit with his eyes to leave. However, her dismissal angered Rohit and he placed his hand on her thighs. Geet stood up and placed a tight slap on his face followed by a kick in his groin. Rohit fell down with the kick and his friends except Maan came to help him. Maan was too shocked seeing her like that. He didn’t go to them not wanting to create a scene. Geet left with Ron after giving a mouthful to Rohit. After she left, Maan went to Rohit. Rohit was burning in shame and anger. He wanted her at any cost. He had noticed Maan keeping away until she left. He asked, “Maan, you know her?” Maan never lied to his friends, so told, “She is Arjun’s sister, Geet, Twin sister of Pari.” Rohit caught it and told, “Oh so she is the one whom you were talking about last week. No wonder she is like this. How about we teach her a lesson that she never forgets? I am sure that Arjun and his family is not very fond of her nature knowing how traditional they are.” Maan agreed after much persuasion from his friends.

Rohit had decided to take revenge on her using Maan. His plan was to get her to bed but he revealed only half of it to Maan. They kept some of their fellow friends in Sanjeevani to keep an eye on her. She was having night duty that day and was returning home when her car’s tires got punctured. Rohit had planned for it and by the time Geet was out, all of them including Maan were heavily drunk. They had followed Geet from hospital and saw her hitting the tire out of frustration in the deserted road. As per the plan, they asked Maan to take the car and give her a lift. Maan went in his car and reached near Geet. She was more annoyed seeing Maan, but couldn’t resist his offer for lift as she had no other option. As per the plan, he took her to their farmhouse in the pretense of getting some files. As soon as she entered the farmhouse, he shut the door behind her. She looked shocked at Maan and could sense that he was heavily drunk. Even though she felt the smell inside the car, she never expected him to be drunk like that. She told, “Tumne darwaza kyun band kiya? Mujhe ghar jaana he. Agar tumse nahi hoga tho mein khud drive karke jaathi hoon.” But he was fast enough to trap her between him and the door. Before she could make a move he scooped her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. She tried hitting him with her hands and legs but everything went futile before him. She looked at him fearing the worst.

Tere Liye – Part 1


She stood near the railings watching her twin sister beaming with happiness; it was Pari’s engagement today. Everyone around them seems to enjoy the function. Pari looked up and saw her. Seeing the frown in her face, she knew that it was because of her dress. She was in a plain white kurti and a blue jeans. She smiled and made a baby face. Pari smiled and called, “Geetu, jaldi aao. Function shuru hone wala he.” The thought of the engagement brought back those memories which she wanted to forget. Nevertheless, she went near her keeping everything within the mask she put over her. Rano and Mohinder, her parents were not pleased seeing her attire like everyone else present there. Rano gave her a disapproving look. She thought, when have her mother approved anything that she did yet. She told while passing by, “What mamma, meine koi modern dress nahi pehni he. Yeh tho bas jeans aur kurti he.” Rano shook her head knowing that she will not change. She went and hugged her twin sister who was looking gorgeous in her heavy lehenga. She told, “You are looking heavenly Pari.. Bilkul aasman se uthra hua pari lag rahi ho.. Love you.” Pari hugged her back and told, “Geetu.. Tum abhi tak kaha thi.” Geet pulled out from the hug and told, “You know that I don’t really like all these girly stuff, sajna savana..” Pari smiled knowing her answer already. She told, “Tik he, ab tho tumhe function khatam hone tak mere paas hi rehna hoga.” This was what she feared the most. However, she will do anything for her Pari. She smiled and took a seat near her.

She looked at Pari who was talking lovingly to others. Everyone liked her for her nature; she was friendly, innocent and bubbly. She was an angel, a pure angel. Who won’t like her? She deserved it, unlike her who was always an object of dislike for most of them. The only person in this whole world who understood her was Pari. She knew that he would give her the happiness, because he truly loved her. She felt a lump in her throat and her hands immediately caught her stomach. She looked around, this will be the last time she attends a family function, this will be the last time she will be part of her sister’s happiness. After this, she has to leave everything behind. She was not afraid of the repercussions, but was concerned about how it will affect her dear ones.

Her thoughts were broken when she heard someone telling, “Ladkewale aa gaye..” She prepared herself to face the worst. He entered along with his dad, mom, Aryan and Annie. He noticed her sitting beside Pari and gave her a look filled with hatred. She told in mind, “You won’t have to tolerate me for long. Everyone will be free from me very soon.” She turned to look at Pari avoiding the looks she received from him. His mom, Naina and other ladies came near Pari. Naina asked seeing her, “Geet beti, kam se kam aaj ke din tho kuch traditional pehna hotha.” She smiled and told, “Shaadi tho abhi baaki hena aunty. Tabhi pehnoongi.” She shook her head and went near Pari. Annie gave her a mocking smile and went near Pari, she raised her eyebrows and shrugged. They never got along well. She wondered how Arjun Veerji liked her? Why should it matter anyway? She was never a part of their lives until now. Aryan smiled seeing her making funny faces and her one glare made him smile and look away.

Mohinder announced the engagement ceremony of Pari Handa and Maan Singh Khurana. Pari pulled her along to stand near her while they exchanged rings. She could not let her down. She kept the fake smile throughout knowing that no one really cared whether she smiled or not. Once the function got over and Pari got busy with her friends, she slowly left to her room. Once she was within the confines of her room, she let go off the facade, the faade she carried to not let others know her feelings, to not let herself weak before someone. She was a girl who had dreams and hopes like every other girl of her age but happiness was never meant for her since her childhood. Her world was shattered the very first time she let love enter her heart for someone, that someone who was going to be her sister’s husband. She thought why she even expected someone to care for her when she knew the fact that no one ever did it.

She changed to her nightdress and took out the photo placed in her bed table, she and her grandparents, who knew what she was. She smiled and hugged the frame close to her heart. She whispered, “Dadima, dadu, aap hume chodkar kyun gayi? Aap hothe tho yeh sab nahi hota, aapki Geet phirse tootthi nahi. Par ab woh hadh se zyaada toot chuki he. Please mujhe hausla dena yeh sab sehne ka. Mere bache keliye.” She placed a hand on her stomach like feeling the life inside it. It was too early to feel it, only two months. Someone whom she can call hers, who will always be hers. The only hope in her dark life.

The Rain – Part 47

She went out and saw that Maan has changed to his vest and tracks and was standing near the window looking outside. He turned around and came near her. He took her hand in his and guided her towards the balcony. It was cold outside and she got Goosebumps all over her skin. Maan hugged her from behind and she leaned on to him seeking his warmth. They stood like that for quite some time. Maan knew that he need to tell everything before moving ahead. He sighed and turned her to face him. Her face looked calmer. He told cupping her face, “Geet, I know I owe an explanation for everything I did to you in the past…” She looked at him wanting to continue. He told looking into her eyes, “I don’t deserve your forgiveness…” She told, “I have forgiven you Maan… Long back… when I understood I don’t deserve happiness in my life. It has always been a passing phase…

Maan felt his words choke on his throat. He put his finger on her lips and told, “Please Geet… Aaj mujhe bolne do… It is not you who don’t deserve happiness… It is me… I lacked the most important aspect in every relation… Trust… I didn’t trust you Geet… It was my ego that prevented me from seeing the obvious, from not trusting your eyes that always spoke the truth rather believing the circumstances… I had done it once and the next time when I did it I lost the most precious thing in my life… my love… my Geet… Even if I tell the circumstances which made me lose my trust on you it would be just an excuse which I don’t want to do. I know I have always been wrong with my prejudice about you… I believed my calculative mind rather than my heart that always cried that you are innocent… I demeaned our love Geet… I failed to keep the vows I took with you… I failed to protect you… Instead of taking away your pain I gave you more and more pain every day… I really don’t deserve you Geet… But I need a chance to give you back a life that you had once dreamt of… A life filled with happiness… I know that I can’t revert anything back to how it was… But I can only try to make it better… One thing I can promise you now Geet… I had twice mistrusted you, but I won’t ever repeat it… If I do it again it will be over my dead body…

Before he could proceed Geet closed his mouth. She told, “Maan, I don’t know what made you lose trust on me and I don’t want to know either. We have come past that time. My happiness doesn’t matter to me now… I have become habituated to all these, so it holds no meaning in my life. I just want everyone to be happy. It is after such a long wait that I got to see my family together. Happiness in their face is enough for me Maan. And us… I have been your wife since the day you tied me in the sacred bond. For everyone this marriage might have changed our relation. For me, it is just their acceptance to our relation. If you could do something to me, then please don’t remind me of the past, Maan. I have made myself stronger, but still there are certain things that I wouldn’t want to be reminded about.

Every single word from her gave an insight on how far he had pushed her. His heart was feeling heavy as she told everything. He didn’t know how to make it better, but promised himself to bring back all the happiness. He kissed her forehead and wrapped his arms around her. He knew that words won’t heal the pain and he has a long way to go. They stood like that absorbing the togetherness for a while. Maan scooped her in his arms and took her to the bed. He joined her soon taking her in his arms. She moved to his embrace and fell into a peaceful sleep after years. While he kept on looking at her serene face cursing himself to have taken away all the happiness in her life.

She woke up early feeling better, having slept properly. She turned around to face Maan who was holding her closer. His face looked distressed and she knew that he would never forgive himself if he got to know everything. She didn’t want this. Even though he pushed her away, she could never hate him. The love she had for him was the only thing that kept her alive. She caressed his forehead removing the lines of distress and she heard him murmuring, “Geet..” She snuggled closer to him. When everything will be taken away again from her, she doesn’t know. The uncertainty has become a part of her life. She has everything she wished in her life now except… The thought brought back the pain, the pain that had become a part of her life from past, that will always remain to be a part.

Maan woke up few minutes later to find his love snuggling closer to him. There was a calmness in her face that made him smile. He now knew that it was his presence that calmed her. It had always been him if only he could have trusted her, he could have seen through those eyes. He was the reason she smiled whole heartedly once and yet again he was the reason for her never ending pain. He didn’t know what to do to bring back the happiness. He missed the bubbly girl who always took her the pain with a smile yet again fought against all the odds. Now she seemed to absorb everything yet again with a smile hiding everything, but her heart was closed to feel any happiness. He kissed her forehead deciding to do everything on his will to bring her out of the shell and fill her life with all the happiness she missed out.

His kiss woke her up and she slowly opened her eyes to meet his. A small smile crept her face which lightened his heart. She told, “Good Morning, Maan..” He kissed her forehead yet again and told, “Good Morning…” She asked, “Aap gym nahi jaa rahe ho?” He smiled knowing that she would never forget his habits. He hugged her closer and told, “Nah.. Aaj nahi.. Aaj mujhe tumhare saath rehna he thodi der aur, isse pehle ki sab tumhe leke jaaye..” She smiled and hugged him feeling calmer. His presence was the balm for her pain. It felt as if nothing has changed from the time they got married in Shimla, even though it was momentary. He hugged her closer feeling her in his arms where she always wished to be, where he always wanted her to be. All these five years, this was what they missed the most, their togetherness. While he tried to not accept it with his anger, she absorbed it along with the pain. They were incomplete without each other and the cold wind from outside reminded them that it had rained heavily… just like celebrating their togetherness.

The Rain – Part 46

By the time they reached Khurana Mansion, Geet was feeling better. Maan’s presence itself was soothing her senses. It has always been like that, how much ever hurt she endured from him, it was always his presence that gave her solace. Maan looked at Geet who was leaning on to his shoulder. Guilt was overpowering his senses knowing what he did to her once. How can she still love him? He never trusted her love, which was so pure and unconditional. He held her hand when they reached KM. She looked up and found him looking at her. He moved ahead and placed a kiss on her forehead. Then he held her hand and guided her outside before anyone could come. He never left her hand even when Vicky and Karan started teasing them. Geet just smiled seeing them so happy and followed Maan. Simran did the arti and guided Geet to kick the kalash. Maan never left her hand all throughout. She placed her feet in alta and entered KM along with Maan. She was then guided to do puja and after that both of them took blessings from everyone.

Annie and Vicky were very much excited as the happiness prevailing in KM was something that was long lost. Vicky started teasing Maan, “Bro, ab tho aap Geet ko chod sakthe ho..” Maan glared at him and slowly left her hand while others laughed. Soon they were led to play the games (I don’t want to elaborate further as you might have got bored reading it from many FFs). After finishing the games, they had the dinner. Annie led Geet to Maan’s room after that. She guided her to sit in the center of the decorated bed. She was satisfied that after everything happened in the past, Geet could finally get her happiness. She told before placing the ghungat on her face, “Geet, Please let go everything in the past. I know it is not easy. But for creating new beautiful memories we should let go our past. We all want your happiness.” She closed the door and went to Maan. Geet sat there pondering over Annie’s words. She didn’t know how long she was lost in her thoughts until she heard the door opening.

Maan entered the room after satisfying Annie and Vicky’s demands while Karan, Dev and Naintara were watching them laughing and teasing him. He looked at the decorated bed to find his wife, his Geet sitting in the middle of the bed. It took him to the memories of their marriage in Shimla. He moved near the bed and sat next to her. Geet was having an alien feeling. After coming back, she had been close to Maan but the exchange of words was less. None of them tried to ask or explain anything. Maan knew that he has to talk today. This is the last chance God gave him to mend his mistakes. But he needs to apologize for every single mistake before they start their life together. He lifted her veil and saw her face, their eyes met. For a moment, they both got lost in the depth of the love in each other’s eyes. Maan was the one to break the trance and cupped her face giving a kiss on her forehead. She kept on looking at him. She had longed for this once, but why he pushed her away then. Like understanding the question in her eyes, he held her hand in his and told, “Geet, I know that you might be wondering what has changed since the time you came back.” She told before he could proceed, “I know that you never stopped loving me Maan. Aapko kuch safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he.

Maan closed his eyes to compose himself. He knew her love and trust for him was beyond anything, but feeling it again made him weak in his resolve. He was getting burdened with guilt. He told, “Geet, mujhe patha he ki tumhe safayi dene ki zaroorat nahi he. Tumhara pyaar aur bharosa ki mazbuti par koi shak nahi kar sakthe. Par shayad mere pyaar mein bahut saari kamiyan thi ki meine tumhe apne apse door kar diya.” Geet didn’t interrupt him and kept on looking at him. He knew she wanted him to talk today, but before that he wanted her to be comfortable. With the heavy dress she was feeling tired. He told, “Geet, I need to talk to you, but before that let me help you with this dress. I know that you are tired.” Geet nodded while he moved ahead and unpinned the heavy dupatta from her head placing a kiss on her forehead. He caught her hand and started removing the bangles. He placed a kiss on both her wrists before moving to remove her necklace. He removed every piece of ornaments except the mangalsutra and loosened her hair from the pins holding it. She was all the while staring at him just trying to absorb every moment. He looked at her and could see complete submission in her eyes like always. He cupped her face in his hands and placed a kiss on her forehead before taking her to his embrace. She willingly gave in to where she always belonged.

After being in each other’s embrace for a while, Maan pulled back a little and untied the dori of her choli. She was not surprised when it came loose but hugged him tighter as the cold air hit her back. His hands removed the choli from her shoulders placing kisses there and pulled it away. Then he pushed her lehenga down and hugged her closer. It was getting difficult for him to control after having her next to him but he has long way to go. He pulled away not before placing a kiss on her eyes and went to take her night dress that he kept in the cupboard. He came back and placed it on the bed. She was sitting in the bed holding the comforter close feeling exposed by his withdrawal. Before her thoughts could process he picked her up in his arms pushing away the comforter and took her to the bathroom. He kept her on her feet and told, “Geet, tum bahut tired lag rahi hoon. Fresh ho jao. Mein bhi change karke aatha hoon.” He just kept the door half closed and went to change. She looked at the door for a while wondering what was going in his mind and then decided to take a bath. She went to the shower cubicle and opened the shower.

When the water droplets kissed her body she could feel the tiredness of the whole day consuming her. She closed her eyes when she felt his hands snaking her waist and his hard chest touching her back. She turned around to find him changed to track pants, looking at her with love. She leaned to him placing her head on his bare chest while he hugged her tight. They stayed in each other’s embrace for a while. Maan knew that only he can bring her back to life, bring back all the happiness that she lost. He held her closer until he felt her relaxing in his hold. He turned her to face him and told placing a kiss on her forehead, “Geet, you will catch cold. Get fresh. ” She nodded while he went to the dressing room taking the towel, drying himself. She freshened up and changed to the night dress. She went out and saw that Maan has changed to his vest and tracks and was standing near the window looking outside. He turned around and came near her.

The Rain – Part 45

Annie tied the sehra on Maan’s head before the baarat proceeded towards Handa Mansion. Simran and Jai were happy and contended as their long lost dream was becoming reality. While in HM, Geet’s tayiji and tayaji had arrived early in the morning much to the displeasure of Daarji and Brij. Geet was happy that they could make it, as they both cared for a lot since her childhood. Brij had wanted to stop the marriage at any cost, but Daarji knew that one wrong move from their end and they are gone. Now that every single person in their family was against them, they couldn’t do much. So considering everything, he decided to let it go and calmed down Brij who was all set to barge into the marriage. Tayaji gifted Geet with the chuda. Tayiji tied kalira on her bangle.

The genuine happiness in everyone’s faces around was something that Geet wished once. But in the path of getting it, the loss she suffered couldn’t be compensated by the anything. Varun, Neha, Aadi and Pinky had arrived earlier on Geet’s insistence. Varun could see the redness in her eyes and he knew that she cried. First he thought that may be because she has to leave her family, but earlier also she never used to be with them. He couldn’t find that bubbly girl anywhere in the Geet before him. He could feel that deep in her heart she is hiding her pain. It is true that when you love someone unconditionally, you could see through every faade. He decided to talk to her after she is back to office. The baraat arrived in Handa Mansion and was welcomed by Geet’s tayiji along with Sameera and Naintara. Media was outside the Handa Mansion to get a glimpse of Maan Singh Khurana’s marriage but only invited guests were allowed attend the function. Other KC staff along with Sasha arrived along with the baraat. Sasha was burning inside but knew that her tricks won’t work now as Sameera’s hawk eyes were always on her. But little did she know about what she is about to face. Her doom had started the day she plotted to kill their baby.

Maan was seated near the holy fire. His eyes never left the stairs, earning teasing comments from Karan and Vicky. He didn’t have to wait for long as Sameera and Annie got his angel soon before his eyes and he forgot to breathe for a while. She looked ethereal in the red lehenga. An angel descended from heaven, an angel whose wings he broke, his mind ruefully reminded him. He kept looking at her as if she will disappear the moment he blinks. She was looking at Maan who was looking handsome as usual. While the young ladies in the wedding hall were staring at him, he had his eyes fixed only on her. If it was the old Geet, she would be proud of it, but now all these didn’t affect her. She reached below the stairs and was guided to sit near him. He felt relieved just by having her near same as how she felt. Their souls were connected even though they were distanced from each other due to his mistrust. Never had they stopped loving each other, but it got hidden under his anger and her pain.

Both were asked to stand up for Jaimala. Arjun and Karan picked Geet up, not to let Maan put the varmala. Geet smiled whole heartedly for the first time during the rituals, seeing the happiness in other’s face. She looks at Maan who was looking at her with a certain pain while trying to put the varmala soon hiding it from her. Vicky and Dev had raised him too to make him put the varmala but Vicky was purposefully bending him while Maan was about to reach her. This went on for a while until she bent her head when he came near and he put the varmala on her. After that he asked Dev and Vicky to put him down and bent his head for Geet to put the varmala on her, while others around hooted and whistled seeing it. After Jaimala, they both were made to sit near the holy fire. Mohinder did the kanyadaan with tears in his eyes. It was an emotional moment for both Mohinder and Geet. She never thought that this day would ever come in her life. She blinked back the tears when she felt Maan’s hand tightening around hers. His eyes had the same concern it always had assuring her his support. Annie did the gathbandhan and both got up for pheras. With each phera, Maan promised to bring back the happiness that she lost, not knowing the depth of her loss, and to be with her until death separates them, while she just prayed for his happiness. After pheras, Maan applied sindoor on her forehead and tied the mangalsutra around her neck. He looked at Geet who was also looking at him with so many emotions that were trying to break free. He held her hand before they proceeded to take the blessings from the elders. Maan’s hand never left hers earning lot of teasing from others.

Sameera leaned to Rahul watching them together; she was the reason for separating them. She knew that if she never supported Sasha this couldn’t have happened. She knew that they were together, but didn’t know when their life be filled with happiness which she destroyed once. She prayed to give them the happiness and the strength to overcome all the pain together. She knew that no one except Maan can bring Geet out of the pain of the loss she suffered once but she couldn’t tell it to him. She wanted Geet to let out her pain, which she knew was possible seeing the change in her. She was getting vulnerable to the emotions and Maan’s presence will definitely act as a catalyst for letting out the pain. Sasha was burning in jealousy seeing the love in Maan’s eyes for Geet and she understood that nothing can change it whatever may happen. They are bound to be together. She knew that it is better to keep herself away from them. If by any chance Maan comes to know about what she did, then she is doomed.

After the rituals, it was finally time for Geet to leave for KM. At that moment all she wanted was to have her mama with her. She wanted to cry in her arms. She looked around and saw tayiji looking at her with tears in her eyes. She could understand what she was going through at the moment. Tayiji came forward and hugged her. She hugged her back when tears started flowing from her eyes. Sameera had a teary smile in her face, seeing her slowly letting out the pain. The pain she suffered throughout her life was not something that can be let out in a day. It was too deep. She only got pain from almost every relation in her life. Mohinder moved forward and caressed her head knowing that she was missing Rano. Geet looked up to the teary eyes of her father. She went into his embrace and cried. Everyone around had tears in their eyes seeing her knowing that it was not the tears of bidaai, but the pain buried within her. Mohinder gestured Maan to come near him and told, “Maan beta, meri beti ne zindagi mein bahut dukh sehliya ab tak. Ek papa hokke mein kabhi apna farz nibha nahi paya. Par mujhe yakin he ki tum usse zindagi bhar ki khusiyan denge. Humesha usse khush rakna. Uski aankhon mein aur aasu aane mat dena.” Maan held his hand tightly assuring him with his eyes that he will take care of her. He felt loss of words as the outlet of her pain was getting unbearable to him.

After the emotional outburst, Arjun lightened the atmosphere almost threatening Maan for taking good care of Geet while others laughed seeing the possessive brother in him. Vicky told, “Arjun bro, aap please chinta mat karo. Mein hoona Geet ke saath, uska apna SM.” Arjun asked all of a sudden, “Kabse yeh SM SM lagakke rakha he. Kya he yeh SM.” Geet smiled looking at Vicky while he folded his sherwani sleeves showing off his muscles and told, “Super Man..” Arjun laughed out loud and told, “Super Man, aur tum, kya zamana aaya he. Machar kabse super man banne laga he? Sach mein sweety tum isse itna chadane kyun dethe ho?” Others laughed along with him making fun of Vicky. All the while Maan just watched her. He wanted to bring back all the emotions, the bubbliness, the clumsiness everything back to her, how much ever difficult it is. It was time for Geet’s vidaai. Geet threw the puffed rice above her head which Sameera held while tayiji stood behind her holding her pallu forward. Geet hugged everyone before she was seated in the car along with Maan. Maan slowly held her close while she leaned on to him letting the tears wet his shoulders. The car moved ahead to KM, for a new era of their love, a new beginning.