Aryan was sitting quiet while Maan drove him towards the bridge where they used to come at times. Maan was confused seeing him quite, otherwise he always had so many questions about how he behaves with Geet and it was too difficult for him to lie. When they reached Aryan went out and stood near the bridge. Maan came and stood next to him. He asked seeing him so quiet, “Bro, what is the matter? I am noticing you since we started from home.” Aryan turned to him and told, “Maan, you wanted to know about the past right? I am ready to tell you now; I know you won’t move on before you know everything.” Maan told, “But bro..” Aryan interrupted him, “No Maan.. I know how yours and Geet’s relation have been till now. Don’t lie to me further.” Maan sighed and told, “Bro, I know I was wrong in lying to you, but I was not ready to accept a relation which I don’t remember.”
Aryan looked at him for a while and told, “Maan, there is a reason why we never told you anything. Doctor had advised us to avoid telling anything to you owing to your health. But I think it was better if you knew everything since beginning.” Maan could sense his disappointment in his words that made him feel guiltier. He told, “Bro, how can you expect me to believe everything when the impression I had about Geet from Mohinder Uncle, Rano Aunty and even Arjun was not a pleasant one?” Aryan turned to him and told, “Maan, do you really think that we lied to you? You feel dadima and I will intentionally put you in any trouble? I never expected this from you Maan.” Maan immediately told, “Bro, mera matlab woh nahi tha. You always knew that I hated the young women around except Pari. They were either proud or after money. So how could I believe Geet to be different?” Aryan asked, “Maan, in these three years did you even once felt that she is like that? Did she ever interfere in your life? Did she demand anything from you?” Maan was left speechless by his questions.

Aryan continued, “Maan, I know your answer, because I know her very well. It is sad that you never realized. I wanted to tell you everything, but I feel even if I told you everything your attitude towards Geet will remain the same, whatever you may do, will be out of guilt. I don’t want it to happen. But I will tell you one fact; you decided to marry Geet because you loved her. You used to watch her daily in the XXX orphanage and mistook her to be Pari. You got to know that after getting engaged to Pari. You broke the engagement when you came to know that Pari and I loved each other and it was not her whom you loved. Both our marriages were decided, but nothing went as planned as something worse happened.” Maan who was left stunned by his revelations asked, “Bro, please tell me everything. I want to know.” Aryan told, “Maan, I wanted to tell you everything about Geet, everything that happened between you both. Geet was right, Expectation hurts. Usne zindagi bhar sirf intezaar hi ki he.. Par dard ke siwa kuch paya hi nahi. Kya mere batane se Geet ki khushiyan wapas aayegi? Usse kabhi yeh nahi lagega ki tumne apne dil se usse chaha he. Pehle tho woh soch rahi thi Maanav ke wajhe se tumne usse shaadi ki, jab sach mein tum usse pyaar kartha tha. Par ab tho unhe yakeen hogayi hogi ki agar tum kabhi usse pyaar nahi kar saktha. Kyun Maan itna dard kyun diya unhe. Mana ki tumhe kuch yaad nahi tha, phir bhi kya tum uski dard ko kabhi samaj nahi paya, unke aas paas hothe hue bhi? Mujhe tumse yeh umeed nahi tha.”

Maan told, “Bro, it is not like I never felt anything for Geet. Her presence always disturbed me as she managed to gain my attention always despite my efforts to keep her away. I was always in control of my emotions, but she managed to bring this change in me which I never liked. I was not ready to accept the relation due to the prejudice I had about her. It was my ego that prevented from admitting that I had started falling for her unknowingly. It was like a moth getting attracted towards fire. I was keeping myself from being burnt, as I felt any feelings like that will end up making me weak. I loved Geet ever since I moved to London. Now all these explain why I have always felt that pull towards her. But bro, I know there is something more than all these that you all are hiding from me. I want to know. Please bro.” Aryan looked at him and asked, “Kya tumhe sunne ki himmat he Maan? It won’t be something easy for you, but I know you deserve to know.” Maan told, “Bro, sach jitna bhi kadwi ho mein sab sunne ko tayyar hoon.”

Aryan turned to look towards the lights seen from the bridge, not wanting to see the emotions in Maan’s face as it will hurt him and may weaken his resolve to tell everything. He started telling about Geet and her life since she was born. Then about her coming back, the way she was treated by everyone and finally everything that happened between her and Maan. After finishing Aryan turned to look at Maan’s face and he knew from his face that he may never be able to forgive himself after listening to everything. Before he could tell anything Maan told, “Bro, can we go back? And please don’t ask me anything now.” Aryan wanted to tell something but nodded quietly knowing that it is better to give him some time. Aryan told while driving back home, “Maan, Dad asked me to tell about the new client. You need to have a call with him tomorrow morning.” Maan told looking ahead, “I will ask Aadi to handle the meeting bro.” Aryan told, “But Dad wanted you to talk with him.” Maan told, “Aadi will handle it bro, I trust him.” Aryan nodded and kept quiet knowing that Maan had something in mind. After reaching home, Aryan bid Goodnight to him and left for his room. Maan reached their room and noticed that Geet sleeping hugging Maanav. He went and sat in the floor next to Geet. Her face was still except for the slow breathing but he could feel that even in sleep she was not in peace. Tears started flowing from his eyes thinking of what he has done to her. He knew that there is no redemption for the grave mistake he made, but that he promised himself that he will not let any worry touch her from now on, he will ensure that her life is filled only with happiness. Little did he know that she had gone too far from everything, every emotions.. and getting her back is next to impossible.