Annie tied the sehra on Maan’s head before the baarat proceeded towards Handa Mansion. Simran and Jai were happy and contended as their long lost dream was becoming reality. While in HM, Geet’s tayiji and tayaji had arrived early in the morning much to the displeasure of Daarji and Brij. Geet was happy that they could make it, as they both cared for a lot since her childhood. Brij had wanted to stop the marriage at any cost, but Daarji knew that one wrong move from their end and they are gone. Now that every single person in their family was against them, they couldn’t do much. So considering everything, he decided to let it go and calmed down Brij who was all set to barge into the marriage. Tayaji gifted Geet with the chuda. Tayiji tied kalira on her bangle.

The genuine happiness in everyone’s faces around was something that Geet wished once. But in the path of getting it, the loss she suffered couldn’t be compensated by the anything. Varun, Neha, Aadi and Pinky had arrived earlier on Geet’s insistence. Varun could see the redness in her eyes and he knew that she cried. First he thought that may be because she has to leave her family, but earlier also she never used to be with them. He couldn’t find that bubbly girl anywhere in the Geet before him. He could feel that deep in her heart she is hiding her pain. It is true that when you love someone unconditionally, you could see through every faade. He decided to talk to her after she is back to office. The baraat arrived in Handa Mansion and was welcomed by Geet’s tayiji along with Sameera and Naintara. Media was outside the Handa Mansion to get a glimpse of Maan Singh Khurana’s marriage but only invited guests were allowed attend the function. Other KC staff along with Sasha arrived along with the baraat. Sasha was burning inside but knew that her tricks won’t work now as Sameera’s hawk eyes were always on her. But little did she know about what she is about to face. Her doom had started the day she plotted to kill their baby.

Maan was seated near the holy fire. His eyes never left the stairs, earning teasing comments from Karan and Vicky. He didn’t have to wait for long as Sameera and Annie got his angel soon before his eyes and he forgot to breathe for a while. She looked ethereal in the red lehenga. An angel descended from heaven, an angel whose wings he broke, his mind ruefully reminded him. He kept looking at her as if she will disappear the moment he blinks. She was looking at Maan who was looking handsome as usual. While the young ladies in the wedding hall were staring at him, he had his eyes fixed only on her. If it was the old Geet, she would be proud of it, but now all these didn’t affect her. She reached below the stairs and was guided to sit near him. He felt relieved just by having her near same as how she felt. Their souls were connected even though they were distanced from each other due to his mistrust. Never had they stopped loving each other, but it got hidden under his anger and her pain.

Both were asked to stand up for Jaimala. Arjun and Karan picked Geet up, not to let Maan put the varmala. Geet smiled whole heartedly for the first time during the rituals, seeing the happiness in other’s face. She looks at Maan who was looking at her with a certain pain while trying to put the varmala soon hiding it from her. Vicky and Dev had raised him too to make him put the varmala but Vicky was purposefully bending him while Maan was about to reach her. This went on for a while until she bent her head when he came near and he put the varmala on her. After that he asked Dev and Vicky to put him down and bent his head for Geet to put the varmala on her, while others around hooted and whistled seeing it. After Jaimala, they both were made to sit near the holy fire. Mohinder did the kanyadaan with tears in his eyes. It was an emotional moment for both Mohinder and Geet. She never thought that this day would ever come in her life. She blinked back the tears when she felt Maan’s hand tightening around hers. His eyes had the same concern it always had assuring her his support. Annie did the gathbandhan and both got up for pheras. With each phera, Maan promised to bring back the happiness that she lost, not knowing the depth of her loss, and to be with her until death separates them, while she just prayed for his happiness. After pheras, Maan applied sindoor on her forehead and tied the mangalsutra around her neck. He looked at Geet who was also looking at him with so many emotions that were trying to break free. He held her hand before they proceeded to take the blessings from the elders. Maan’s hand never left hers earning lot of teasing from others.

Sameera leaned to Rahul watching them together; she was the reason for separating them. She knew that if she never supported Sasha this couldn’t have happened. She knew that they were together, but didn’t know when their life be filled with happiness which she destroyed once. She prayed to give them the happiness and the strength to overcome all the pain together. She knew that no one except Maan can bring Geet out of the pain of the loss she suffered once but she couldn’t tell it to him. She wanted Geet to let out her pain, which she knew was possible seeing the change in her. She was getting vulnerable to the emotions and Maan’s presence will definitely act as a catalyst for letting out the pain. Sasha was burning in jealousy seeing the love in Maan’s eyes for Geet and she understood that nothing can change it whatever may happen. They are bound to be together. She knew that it is better to keep herself away from them. If by any chance Maan comes to know about what she did, then she is doomed.

After the rituals, it was finally time for Geet to leave for KM. At that moment all she wanted was to have her mama with her. She wanted to cry in her arms. She looked around and saw tayiji looking at her with tears in her eyes. She could understand what she was going through at the moment. Tayiji came forward and hugged her. She hugged her back when tears started flowing from her eyes. Sameera had a teary smile in her face, seeing her slowly letting out the pain. The pain she suffered throughout her life was not something that can be let out in a day. It was too deep. She only got pain from almost every relation in her life. Mohinder moved forward and caressed her head knowing that she was missing Rano. Geet looked up to the teary eyes of her father. She went into his embrace and cried. Everyone around had tears in their eyes seeing her knowing that it was not the tears of bidaai, but the pain buried within her. Mohinder gestured Maan to come near him and told, “Maan beta, meri beti ne zindagi mein bahut dukh sehliya ab tak. Ek papa hokke mein kabhi apna farz nibha nahi paya. Par mujhe yakin he ki tum usse zindagi bhar ki khusiyan denge. Humesha usse khush rakna. Uski aankhon mein aur aasu aane mat dena.” Maan held his hand tightly assuring him with his eyes that he will take care of her. He felt loss of words as the outlet of her pain was getting unbearable to him.

After the emotional outburst, Arjun lightened the atmosphere almost threatening Maan for taking good care of Geet while others laughed seeing the possessive brother in him. Vicky told, “Arjun bro, aap please chinta mat karo. Mein hoona Geet ke saath, uska apna SM.” Arjun asked all of a sudden, “Kabse yeh SM SM lagakke rakha he. Kya he yeh SM.” Geet smiled looking at Vicky while he folded his sherwani sleeves showing off his muscles and told, “Super Man..” Arjun laughed out loud and told, “Super Man, aur tum, kya zamana aaya he. Machar kabse super man banne laga he? Sach mein sweety tum isse itna chadane kyun dethe ho?” Others laughed along with him making fun of Vicky. All the while Maan just watched her. He wanted to bring back all the emotions, the bubbliness, the clumsiness everything back to her, how much ever difficult it is. It was time for Geet’s vidaai. Geet threw the puffed rice above her head which Sameera held while tayiji stood behind her holding her pallu forward. Geet hugged everyone before she was seated in the car along with Maan. Maan slowly held her close while she leaned on to him letting the tears wet his shoulders. The car moved ahead to KM, for a new era of their love, a new beginning.